Are Jehovah’s Witnesses Special?

– posted by meleti
Sometimes we’ve been criticized because our sites focus on Jehovah’s Witnesses to the virtual exclusion of other religions.  The contention is that our focus indicates we believe Jehovah’s Witnesses are better than the rest, and thus, deserve more attention than other Christian religions.  That is simply not the case.  The adage to all writers is “write what you know.”  I know Jehovah’s Witnesses, so I would naturally use that knowledge as my starting point.  Christ willing, we will branch out in our ministry, but for now, there is much work to be done in the small field which is

With that in mind, I will now answer the title question: “Are Jehovah’s Witnesses Special?”  The answer is No…and Yes.

We'll deal with the 'No' first.

Is the JW field more fertile than others?  Does more wheat grow among the weeds in than grows in other fields, like Catholicism or Protestantism?  I used to think so, but I now realize my past thinking was the result of some small kernel of indoctrination planted in my brain from decades of studying Watchtower publications.  As we awaken to the truth of God’s word apart from the doctrines of the men of the Organization, we are often unaware of the many implanted preconceptions that continue to color our perception of the world.

Being raised as a Witness caused me to believe I was going to survive Armageddon—as long as I stayed true to the Organization—while the billions on earth would all die.  I recall standing on an atrium-spanning bridge overlooking the first floor of a large mall and grappling with the thought that virtually everyone I was looking at would be dead in a few years.  Such a feeling of entitlement is hard to eradicate from one’s mind.  I now look back on that teaching and realize how ridiculous it is.  The thought that God would entrust the eternal salvation of the world’s billions to the paltry efforts of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society is silly in the extreme. I never fully accepted the idea that people who were never even preached to would die eternally, but the fact that I bought into even part of such a ludicrous teaching remains a source of shame for me personally.

Nevertheless, that and related teachings all contribute to a feeling of superiority among Witnesses which is difficult to fully dismiss.  As we leave the Organization, we often bring with us the notion that of all religions on earth today, Jehovah’s Witnesses are unique in their love of truth. I know of no other religion whose members routinely refer to themselves as being “in the truth” and mean it.  The idea that all Witnesses carry—erroneous, as it turns out—is that whenever the Governing Body discovers that a teaching isn't fully supported in Scripture, it changes it, because accuracy in truth is more important than upholding past traditions.

Admittedly, truth isn’t that important to the majority of professing Christians.

For instance, we have this news item from just last year:

On the plane returning from his journey to Africa on November 30, Pope Francis condemned Catholics who believe in “absolute truths”, and labelled them as “fundamentalists”.

“Fundamentalism is a sickness that is in all religions,” Francis said, as reported by the National Catholic Reporter’s Vatican correspondent, Joshua McElwee, and similarly by other journalists on the plane.  “We Catholics have some – and not some, many – who believe in the absolute truth and go ahead dirtying the other with calumny, with disinformation, and doing evil.”

For many Christian faiths, emotion trumps truth.  Their faith is all about how it makes them feel.  "I found Jesus and now I'm saved!" is a refrain frequently heard in the more charismatic branches of Christendom.

I used to think we were different, that our faith was about logic and truth.  We were not bound by traditions, nor influenced by emotion.  I came to learn just how wrong the perception is. Nevertheless, when I first came to recognize that most of our unique JW teachings are not scriptural, I was working under this misconception that all I had to do was reveal this truth to my friends to see them also embrace it as I had done.  Some listened, but so many have not.  What a disappointment and disillusionment that has been!  It became evident that, generally speaking, my JW brothers and sisters are no more interested in Bible truth than the members of any other religion I've had occasion to witness to over the decades.  Like those other religions, our members are committed to maintaining our traditions and organizational identity.

It gets worse, however.  Unlike most mainstream religions in Christendom in the modern age, our organization chooses to oppress and persecute all who disagree.  There are Christian religions of the past who practiced this, and there are religious sects today—both Christian and non-Christian—who practice ostracism and persecution (even killing) as a form of mind control, but surely Witnesses would never consider themselves in kinship with such.

How tragic that those I considered to be the most enlightened of Christians stoop consistently to insults, belligerent intimidation, and vehement personal attacks when faced with those who only speak the truth found in God's word.  All this they do to defend, not Jehovah, but the teachings and traditions of men.

