I was baptized a JW in 1970. I was not raised a JW, my family comes from a protestant background. I got married in 1975. I remember being told it was a bad idea because armegeddon was coming soon. We had our first child 19 1976 and our son was born in 1977. I have served as a ministerial servant and pioneer. My son was disfellowshipped at about 18 yrs old. I never cut him off completely but we did limit our association more because of my wife's attitude than mine. I have never agreed with total shunning of family. My son gave us a grandchild, so my wife uses that as a reason for being in contact with my son. I really don't think she fully agrees either, but she was raised a JW so she fights with her conscience between love of her son and drinking the GB koolaid. The constant request for money and the increased emphasis on shunning family was the last straw. I have not reported time and miss as many meetings as I can for the last year. My wife suffers from anxiety and depression and I have recently developed Parkinson's Disease, which makes it easier to miss meetings without a lot of questions. I think I am being watched by our elders, but so far I have not done or said anything that could get me labeled an apostate. I do this for my wifes sake because of her health condition. I am so glad I found this site.

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