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Who Are in Jehovah’s Congregation?

In the Friday, December 11, 2020 day text (Examining the Scriptures Daily), the message was that we must never stop praying to Jehovah and that “we need to listen to what Jehovah tells us through his Word and organization.” The text was from Habakkuk 2:1, which reads,...

Unlearning the Learned

It is my custom, after my morning prayers, to read JW’s daily Examining the Scriptures, read the Kingdom Interlinear, when available.  and I look not only at the New World Translation scriptures quoted but also those of the Kingdom Interlinear.  In addition, I also...

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 JW Daily Scripture

"So the king said to me: “Why do you look so gloomy when you are not sick? This can be nothing but gloominess of heart.” At this I became very frightened." (Nehemiah 2:2 NWT) Today’s JW message is not to be afraid to preach publicly about the truth.  The examples used...




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