So are Jehovah’s Witnesses special?  No!

Yet, this should not surprise us. It has happened before.  The Apostle Paul wrote:

“I am telling the truth in Christ; I am not lying, since my conscience bears witness with me in holy spirit, 2 that I have great grief and unceasing pain in my heart. 3 For I could wish that I myself were separated as the cursed one from the Christ in behalf of my brothers, my relatives according to the flesh, 4 who, as such, are Israelites, to whom belong the adoption as sons and the glory and the covenants and the giving of the Law and the sacred service and the promises; 5 to whom the forefathers belong and from whom the Christ [sprang] according to the flesh: God, who is over all, [be] blessed forever. Amen.” (Romans 9:1-5)

Paul expresses these sentiments about Jews, not gentiles.  The Jews were God’s people. They were the chosen ones.  The gentiles gained something they never had, but the Jews did have it, and lost it—except for a remnant. (Ro 9:27; Ro 11:5) These were Paul’s people, and he felt a special kinship with them.  The Jews had the law, which was a tutor leading them to the Christ. (Gal 3:24-25) The gentiles had no such thing, no pre-existing foundation upon which to base their newfound faith in Christ.  What a privileged position the Jews enjoyed!  Yet they squandered it, treating God’s provision as of no value. (Acts 4:11) How frustrating for Paul, himself a Jew, to witness such hardheartedness on the part of his compatriots.  Not just stubborn refusal, but in one place after another, he experienced their hatred.  In fact, more than any other group, it was the Jews who consistently opposed and persecuted the Apostle. (Ac 9:23; Ac 13:45; Ac 17:5; Ac 20:3)

This explains why he speaks of “great grief and unceasing pain” of heart.  He expected so much more from those who were his own people.

Nevertheless, we have to acknowledge that the Jews were special.  This was not because they earned a special status, but because of a promise made by God to their forefather, Abraham. (Ge 22:18) Jehovah’s Witnesses do not enjoy such a distinction. So any special status they may have exists only in the minds of those of us who have spent our lives working with them shoulder to shoulder and who now wish for them to have what we have found—our pearl of great value. (Mt 13:45-46)

So, “Are Jehovah’s Witnesses special?”  Yes.

They are special to us because we have a natural affinity or kinship with them—not as an Organization, but as individuals with whom we have labored and striven, and who still have our love.  Even if they now consider us enemies and treat us with contempt, we must not lose that love for them.  We must not treat them with contempt, but with compassion, for they are still lost.

“Return evil for evil to no one. Provide fine things in the sight of all men. 18 If possible, as far as it depends upon YOU, be peaceable with all men. 19 Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but yield place to the wrath; for it is written: “Vengeance is mine; I will repay, says Jehovah.” 20 But, “if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by doing this you will heap fiery coals upon his head.” 21 Do not let yourself be conquered by the evil, but keep conquering the evil with the good.” (Ro 12:17-21)

Our JW brothers and sisters may now consider us to be apostates, rebels like Korah.  They are merely responding as they have been taught, not from the Scriptures, but by the publications.  The best we can do is to prove them wrong by “conquering the evil with the good.”  Our attitude and respect will go a long way to countering their preconception about those who “drift away.”  In ancient times, the metallurgical refining process involved heaping burning coals to form a furnace in which the minerals and metals would melt.  If there were precious metals within, they would separate and flow out.  If there were no precious metals, if the minerals were valueless, that too would be revealed by the process.

Our kindness and love will effect a similar process, revealing gold in the heart of our enemies, if gold is there, and if not, then what is there in its place will also be revealed.

We cannot make a true disciple by force of logic.  Jehovah draws those who belong to his Son. (John 6:44)  By our words and actions we can hinder or aid that process.  When we used to go house-to-house to preach the good news according to, we didn’t start out by criticizing the leadership of those we preached to, nor by finding fault with their doctrine.  We didn’t go to the door of a Catholic and talk about the child abuse scandal.  We didn’t find fault with the Pope, nor did we immediately criticize their form of worship.  There was a time for that, but first we built a relationship based on trust.  We spoke of the wonderful reward we believed was being held out to all humankind. Well, now we realize that the reward being offered is even more wondrous than that mistakenly taught since the time of Rutherford.  Let us use that to help our brothers wake up.

