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A few users are reporting an inability to log on to the Bible Study Forum. The reason is that they are under the impression that it's a part of this Beroean Pickets site.  It is in a thematic sense, but technically, they are two different sites, totally disconnected from one another.  So if you have registered a user name and password so as to make comments on Beroean Pickets - Reviewer, or if you have simply used the Subscribe feature on this site to be notified of new posts, you are not automatically registered nor subscribed on the other two sites: Beroean Pickets - Bible Study Forum and Beroean Pickets - Archive Site.

NOTE: Since these are totally separate sites, you can register (that is, set up a new user) on each using the same username and password.

My apologies for the confusion.

I stopped using Archive Site ( because its URL could put undue emphasis on Yours Truly, which was never my intent.  However, simply changing the name would have broken all the google links we'd built up over the years; links that awakening JWs have used to find us.

I created two new sites rather than one because there was feedback from the user community that some, having totally left the JW fold, didn't want to be reading anything more about its publications and broadcasts.  That is understandable.  So the third site, Beroean Pickets - Bible Study Forum, was created to explore Bible truth, though we continue to address issues that may cause confusion in understanding due to the residue of false teachings that lingers in us as we slowly extricate ourselves from decades of indoctrination.

The Bible Study forum will be used to explore new understandings (or more specifically, rediscover old truths lost due to the deception of men) and the comments of readers will go a long way to accomplishing that.

There is a third forum to be launched once we've built up a good foundation of Bible truth.  The third forum will not be JW-centric, but will have the purpose of providing anyone from any faith (or lack thereof) to benefit from the research and discoveries we have made as a community.

May Christ continue to guide us and may the Spirit which God gives open our minds and hearts to the truth.

Your brother in Christ,

Meleti Vivlon


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  • Comment by on 2016-05-22 01:27:14

    I hope there will continue to be room for those newly leaving the WT who are too overwhelmed to be learning new doctrine .... Or rather 'Bible truths' but are crying our for understanding, support, reassurance and simplicity....... Thanks again Meleti your dedication is appreciated....

  • Comment by on 2016-05-22 01:28:07

    oops obviously I still have not corrected the log on name.... Will be silent for awhile until it is rectified....

    • Reply by Dajo on 2016-05-22 09:18:28

      Hello Karen,
      This is great! Keep enduring. I found this (these) sites at just the right time a few months ago.
      I am quite computer literate, however I have found keeping up a challenge.
      What I do now everytime is use Firefox or Opera browser... open it up and go to the menu "open private tab" or similar. That way non of my history is kept.
      I have responsibilities still in a congregation and have family members who will not see what I see.
      What I do is have my username and password very safe. (I can still browse and read and learn without signing in).
      If I feel the need to comment then I log in.
      Basically there are 3 websites: (please correct me Meleti if this is wrong)
      Notice they no longer have "meleti" in the address.
      For myself, I've been working my way through the 100's of artcles. It is well worth th effort.
      I would write some more but I'm typing this on a small tablet device and it's time to eat!

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