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What is your Thorn in the Flesh?

I was just reading 2 Corinthians where Paul talks about being afflicted with a thorn in the flesh.  Do you remember that part?  As a Jehovah’s Witness, I was taught that he was likely referring to his bad eyesight.  I never liked that interpretation.  It just seemed...

My Awakening after 30 Years of Deception, Part 3: Achieving Freedom for Myself and My Wife

Introduction: Felix’s wife discovers for herself that the elders are not the “loving shepherds” that they and the organization proclaim them to be. She finds herself involved in a sexual abuse case in which the offender is appointed a ministerial servant despite the accusation, and it is discovered that he had abused more young girls.

The congregation receives the “preventive order” via text message to stay away from Felix and his wife just before the “The Love Never Fails” regional convention. All these situations lead to a fight that the branch office of Jehovah’s Witnesses ignores, presuming its power, but which serves for both Felix and his wife to achieve freedom of conscience.

Examining Matthew 24, Part 13: The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats

Witness leadership use the Parable of the Sheep and the Goats to claim that the salvation of the “Other Sheep” depends on their obedience to the instructions of the Governing Body. They allege that this parable “proves” that there is a two-class system of salvation with 144,000 going to heaven, while the rest live as sinners on earth for the 1,000 years. Is that the true meaning of this parable or do Witnesses have it all wrong? Join us to examin the evidence and decide for yourself.

Examining Matthew 24, Part 12: The Faithful and Discreet Slave

Jehovah’s Witnesses contend that the men (currently 8) making up their governing body constitute a fulfillment of what they consider to be the prophecy of the faithful and discreet slave referred to at Matthew 24:45-47. Is this accurate or merely a self-serving interpretation? If the latter, then what or who is the faithful and discreet slave, and what of the other three slaves that Jesus refers to in Luke’s parallel account?

This video will attempt to answer all these questions using Scriptural context and reasoning.

Examining Matthew 24, Part 9: Exposing the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Generation Doctrine as False

Examining Matthew 24, Part 9: Exposing the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Generation Doctrine as False

For over 100 years, Jehovah’s Witnesses have been predicting that Armageddon is just around the corner, based largely on their interpretation of Matthew 24:34 which speaks of a “generation” that will see both the end and the beginning of the last days. The question is, are they getting it wrong about which last days Jesus was referring to? Is there a way to determine the answer from Scripture in a way that leaves no room for doubt. Indeed, there is as this video will demonstrate.

Examining Matthew 24, Part 8: Pulling the Linchpin from the 1914 Doctrine

Examining Matthew 24, Part 8: Pulling the Linchpin from the 1914 Doctrine

As hard as it may be to believe, the entire foundation of the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses is based on the interpretation of a single Bible verse. If the understanding they have of that verse can be shown to be wrong, their entire religious identity goes away. This video will examine that Bible verse and put the foundational doctrine of 1914 under a scriptural microscope.

Examining Matthew 24, Part 7: The Great Tribulation

Matthew 24:21 speaks of “great tribulation” to come upon Jerusalem which occurred during 66 to 70 C.E. Revelation 7:14 also speaks of “great tribulation”. Are these two events connected in some way? Or is the Bible speaking about two entirely different tribulations, totally unrelated to one another? This presentation will attempt to demonstrate what each scripture is referring to and how that understanding affects all Christians today.

For information about the new policy of to not accept antitypes not declared in Scripture, see this article:

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Cam’s Story

Cam’s Story

[This is a very tragic and touching experience which Cam has given me permission to share.  It is from the text of an e-mail he sent me. – Meleti Vivlon] I left Jehovah’s Witnesses just over a year ago, after I saw tragedy, and I just want to thank you for...
Examining Matthew 24; Part 3: Preaching in All the Inhabited Earth

Examining Matthew 24; Part 3: Preaching in All the Inhabited Earth

Was Matthew 24:14 given to us as a means to measure how close we are to the return of Jesus? Does it speak of a worldwide preaching work to warn all humanity of their looming doom and eternal destruction? Witnesses believe they alone have this commission and that their preaching work is life saving? Is that the case, or are they actually working against God’s purpose. This video will endeavour to answer those questions.

An Email from Raymond Franz

An Email from Raymond Franz

A local brother I just met at one of our Christian gatherings told me that he had exchanged emails with Raymond Franz before he died in 2010.  I asked him if he would be so kind to share them with me and allow me to share them with all of you.  This is the first one...

More Distancing from Christ

An eagle-eyed reader shared this little gem with us: In Psalm 23 in the NWT, we see that verse 5 speaks about being anointed with oil.  David is one of the other sheep according to JW theology, so he can’t be anointed.  Yet the old songbook song based on Psalm...
The Spanish Field and Donations

The Spanish Field and Donations

The Spanish Field Jesus said: “Look! I say to you: Lift up your eyes and view the fields, that they are white for harvesting.” (John 4:35) Some time back we started a Spanish “Beroean Pickets” web site, but I was disappointed that we got very...
Does God Exist?