Since Jehovah draws those known to him, our method should coincide with his.  We want to draw out, not attempt to push out. (2Ti 2:19)

One of the best ways to draw out people is by asking questions.  For instance, if you’re challenged by a friend who’s noticed you are not going to many meetings anymore, or are not going from door-to-door, you might ask, “What would you do if you found you could not prove a key doctrine from the Bible?”

This is a pretty bullet-proof question.  You haven’t said the doctrine is false. You’re only saying you could not prove it from Scripture.  If the friend asks you to be specific, go for a major doctrine, like the "other sheep".  Say that you’ve looked at the doctrine, researched it in the publications, but found no bible verses that actually teach it.

A Christian who truly loves the truth will engage in further discussion. However, one who loves the Organization and all it represents over the truth of God’s word will likely go into lockdown mode, and come out with pat defensive statements like “We have to trust the Governing Body”, or “We should just wait on Jehovah”, or “We don’t want to allow the imperfections of men to stumble us and cause us to miss out on life”.

At that point, we can evaluate whether further discussion is warranted.  We are not to throw our pearls before swine, but sometimes it is hard to determine whether we're dealing with sheep or swine.  (Mt 7:6) The important thing is never to let our desire to be right motivate us, to push us into argument-mode.  Love should motivate us always, and love always looks for the advantage of those we love.

We recognize that the majority will not listen. So our desire is to find that minority, those few who God is drawing out, and to devote our time to helping them.

This is not a life-saving work in the absolute sense.  That is a falsehood that motivates Jehovah’s Witnesses, but the Bible shows that this is the season for selecting those who will be priests and kings in the kingdom of the heavens. Once their number is filled, then Armageddon comes and the next phase of salvation begins.  Those who miss out on this opportunity will likely regret it, but they will still have the opportunity to grasp everlasting life.

Let your words be seasoned with salt! (Col 4:6)

[The foregoing are suggestions based on my understanding of Scripture and my own experience. However, each Christian needs to work out the best way to engage in the preaching work as revealed to him or her by the spirit based on personal circumstances and abilities.]

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  • Comment by miken on 2016-08-13 11:22:13

    In the light of the direction given at this summer's assemblies to, in effect shun JW's who have faded, it will be very difficult for those that have faded and have surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ to communicate with JW's. It may be Meliti that you are attending just enough JW meetings to be regarded as not having faded so you will not be shunned. Since I have disassociated myself from JW's I am shunned in the town where I live, however I do have the opportunity to give a Christian witness to JW's in towns and cities I visit where I am not known. The easiest way to do this is to engage them on the street when they are with their literature carts. I am also helping Christians to give an effective witness to JW's when they visit their homes, those they work with or meet on the streets.

    • Reply by dajo on 2016-08-13 14:02:13

      I do much the same. Still attend meetings with my wife. I no longer count time. Why, I ask. some are puzzled as the scripture says - however we are doing nothing wrong.
      I can't remember how I found Meleti's writings and he wishes no prominence.
      I am not shunned at present, but I don't know what's happening behind the scenes. I resigned from the boe recently.
      Stuff is happening, however I know this: I have never felt freer (if free er is a word). It is so good to not be accountable to MEN.
      I now find my conscience is working properly in line with the scriptures.
      Keep talking brother, about our King, our God, and let all those that are worried that everything will be all right.
      Kind love, David

      • Reply by dajo on 2016-08-13 14:15:46

        Hello Meleti,
        just re read your last few paragraphs. Nothing like the bitterness found on other sites, thank you for you the scriptural reminders of how we should be - as we find ourselves in this current state.
        If, if only we could act/react as our mentor and leader did. from this article you have explained that we can do that!

        • Reply by phantomofthekingdomhall on 2017-10-29 18:22:47

          Truly agree, I have read some ”jw-critical” and when applied to these sites the advice ”don’t read stuff like that, its not up building” is actually right. But can you honestly call Meletis material apostate? He (I assume, former elder?”) gives the advice to read the scriptures very carefully, not being hasty about reading in stuff into the texts etc. If that’s apostate behaviour, I don’t know.

    • Reply by tyhik on 2016-08-15 08:28:30

      miken, you say that you engage with JWs where they don't know to shun you. Don't they ask about your background? Don't they suspect? It is very rare that a non-ex-JW would be able to successfully show weaknesses of WTS specific teachings as non-WTs don't know those teachings or haven't given a deeper thought to them.

