The Peace of God…Surpasses All Understanding

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[From ws17/8 p. 8 – October 2-8]

“The peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts.”​—Phil 4:7

(Occurrences: Jehovah=39; Jesus=2)

Every so often, a Watchtower study article comes along that beautifully applies to those of us who have awakened to the love of the Christ and been set free by the truth he conveys to us.

This week’s study is such an article.  There is little to find fault with here, as long as one understands that the writer—whether he intended this or not—is speaking to the Children of God.  It reminds us of what the high priest did when he unwittingly prophesied truthfully about the Son of Man. (John 11:49-52)

First of all, this study demonstrates the true source of the instruction we receive while also showing that there was no first century governing body directing the preaching work—a fact that removes much of the basis for believing there must also be a modern-day counterpart. From paragraph 3 of the study, we have this:

Perhaps Paul is also thinking about the events of the past few months. He was on the other side of the Aegean Sea, in Asia Minor. While Paul was there, the holy spirit repeatedly stopped him from preaching in certain areas. It was as if the holy spirit were pushing him to go somewhere else. (Acts 16:6, 7) But where? The answer came in a vision while he was in Troas. Paul was told: “Step over into Macedonia.” With such a clear indication of Jehovah’s will, Paul immediately accepted the invitation. – par. 3

First of all, it was a "clear indication" of Christ's will, since Jehovah has handed all authority over to Christ to direct, among other things, the preaching of the Good News. (Mt 28:18, 19) Acts 16:7 indicates that it was “the spirit of Jesus” which did not permit them to preach in those areas.  So it was Jesus, not some group of men in far off Jerusalem, who directed the preaching work.  This gives us confidence in our day that the spirit leads us to do the will of the Lord, and that we do not need men to tell us how, what and where to preach.  In fact, obeying men rather than the Christ puts us in opposition to the Lord.

The Leading of the Spirit of Jesus

Have you ever felt as paragraph 4 describes?

Perhaps there have been times in your life when you felt that you, like Paul, were following the leadings of God’s holy spirit, but then things did not turn out the way you expected. You came face-to-face with challenges, or you found yourself in new circumstances that required massive changes in your life. (Eccl. 9:11) As you look back, maybe you are left wondering why [Jesus] allowed certain things to happen. If so, what can help you to continue to endure with full confidence in [the Lord]? To find the answer, let us return to the account of Paul and Silas. – par. 4 ("Jehovah" replaced for the sake of accuracy.)

Things don’t always work out the way we want—“want” being the operative word.  We have to remember that Jesus, like his Father and ours, wants what is best for us in the long term, which is often not what we want at any given moment in time.  He accomplishes what is best for us by using the Holy Spirit, but we have to bear in mind that the Spirit is not a fire hose. It operates in Christians more like a gentle mountain stream. It trickles down from above, but can be blocked by a hard heart and a willful disposition.  We must be careful that our personal "wants" don't get in the way of the leading of the spirit.

The experience of Paul and Silas described in Acts 16:19-40 shows that sometimes we must suffer to accomplish the will of the Lord for us, but the end is always worth the means.  These facts are rarely evident to us at the time, however.

It “Surpasses All Understanding”

The information under this subtitle is worthy of our consideration. For example, many of us are where we are after apparently wasting many years, even a lifetime, in what would seem to be vain pursuits, all in the service of an organization run by men.

To cite my own case—hardly unique—I’ve spent my whole life following the direction of the leadership of the Organization of Jehovah's Witnesses, believing that Jehovah was at the top directing all things. I look back at years spent pioneering in foreign fields.  I look back on decades of laboring as an appointed servant of the Organization.  In my lifetime I’ve spent approximately 20,000 hours attending (and often conducting) meetings at the Kingdom hall, or at assemblies and conventions.  This doesn't include the time spent in meeting preparation and organizational tasks like maintaining the congregation accounts and making up meeting schedules.  I don't even want to think about all the long hours spent in elders meetings.  I've also spent thousands of hours working for the branch offices in two countries, and worked on various construction projects.  Oh, and let’s not forget the time spent in the field ministry preaching the truth according to the Organization.

