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Are We in the Last Days?

This forum is for the study of the Bible, free from the influence of any particular religious system of belief.  Nevertheless, the power of indoctrination as practiced by the various Christian denominations is so pervasive that it cannot be ignored altogether,...

Trials and Tribulations

What is the Great Tribulation? Why was the tribulation of 70 CE the worst of all time? What tribulation is Matthew 24:29 pointing to?

Dual Fulfillment Fatigue

Jamaican JW and others have raised some very interesting points regarding the Last Days and the prophecy of Matthew 24:4-31, commonly called the “last days prophecy”.  So many points were raised that I thought it best to address them in a post. There is a real...

Wars and Reports of Wars — A Red Herring?

One of our regular readers submitted this interesting alternative take to our understanding of Jesus' words found at Mt. 24:4-8.  I am posting it here with the reader's permission. ---------------------------- Start of Email ---------------------------- Hello Meleti,...

The Messenger of the Covenant and 1918

Continuing our analysis of the Revelation Climax book for date-related prophecies, we come to chapter 6 and the first occurrence of the "messenger of the covenant" prophecy from Malachi 3:1.  As one of the ripple effects of our teaching that the Lord’s day began in...

The Lord's Day and 1914

This is the first in a series of posts investigating the impact of removing 1914 as a factor in the interpretation of Bible prophecy.  We are using the Revelation Climax book as the basis for this study because of all the books covering Bible prophecy, it has the most...

Great Signs and Wonders – When?

Okay, this one gets a little confusing, so bear with me. Let's start by reading Matthew 24:23-28, and when you do, ask yourself when are these words fulfilled? (Matthew 24:23-28) “Then if anyone says to YOU, ‘Look! Here is the Christ,’ or, ‘There!’ do not believe it....




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