      • Reply by miken on 2016-08-15 10:01:03

        tyhik, when talking to JW's who don't know me I am very careful not to use JW jargon and I just tell them that I worship at a evangelical church. I stick to scriptures in the NWT that have not been distorted so I can show them from their own bible what they must do to be part of the kingdom of God, for example John 3:3-8 and if they claim only 144,000 can be "born again" then I ask them to show me from their bible a specific scripture showing this to be the case. Revelation 14:4 shows that the 144,000 referred to at 14:1 are first fruits so will be others also in heaven. You are right most non-ex-JW's will not know the weaknesses of JW theology which is the reason I visit churches to try to help them give a Christian witness to JW's when they meet them. The links to material I have produced to try to help Christians and a discussion of this material you will find at the links below:-

  • Comment by thomas on 2016-08-13 14:05:37

    I don't think you should ever quote the Pope. Your quotation from the Pope suggests that there is no absolute truth. I wonder if that includes the truths that God the Son communicates to His Holiness the Pontifex Maximus in matters of faith and morals. Some very prominent Catholic politicians in the U.S. support abortion and same-sex marriage. Maybe the Holy Father Pope Francis was saying that that there is no absolute truth on those issues. I wonder if he was including the doctrine of the Trinity, too. Seriously, contrary to the Pope's statement, I think that Catholics are supposed to believe some absolute truths. The Pope is a politician and he says whatever he thinks will curry favor with the public.

    • Reply by Andere Stimme on 2016-08-13 23:48:47

      Hi Thomas,

      The quotation from the pope was a "for instance" quote, coming as it did right after the sentence, "truth isn’t that important to the majority of professing Christians". Pope Francis was, indeed, suggesting that there are no absolute truths, but I'm quite sure Meleti was not.

  • Comment by billy on 2016-08-14 04:44:05

    As far as how the world fares when the end does get here I think of Jonah and Ninivah scenario - Jonah was quite upset that Jehovah didn't destroy the city as they repented - a good message to stay humble and have hope for the world - A bra hams attitude to the destruction of sodom and Gomorrah also teaches us to look for the good in people and have hope they will wake up

    I'm sure the Catholic leadership has a lot to answer for as does the Governong Body of Jehovah's Witnesses

    I think referring to the context of the scriptures quoted by witnesses is A possible way of getting people to think and see what the bible is really saying - that's what lead me to questioning their doctrines

    • Reply by Meleti Vivlon on 2016-08-14 11:46:30

      "A bra hams" :) I have a love/hate relationship with autocorrect and autocomplete.

  • Comment by Deo_ac_veritati on 2016-08-14 13:44:31

    "We recognize that the majority will not listen. So our desire is to find that minority, those few who God is drawing out, and to devote our time to helping them"

    I hope you are wrong in this assessment, but fear you are right. My spouse appears to be "all in" leaving me with precious little hope that they will see the truth about the Organization. I can't remember a time in my life when I've felt this discouraged - this hopeless about my marriage, this depressed about my future. Next week is the convention - not sure how I'm going to make it through all the "be loyal to the governing body" material without wanting to scream.

    Oh well, sorry to bore everybody with my self-pity. Keep up the fine work on the site Meleti; the Scriptural insights i get from these articles help me keep plowing through the detritus of life these days. Christian love to you.

    • Reply by Meleti Vivlon on 2016-08-14 20:22:28

      Never give up hope. Who would have thought, given his zeal for all things Pharisaical, that Saul of Tarsus would become one of the most zealous Christians of all time.

      • Reply by Deo_ac_veritati on 2016-08-16 04:37:56

        Thank you Meleti. Believe me, you have no idea how much this site (along with the sister sites) have comforted me the last few months. It has reminded me that true Christian love still exists out there. Please keep up the great work you are doing and know that it really makes a difference in people's lives.

    • Reply by Colette on 2016-08-15 14:09:15

      Dear Deo_ac_veritati My husband Ivan woke up before me. He didn't pressure me, to the contrary he told me he would support me whatever I decided to do and even took me to the meetings at night although he stopped attending. He felt at a point that our marriage was in jeopardy.