Was it all a waste?  Was it the will of the Lord that I should spend my youth and vitality supporting an organization run by men teaching a false good news?

As I’ve said, my case is hardly unique nor extraordinary.  However, as a case study, it might prove beneficial.

A wise farmer doesn’t plant seed until it is the right season for it. Then he waits for favorable weather, but not before he first prepares the soil—tilling, plowing, and fertilizing.  He may even allow a field to lie fallow until it is ready to produce.

Father knows us better than we know ourselves.  He does the choosing, but when does he choose us?

Jacob was chosen before he was born, as was Jeremiah. (Ge 25:23; Jer 1:4, 5) When was Saul of Tarsus chosen?  We can only guess.

Jesus planted wheat, but wheat when first planted is just a seed.  It takes time to grow into a full stalk, time to produce its fruitage. (Mt 13:37) Nevertheless, that is just an illustration.  It doesn’t paint the complete picture.  Humans have free will, so even though chosen by God, we must develop over time and depending on how we develop, Jesus will reward us or reject us. (Luke 19:11-27)

Speaking for myself, if I had awakened to the real truth of God’s word years ago, I very likely would have chosen selfish pursuits.  This doesn’t mean I would have been lost for all time, because there is going to be a resurrection of the unrighteous, but what an opportunity I would have missed out on.  Again, speaking for myself, this awakening I’ve been granted doesn’t ensure anything either.  'He that endures to the end is the one who will be saved.' (Mt 10:22)

Nevertheless, the fact that God has chosen us is a source of great encouragement, though not a reason to boast.

“Brothers, consider the time of your calling: Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were powerful; not many were of noble birth. 27But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. 28He chose the lowly and despised things of the world, and the things that are not, to nullify the things that are, 29so that no one may boast in His presence.
30It is because of Him that you are in Christ Jesus, who has become for us wisdom from God: our righteousness, holiness, and redemption. 31Therefore, as it is written: “Let him who boasts boast in the Lord.” (1Co 1:26-31)

So let us not wallow in regret, thinking, “If only I had known then what I know now…”  The fact is, Jehovah’s wisdom surpasses understanding.  He knows what is best for us.  In my case, I had to spend all that time in seemingly fruitless pursuits to get where I am now, and I glorify God for it.  I only hope now that I can stay the course, but I realize it was not a waste.  Indeed, since my hope is to live forever, what do a few decades amount to?  How tiny a slice of the eternity pie does 70 years constitute?

Paul, perhaps more than any one of us, had much to regret, but he told the Philippians that he considered all that he had lost as just so much garbage to be discarded. (Phil 3:8)  One does not lament the loss of garbage.  Then he went on to tell them the following:

“Do not be anxious over anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication along with thanksgiving, let your petitions be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and your mental powers by means of Christ Jesus.” (Php 4:6, 7)

We cannot imagine what God has in store for us.  It “surpasses all understanding”.  We can only perceive a glimmer of the glory that awaits, but it is enough to give us peace in all our sufferings. (Ro 8:30)

And suffer we do!

“Do Not Be Anxious Over Anything”

I recall being accused by a long-time friend and fellow elder of following a prideful course.  Other elders have accused me in writing of being self-willed, which they likewise viewed as evidence of pride.  My experience is mirrored by many of yours based on the e-mails I've received personally and the comments I've read on the site.

It is hard to endure such condemnation, especially when it comes from loved ones.  But we know they speak in ignorance, parroting dogma they’ve been force-fed for years.  They fail to see that a proud man, having achieved a status of esteem and authority within the community of Jehovah’s Witnesses, is hardly going to throw that away for a principle.  He’ll hold on to it tenaciously.  I've seen it happen time and again.  He will compromise his principles—assuming he had then to begin with—to maintain the prominence and prestige he so dearly covets.

