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Saving Humanity Part 6: Understanding God’s Love In the previous video of this series titled “Saving Humanity, Part 5: Can we Blame God for our Pain, Misery, and Suffering?" I said that we would begin our study concerning the salvation of humanity by going back to the beginning and...

Saving Humanity, Part 2: Life and Death, Your View or God’s?

Jehovah God created life. He also created death. Now, if I want to know what life is, what life represents, does it not make sense to go first to the one who created it? The same can be said for death. If I want to know what death is, what it consists of, would not...

Saving Humanity, Part 1: 2 Deaths, 2 Lifes, 2 Resurrections

A few weeks ago, I got the results of a CAT scan in which it was revealed that the aortic valve in my heart has created a dangerous aneurysm. Four years ago, and only six weeks after my wife passed away from cancer, I had open-heart surgery—specifically, a Bentall...




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