      Yet today I am more of an apostate than he is. :-)

      Always keep on loving your wife and show it to her as this is what she will remember most, especially when compared to the lack of love within the organization. Apply the principle at 1Peter 3:1-2

      You are not alone to be discouraged. We are nearing retirement age and are in a mess financially because of putting first the JW organization (sorry kingdom!) for nearly 30 years.

      • Reply by Deo_ac_veritati on 2016-08-16 04:24:12

        Thank you Collette; I appreciate your support and insight. I woke up about nine months ago and have slowly been trying to express myself on the subject to my spouse since then. I usually get resistance but very slowly I think he/she is starting to accept that i have doubts (if he/she only knew how serious said doubts were! ). I always endeavor to use scripture to express myself on the subject, and as such, am incredibly grateful to Meleti and the various commenters on the site for the knowledge and encouragement that is provided. Thank you again for your words of encouragement; they mean a great deal to me during this difficult time for me. Christian love to you!

        • Reply by Colette on 2016-08-16 17:20:27

          Dear Deo, I and I am sure many others on this site too, will be praying for you. For me the most faith strengthening of all has been to see how our Heavenly Father still cares for us, and does so even more, as we start our journey out of the WT. I will ask Meleti to send you my email address if you could do with a private chat.

    • Reply by noblemindedthinker on 2016-08-15 15:24:11

      Deo at one point I thought I had a 50/50 chance of my wife staying with me if I left the organization. It was very nerve wracking! I took it very slowly (over the course of about six months) but eventually broke the news that I didn't want to attend meetings anymore. This has actually been a huge benefit in our marriage because I am less stressed. The bitterness and resentment of wasting my time and energy on an organization that really doesn't even want me there at all has started to pass. And the internal freedom I have gained has been a real blessing.

      I can't presume to tell you how to handle your situation. What I can say is that you need to take care of yourself otherwise you won't be able to help your wife or be a source of refreshment for her.

      • Reply by Deo_ac_veritati on 2016-08-16 04:33:20

        Nobleminded, please see my comment to Colette and apply it to yourself as well. It's encouraging to know that others have successfully handled this situation and come through to "the other side" in one piece! Reading your reply that your stress level has been reduced with a happier marriage as a result gives me hope of something to look forward to, and is great encouragement. I'm hoping to use some of the upcoming (very controversial) convention content to further illuminate my position on the matter. Thank you again for the lovingkindness of your reply!

    • Reply by tyhik on 2016-08-16 09:10:54

      Hi Deo_ac_veritati. So much has been said to you already, but I'd like to add this. Always try to show to your wife that the main concern of yours is to be clean and right in front of God. That you truly regard Holy Scriptures as HOLY, which means they are above anything else written, including WT. It is vital that she trusts your good motives. Without exception, apostates are portrayed bad by the org. It really takes time and patience to convince a witness that a good "apostate", who has both the Father and the Son (2 John 9), can indeed exist. God help you.

      • Reply by Deo_ac_veritati on 2016-08-16 10:13:59

        Hello tyhik, and thank you for your wise and kind advice. Indeed, i have been trying to do just what you counseled, so we are of one mind in this. I know there have been instances where i think he/she has seen a glimmer of truth in this regard; that many of Watchtower's writings are not Scriptural. Hopefully one of these days, one of those instances will really cause something in her/his mind to "click" and he/she will be "on their way" so to speak. It's just a very long journey is all.

        The level of love and concern shown by all the responders on this board has been overwhelming; I find myself in tears this morning as I re-read them (the good kind of tears). My warmest thanks to all of you for your very kind and Christian words; please know that they are of great comfort to me.

  • Comment by Mikef on 2016-08-15 05:47:58

    Hi Everyone,

    I have not posted on this forum before. I am a member of one of the "Churches of Christendom". Part of the reason I have not posted before is that I felt I would be judged because of that.

    But - for the first time here - I saw comments that sound very much like the worst I've seen from the WT&TS. I imagine very few of you have even met some one like me - one you may despise because I am not a witness.

    Here are the comments:

    "Admittedly, truth isn’t that important to the majority of professing Christians."

    “I found Jesus and now I’m saved!” is a refrain frequently heard in the more charismatic branches of Christendom."

    I would challenge you on this. This saddens me very much. A refrain frequently heard? How can you possibly know this? What is the motive for posting these comments?

