Identifying True Worship

From the book, “The Truth That Leads to Eternal Life” (1968) down to their current teaching aid, Jehovah’s Witnesses have listed several criteria to identify whether a religion is true and approved of by God. Their claim has been that only their religion meets all these criteria. But have they made an honest assessment of themselves? This series of videos, using the Bible and historical records, examines how the Watchtower organization measures up to its own criteria.

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Identifying True Worship, Part 12: Love Among Yourselves I’ve been looking forward to doing this final video in our series, Identifying True Worship. That’s because this is the only one that really matters. Let me explain what I mean.  Through the previous videos, it has been instructive to show...

Identifying True Worship, Part 11: The Unrighteous Riches

Hello everyone. My name’s Eric Wilson. Welcome to Beroean Pickets. In this series of videos, we have been examining ways to identify true worship using the criteria laid down by the Organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Since these criteria are used by Witnesses to...

Identifying True Worship, Part 10: Christian Neutrality

Joining a non-neutral entity, like a political party, results in automatic disassociation from the congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Have Jehovah’s Witnesses maintained strict neutrality? The answer will shock many faithful Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Identifying True Worship, Part 9: Our Christian Hope

Having shown in our last episode that the Other Sheep doctrine of Jehovah’s Witnesses is unscriptural, it seems approrpiate to pause in our examination of the teachings of to address the real Bible hope of salvation–the real Good News–as it pertains to Christians.

Identifying True Worship, Part 8: Who Are the Other Sheep?

This video, podcast and article explore the unique JW teaching of the Other Sheep. This doctrine, more than any other, affects the salvation hope of millions. But is it true, or a fabrication of one man, who 80 years ago, decided to create a two-class, two-hope system of Christianity? This is the question that affects all of us and which we will answer now.

Identifying True Worship, Part 6: 1914 – Empirical Evidence

A second look at 1914, this time examining the evidence the Organization claims is there to support the belief that Jesus began ruling in the heavens in 1914. Video Transcript Hello, my name is Eric Wilson. This is the second video in our...

Identifying True Worship, Part 5: 1914 – Examining the Chronology Video Script Hello. Eric Wilson again.  This time we're looking at 1914. Now, 1914 is a very important doctrine for Jehovah's Witnesses.  It is a core doctrine.  Some might disagree.  There was a recent Watchtower about core doctrines and...

Identifying True Worship, Part 4: Examining Matthew 24:34 Exegetically

It's all well and good to tear down a false doctrine like the JW overlapping generations interpretation of Matthew 24:34—as we did in a previous video—but Christian love should always move us to build up.  So after clearing away the debris of false teachings that have...

Identifying True Worship, Part 1: What Is Apostasy

I e-mailed all my JW friends with a link to the first video, and the response has been an resounding silence.  Mind you, it's been less than 24 hours, but still I expected some response.  Of course, some of my deeper thinking friends will need time to view and think...

Identifying True Worship – Introduction

I started my online Bible research back in 2011 under the alias Meleti Vivlon.  I used the google translation tool available back then to find out how to say "Bible study" in Greek. At the time there was a transliterate link, which I used to get English characters....

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