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Beroean Pickets

Beroean Pickets (an anagram of SKEPTIC) is a channel devoted to sharing the Good News of God's Kingdom and to exposing the falsehood and hypocrisy of organized religion. We strive to speak the truth and to help our viewers learn to think and reason critically using effective methods of Bible study so that they will no longer be deceived by the trickery of men seeking only to control and exploit the flock of God.

Beroean Voices

The purpose of this channel is to share the encouraging stories of people who have found Christ by breaking free from the dogma of religious organization. The accounts of their experiences strengthen us by knowing that others are going through similar trials, just as Elijah was strengthened when God told him he was not alone, but that there were seven thousand others who had not "bent the knee to Baal" (Romans 11:3, 4). 

Other languages

Beröer Studium (German)

Los Bereanos (Spanish)

Étude Béréenne (French)

Bądźmy jak berejczycy (Polish)

Верийские исследования - Обзор Писания (Russian)