    Certainly the "Churches of Christendom" are not perfect. They have much to anwer for. But these comments are no different from the witnesses who have come to my door. No different.

    I have never heard these types of comments from any pentecostal folks. Are there abuses there? Yes.

    But "frequently heard"? And as to the more "charismatic branches of Christendom" - how may charismatics do you personally know?

    Those I have met are far more humble thsan that. And these are people I personally know.

    To me this comes close to bearing false witness.

    I'm very sorry for posting angry comments. Perhaps I should not even say this. But the comments I cited are at best are overgeneralizations. No different than the witnesses who come to my door.


    • Reply by Meleti Vivlon on 2016-08-15 12:41:18

      Welcome, MikeF.

      I wasn't disrespecting individuals. There is wheat to be found in all Christian religions, I believe. But in speaking, I was referring to organized religion and the masses of faithful adherents who support the word of men over that of God.

      I've preached to hundreds of thousands of people from every religion over my lifetime and had many long discussions. Of course, there are people in every religion who value truth above all other things. These are the ones which the Lord is seeking. But to be drawn out by God, they must allow that love to override their fear. Fear of losing family and friends as they start on a course which will put them at odds with their religious community. Fear of being persecuted by that same community that once called them friend.

      My motive in posting those comments was to show that while Witnesses believe they have the truth and value the truth above all else, they are no different from other organized religions. Notice that I say religions and not people. Organized religion forces people to conform to the laws handed down from whatever particular ecclesiastical hierarchy governs them. The fact that people will willing submit to the authority of men over that of the Christ means, by definition, that they do not hold truth in high regard. God's word is truth, but men have followed the word of men over that of god and have brought great tragedy on the world. Look at how true Christians, those who love truth, have been and are being persecuted. Usually, the persecution does not come from political elements but from religious ones, leaders who feel their authority is being challenged.

      You are thinking of humble Christians you have known. I don't deny that many Christians are humble. I've known many humble Jehovah's Witnesses. But humility is only a good thing when it is linked to a love of truth. Otherwise, that same humility can be turned to a bad purpose. A humble person recognizes his limitations and submits to the will of God. But if what he perceives as the will of God is really the will of men, then he can do great harm. If my religious leader tells me that my former brother is an apostate and must be persecuted, will I humbly submit to his direction. And if my brother whom I now persecute shows me from God's word that my actions are wrong, will my love of truth cause me to join him and reject my former religion, or will I put obedience to men above obedience to Christ? What does the history of Christendom show? Love of truth or submission to the will of men?

      Jesus said: “Men will expel you from the synagogue. In fact, the hour is coming when everyone who kills you will think he has offered a sacred service to God.” (Joh 16:2)

      The reason this is possible--that men can think they are serving God while killing Jesus' disciples--is that these men have humbly submitted their will and conscience to the rule of other men who say they are acting on God's behalf. This is the case in the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses, as it has been over the centuries in Christendom.

      That is why Jesus told us that if we love a lie and practice it and if we lack the courage needed to follow the path of truth, then we will be found outside with the murders, fornicators and the dogs. (Re 22:15; Re 21:8)

    • Reply by Andere Stimme on 2016-08-16 02:51:04

      Hi Mikef,

      Am I right in saying that you don't so much disagree with the idea that for some Christians truth is not that important and that “I found Jesus and now I’m saved!” is at times heard from charismatic Christians? I admit that, now that I look at it from your perspective, sweeping generalities - as indicated by words like "frequently" and "majority" - can sound elitist and condemnatory. I can assure you that that is not the spirit or intent of this site, and that we who were once active, gung-ho JWs are now trying hard to free ourselves from the us-and-them, we're-the-chosen-ones mentality in which we were for so many years immersed. We certainly don't want to jump from the frying pan of delusions of Watchtower grandeur to the fires of some new kind of elitism. Personally, I appreciate your sharing your take on the statements in question.

      Also, to give a little context to Meleti's comments, some of those involved in this site have spent quite a few years in the JW ministry in Latin America, in the course of which we had many, many opportunities to speak to many, many professed Christians. So the difference of experience may account for different views on how frequently a given attitude is manifested among Christians.

      I can also assure you that we will be on the lookout from now on for anything that could be perceived as disparaging toward the great many sincere Christians out there that show the humble spirit you mentioned.