What we have done in swimming against the tide of JW opinion doesn’t spring from pride, but from love.  We endure the reproach of the Christ who was rejected by all his people and even abandoned for a time by his closest friends.  (He 11:26; Lu 9:23-26) We do this because we love the Father and we love the Son and yes, we even love those who reproach us and lying say every sort of wicked thing against us.  We are not cowardly, nor do we love the lie. (Re 21:8; 22:15) Instead, we dwell in the joy of the Christ. (James 1:2-4)

Many ex-JWs go into depression. They seek out support groups to deal with their pain.  We are accused by friends and family of being apostates.  Apostates don't need support groups.  Nevertheless, self-doubt can cause us to second guess our course of action.  Again, Paul’s words at Philippians 4:6, 7 resonate.  We have free access to the throne of God, so let us use it and through ‘prayer and supplication and yes, thankgiving, make known to God all our worries.’  Then we will receive the peace of God that comes via the spirit and surpasses all thought.

As the final subtitle of the study brings out, that peace of God will guard our hearts (our deepest emotions) and our mental powers (our sound reasoning ability) “by means of Christ Jesus”.

Jehovah’s Witnesses marginalize Christ Jesus, so they have left their hearts and minds open to propaganda from men, to be seduced by winsome words that appeal to the desperate spirit—words like:  Don’t Give Up! You’re almost there.  We’re in the final seconds of this old system.  Listen [to the Governing Body], obey and be blessed.

The pull of those words can be very hard to resist and millions have invested their faith in men because of them.  Yes, it is hard to be the single strand of wheat, standing out in the middle of the field as different.  Yet if we look at the examples set forth under the subtitle “Examples of Jehovah Doing the Unexpected”, we will notice a common thread: It was always upon individuals that the spirit of God acted.

It is my firm conviction that whatever time we may feel we have wasted was permitted by the Lord as part of the refining process.  Just as he permitted Saul of Tarsus to go on a course of persecuting the holy ones to "an excessive degree", so that when the time came, he would become a chosen vessel to the nations, likewise he has done for us. (1 Co 15:9; Acts 9:15)

Instead of looking back on our past as time wasted, let us realize that if it gets us to glory, to serving with our Lord Jesus in the kingdom of the heavens for the salvation of all Mankind, then it was really a manifestation of the Lord's patience.  Something for which to be eternally thankful.

"The Lord is not slow to fulfill His promise as some understand slowness, but is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance." (2 Peter 3:9 Berean Study Bible)

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  • Comment by Andrew on 2017-10-01 18:26:12


    I read this post.

    Then I read 1 John 4:1.

    Then I read the post again.

    Speaking for myself, it passes the test. What beautiful sentiments you express! And what love exudes from your writings!

    I, and many others in my congregation, cannot thank you enough for being faithful to Jehovah and son Christ Jesus, knowing the difficulties you would face for doing so. Your example has inspired me, and many others that I know, to come to appreciate the incredible gift that God has extended to us, welcoming us into His family as His children.

    And you are right. Feeling that the time we spent with an incomplete understanding of God's invitation to us was wasted is not true. It can actually move us to love God in ways that we could not have imagined years ago. And it can give an increased desire to help others come to this same knowledge, whether they are a Witness or not.

    Don't ever think your words of encouragement are in vain. They mean more to me than you could possible imagine, and I think that goes for every one of us who have been privileged to come across this site.

    I can call you my brother, and knowing finally what it really means gives me greater joy than I ever thought possible.


    • Reply by Devora on 2017-10-01 20:00:20

      1 Corinthians 1:4-9 in mind for you,and the others here...Thank You,Thank you.

      • Reply by MarthaMartha on 2017-10-02 04:51:52

        That's such a beautiful sentiment you cited for us in 1Corinthians. I feel the same. This is an oasis of comfort and encouragement. Thank you.

