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A Fondness for Pre-Eminence

Explore the similarities between Diotrephes and the modern-day Governing Body. 3rd John 1:9-10

WT Study: 100 Years of Kingdom Rule – How Does It Affect You?

[Watchtower study for the week of March 10, 2014 – w14 1/15 p.12] Par. 2 – “Jehovah has already become King in our day!...And yet, Jehovah’s becoming King is not the same as the coming of God’s Kingdom for which Jesus taught us to pray.” Before going further, a little...

Identifying the Faithful Slave – Part 4

[Click here to view Part 3] “Who really is the faithful and discreet slave…?” (Mt. 24:45)  Imagine you are reading this verse for the first time. You come across it without prejudice, without bias, and without an agenda. You are curious, naturally. The slave Jesus...

Identifying the Faithful Slave – Part 3

[Click here to view Part 2] In Part 2 of this series, we established that there is no scriptural evidence for the existence of a first century governing body. This begs the question, Is there scriptural evidence for the existence of the current one? This is critical...

Identifying the Faithful Slave – Part 2

 [Click here to view Part 1 of this series] Our modern-day Governing Body takes as divine backing for its existence the teaching that the first century congregation was also ruled by a governing body comprised of the Apostles and older men in Jerusalem. Is this true? ...

Identifying the Faithful Slave – Part 1

[I had originally decided to write a post on this topic in response to a comment made by a sincere, but concerned, reader concerning the advisability of the public nature of our forum.  However, as I researched it, I became increasingly aware of how complex and...




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