      Kind regards,


  • Comment by tyhik on 2016-08-15 09:28:05

    Thanks Meleti. I liked the analogy with Paul and Jews and the positive attitude and advise you provided.

    Staying in "truth" is (mostly) not about truth. It's about being special. Which for most witnesses is a positive special. It must be a great feeling if you have found the truth while almost everybody else is lost. You cannot go wrong as long as you follow the GB, because God has anointed them to do the thinking and researching and prayerfully meditating and writing stuff up for you. That gives the feeling of safety. No wonder that troubling thoughts get resolved with calls to "Wait on Jehovah" and the like. The paradise life is right behind the corner, you don't want to let Satan to entrap you now.

    A few weeks back I had a long discussion with two elders about the non-existent biblical backing on the selecting of the channel in 1919, based on Mal 3:1-3 and Rev 11:1-13. Their summary was that the discussion strengthened their faith that all that channel stuff is biblically backed and that they somewhat understand my issue, but still not quite. They suggested me to research more [sigh, God and the GB know there are no more scriptures on that] and not to do hasty moves and hoped that I'll see the light one day. And this was not some kind of wiggling from their side. It seems they were completely honest in what they said. I felt really helpless when I thought I had strong arguments, but the logic just did not work on them. It's not that they are not able to think logically, it's some kind of strongly selective ignoring of arguments. I think the end result is they think I'm hiding something and I haven't revealed my true motives.

    • Reply by miken on 2016-08-15 11:10:24

      tyhik, you might find this video

      of help as to understanding who was regarded as the "Faithful and Discreet Slave" in 1919. Watchtower history shows conclusively it was not as now is currently claimed. JW's are deliberately being mislead. The video touches on only a very small amount of evidence to show that Rutherford was regarded as the successor "faithful Slave or Steward" to Russell. Letters published in the Watchtower magazine addressed to and extolling Rutherford during his presidency make it clear how he was regarded and indeed regarded himself despite his final position that the "faithful and Discreet Slave" was not an individual but a composite group of spirit anointed JW's. Why else would he have these letters published?. Just a few excerpts from 1931 (there are significantly more) to give you a flavour:-

      Truly Jehovah Has Blessed: "When we say we admire you, as we do, it is because we have admiration for the golden tread in all your utterances: the exaltation and magnifying of Jehovah's name. We are bound to give thanks to God for you because of your faithful and energetic service in the interests of the kingdom. Failure to mention books from your pen, especially your most recent work, Light, would make our letter, our expression of thanksgiving, incomplete."
      Letters Watchtower April 1, 1931, page 110.

      Willing Co-operation: "........enabling the brethren to begin to appreciate the blessed relationship that exists between the "servant" and Jehovah the Great Master. ...The class is grateful for your labor of love and honor you as Jehovah's visible agent spending and being spent in exalting His name in the earth."
      Letters Watchtower April 1, 1931, page 110.

      Heartily Accept: "Also, we wish you to know we heartily cooperate with you in Jehovah's great work, being his witnesses in Zion. We pray the Lord will richly bless you to finish the great work he has given you to do."
      Letters Watchtower December 1, 1931, page 382.

      Older Watchtower magazine publications can be downloaded from:-

      • Reply by tyhik on 2016-08-15 17:33:44

        miken. Thanks for quotes. The A. H. Macmillan's (one of the 4 directors assigned by Rutherford in 1917) very pro-JW book Faith on the March:

        Page 124, last paragraph:
        "We found two places in the Hebrew Scriptures
        and two places in the Christian Greek Scriptures
        that seemed to support the thought that Russell
        personally was the channel the Lord was using to
        dispense his truths. Russell did not make it so,
        but most of the rest of us did; and if anybody
        denied that he was that special servant we
        looked at him a little askance and thought he
        was not fully in accord with our work and did
        not understand matters properly"

        Page 126, 1st paragraph:
        "Russell never claimed he was the channel the
        Lord was using to dispense his truths. He
        maintained that he was only the servant
        who was working in the channel at the time."

        So, at Russell time they were convinced that the exclusive channel existed and they were working together/close/in the channel.

  • Comment by vinman on 2016-08-15 13:08:09

    Excellent points you brought out. I know for myself that I get so worked up, to get someone out of the organization, that I naturally want to highlight all the evil within. My thought is usually based on the fact that very few witnesses are going to leave because of false doctrine, simply because this is the truth no matter what. However, by highlighting Bible truth to witness, it does become apparent that "apostates" are not the stereotype that the Watchtower portrays.