Does God Exist?

After leaving the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses, many lose their faith in the existence of God. It seems that these ones had faith not in Jehovah but in the organization, and with that gone, so was their faith. These often turn to evolution which is built on the premise that all things evolved by random chance. Is there proof of this, or can it be disproved scientifically? Likewise, can the existence of God be proven by science, or is it just a matter of blind faith? This video will attempt to answer these questions.

Would You Like to Meet?

This is a call out to our brothers and sisters on the other side of the globe, in Australia, New Zealand and Eurasia.  Would you like to meet with other like-minded Christians—ex or exiting JWs—who still thirst for fellowship and spiritual encouragement?  If so, we...

New JW Recovery Facebook Group

I’m pleased to be able to present everyone with some news. Two of our number have started a Facebook group to help those going through the awakening process.  Here’s the link: In case the link...

Beroean KeepTesting

[This is a contributed experience by an awakened Christian going under the alias “BEROEAN KeepTesting”] I believe we all (ex-Witnesses) share similar emotions, feelings, tears, confusion, and a broad spectrum of other feelings and emotions during our...

Comment Voting Disabled

Hi Everyone, After discussing the pros and cons with a number of you, I’ve removed the comment voting feature.  The reasons are various.  For me, the key reason Tthat came back to me in responses was that it amounted to a popularity contest.  There was also the...

Maria’s Experience

My experience of being an Active Jehovah’s Witness and leaving the Cult. By Maria (An alias as a protect against persecution.) I started studying with Jehovah’s Witnesses over 20 years ago after my first marriage was breaking up. My daughter was only a few months old,...

Alithia’s Experience

Hello all.  After reading Ava’s experience and being encouraged, I thought I would do the same, in the hope that someone reading my experience may at least see some commonality. I am sure there are many out there who have asked themselves the question. “How could I...

Identifying True Worship, Part 8: Who Are the Other Sheep?

This video, podcast and article explore the unique JW teaching of the Other Sheep. This doctrine, more than any other, affects the salvation hope of millions. But is it true, or a fabrication of one man, who 80 years ago, decided to create a two-class, two-hope system of Christianity? This is the question that affects all of us and which we will answer now.

“The Spirit Bears Witness…”

One of our forum members relates that in their memorial talk the speaker broke out that old chestnut, “If you are asking yourself if you should partake or not, it means you have not been chosen and so do not partake.” This member came up with some...

A New Feature: Personal Experiences

I would like to introduce a new feature to our web forum intended to help many of us as we deal with the strong, conflicting emotions of a traumatic awakening to the truth. It was back in 2010 that I began to awaken to the reality that is the Organization of...

“Religion Is a Snare and a Racket!

This article started out as a short piece intended to provide all of you in our online community with some details into our use of donated funds.  We have always intended to be transparent about such things, but to be honest, I hate accounting and so I kept pushing...

Podcasts on iTunes

Hello everyone. I’ve had a number of requests to publish our podcasts on iTunes.  After some work and research, I’ve managed to do that.  The recordings attached to each post from here on out will contain a link that will allow you to subscribe to our...

Applying the Two-Witness Rule Equitably

The two-witness rule (see De 17:6; 19:15; Mt 18:16; 1 Tim 5:19) was intended to protect the Israelites from being convicted based on false accusations.  It was never intended to shield a criminal rapist from justice.  Under the law of Moses, there were provisions to...
December, 2017 Monthly Broadcast

December, 2017 Monthly Broadcast

This broadcast is part 1 of the graduation ceremony for the 143rd Gilead class.  Gilead used to be an accredited school in New York State, but this is no longer the case. Samuel Herd of the Governing Body opened the sessions by speaking of Jehovah as our Grand...

October 2017 Broadcast

Witnesses are taught to believe that the food they get from those claiming to be the Lord’s Faithful and Discreet Slave constitutes a “banquet of well-oiled dishes”.  They are led to believe that this nutritional bounty is unparalleled in the modern world and are...

Salvation, Part 6: Armageddon

[To view the previous article in this series see: The Children of God]  What is Armageddon? Who dies are Armageddon? What happens to those who die at Armageddon? Recently, I was having dinner with some good friends who had also invited another couple for me to get to...

On the Road

I will be travelling by car from Chicago down to the deserts of Utah, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico from Sep 24 to October 11.  It’s a sort of clear-my-head road trip following all that’s happened over the past year.  It should take me through Iowa,...

2017-09-01 Letter to the BOE in Australia

A new policy letter dated September 1, 2017 covering child abuse in the Organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses has just been released to the Bodies of Elders in Australia.  At the time of this writing, we do not yet know if this letter represents a worldwide policy...

Fake News

One has to be very careful what one accepts as true in these days of social media news.  While the term “fake news” is often misapplied due to the tweets of one particular man, there is a lot of real “fake news” out there.  Sometimes, a...