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The theology of male and female in the Old Testament

Good day! As well Meleti Vivlon wrote a couple of fantastic articles about the role of women in the God's Family  and the Christian Congregation, I think this article by Anne Marie Penton is very good complement for them. To read the article, please click on this...

James Penton Discusses the Presidencies of Nathan Knorr and Fred Franz

There are many little known facts about the character and actions of Nathan Knorr who served as the President of The Watchtower Society following the death of J.F. Rutherford and of Fred Franz who followed him into the era of the modern Governing Body. James will discuss these issues, many of which he has firsthand knowledge.

The “I Am” of John 8:58

Originally published in "The Christian Quest"  Vol.1 No. 1  (Winter 1988) Re-published by permission of the author Quest 1-1 M J Penton - The I Am of John 8v58  




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