    You highlighting John 6:44 is huge. We often forget about that. But if you reflect back on your own experience, you can see that there was a time when you were not ready for truth. You loved the organization. But then slowly and perhaps subconsciously, you started seeing things that did not sit right. For me it was the application of Malachi 3:1 "the messenger" to Russell and his associates. I didn't realize at the time how much that bothered me. Of course, "overlapping generations" was a blow to my face. The 144,000 was a doctrine I tried to avoid in the ministry. Then of course there is the long list of Watchtower law that bothered me but still submitted to, such as turning in time. Watchtower history was something I tried to avoid as well. Yet, all this time you did love Jehovah and Christ.

    All of these things are cracks in ones armor. We may notice how much we actually loved truth, but God did. And he brought us out, when we were ready. When we were ready to love God more than man, and willing to sacrifice comfort for truth.

    I sense something in my wife right now that I believe is true of many. If the Watchtower was to collapse today, many would not care. They would still have there friends and that is what is important. Truth is not. So until God becomes more important to them, they will continue in

  • Comment by Karen on 2016-08-15 22:52:07

    Hello Deo-ac-veritati

    My dear sister and friend Colette is right .... Love your wife and walk quietly with her .... In time she will see the lies behind the 'truth' ..... You need to vent on sites such as this to be able to endure those meetings and assemblies otherwise it will all become too much and you will indeed explode....
    many here have been where you are now, as Colette has said, her husband I van very patiently waited for Colette to 'catch up' ..... So many are now in financial ruin, without homes or family ..... Don't lose yours .....
    Patience my friend and keep venting, you will be heard ..... You are not alone.....
    Take care Colette I hope you find that safe place amid the farmlands and freedom ...... xx Hugs to us all who struggle along trying to find peace after all that brainwashing and hurt ....

    • Reply by Deo_ac_veritati on 2016-08-16 04:46:24

      Thank you so very much for your kind and sympathetic words Karen (and know that my replies to the other folks who offered encouragement apply to you as well). When i made my original post i was truly at a low point. Reading all of your posts has truly been a comfort. Still a long way to go, but I continue to pray that the Spirit will help me along each day!

  • Comment by lazarus on 2016-08-16 05:49:29

    Thanks Meleti, nice reminder to season our words when discussing gods word, especially with those were aquanted with.

    I'm reminded of these words in 2 Tim 2: 23 Further, reject foolish and ignorant debates, knowing that they produce fights. 24 For a slave of the Lord does not need to fight, but needs to be gentle toward all, qualified to teach, showing restraint when wronged, 25 instructing with mildness those not favorably disposed. Perhaps God may give them repentance leading to an accurate knowledge of truth, 26 and they may come to their senses and escape from the snare of the Devil, seeing that they have been caught alive by him to do his will.

    When emotions run high, it's amazing how logic gets thrown out the window. So I'm trying to Be tactful, kind and above all be patient.

  • Comment by Meleti Vivlon on 2016-08-16 12:15:39

    I'd just like to thank everyone for the many kind and encouraging remarks. There are several engaged in supporting these sites and at times it is hard because of the time involved, but to know that it is benefiting others makes the effort worthwhile.

    • Reply by Deo_ac_veritati on 2016-08-16 16:30:54

      I think I can speak for most all of us in offering a huge "you're welcome" Meleti (and to your co-workers) in response to your "thank you." And thanks again for all the hard work and time you put in on these sites! I consider these sites to be a refuge from much of the indoctrination I hear at the hall these days.

  • Comment by phantomofthekingdomhall on 2017-10-29 18:35:12

    Hi, I’ve been reading these sites for a few weeks now and learned a lot. But I don’t know what the next step is? Baptized in 2005 as a Jw. Over the years I’ve discovered a lot of the things you’re talking about here. I am very sad and depressed at the moment. If I dissasociated myself I would be completely alone. Not many ”non denominational” christians where I live to share my newfound faith and knowledge with. Please help and thanks for all the great material.

    • Reply by Meleti Vivlon on 2017-11-05 21:24:23

      We have a weekly on-line meeting. If you're interested, I'll send you the link.

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