    • Reply by Meleti Vivlon on 2017-10-02 09:56:35

      Thank you, Andrew. Sincerely, thank you.

      • Reply by Andrew on 2017-10-02 10:43:23

        It is we who owe you the thanks, Meleti. If you want to know how those in my congregation who read this blog feel about you, read 1 Thessalonians 1: 2-7.


  • Comment by Warp Speed on 2017-10-01 20:07:53

    I whole-heartedly appreciate not only your review this week, but even more importantly, your kind and very encouraging scriptural encouragement. Like many here, I struggle with the feeling that I wasted years in the Org. I too have recently been thinking that had we not gone through what we have, we probably wouldn't be in a unique position to really understand how the refining process works.

    I am determined now more than ever to continue to take in more "accurate" knowledge of what the scriptures "really" teach us. Key to this understanding has been Beroean Pickets. By means of the wonderful articles and reviews, I feel like I can progress in my relationship with God and Christ.

    Thank you so much for the helping hand Meleti. And to all of you brothers and sisters who comment here- Thank You?

  • Comment by wild olive on 2017-10-01 21:11:53

    Wow Meleti , I think you have to spend more time in the desert alone with Jesus to bring in another spiritual feast like this one ?
    I would just like to add my own experience which is connected to the theme scripture,a verse which means so much more now.
    Back in 2008, yes that's how long it's been to get to where I am now. I used to go down to special spot on the beach were ,if the tide was right , dolphins would come into the shallows and check me out, I would go there because I was deeply depressed and the "truth" just wasn't helping at all. Whereas watching the dolphins would really give me a lift.
    Then one day in September 2008, I went down to the beach to get my dolphin "fix", I wasn't even praying but just talking to myself in my head , watching the dolphins , and I said to myself,
    " there is something wrong with what I call truth" , it was like Jehovah was listening in to my mental conversation ,that very instant something happened that I can only describe as a huge rock falling off my back, the sense of relief was so overwhelming that I had tears steaming down my face, it was like in an instant everything was changed, the colours seemed much brighter, up until that point I used to chew my fingernails right down till they bled, it stopped that day I haven't chewed them since , the beginning of a deep change took place that day ,and I walked off that beach a different man , it was like a snake shedding its skin and something new and fresh emerged , that day I left behind all that's false , which is a big chunk of "truth" as taught by the org, I can only describe it as been born again , I wasn't seeking for anything ,I was still working hard in field service and other responsibilitys in the cong , but from that day another course was set , since then I have a growing sense of peace that improves with each passing day, I can only say its what Phil4:7 promises to those who want truth, whereas my JW brethren are sinking into the state of mind I had back in 2008, and it's really noticeable when I do occasionally go to a meeting , a lot of discussion is about who is now using anti depressants or other forms of pain killers, there is even a sister who is having surgery every 3 mths to get prescription painkillers post op, I was shocked to find that out, but that's what's happening , and this right on the heels of a don't give up convention. This is what all of us on this site are leaving behind ,and yes it is as Paul said ,a lot of refuse, so while it took a long time to finally get a true compass reading , I dont think it can happen any other way , time and Holy Spirit burn off all that's false , just have to stay the course.

    • Reply by Meleti Vivlon on 2017-10-02 10:40:10

      Actually, it's not the desert air that's responsible for this one. :) I wrote this review a couple of months back. I wanted to clear my mind for Bible research apart from the WT reviews, but I have a one-track mind, so I find it easier to do research if there are no distractions. So I spent all my free time for weeks doing the reviews all the way up to the end of January. They are all sitting there, scheduled to go out on their respective dates. All I do is give each a last read the day they are to be published. This gives me a fresh perspective and I usually find an error or two in the copy to correct.

      What's interesting about this review is that it was like I was reading it for the first time. It's an odd sensation to be encouraged by one's own words, as if someone else is speaking to you. Your revelation while 'swimming with the dolphins' puts me in mind of the power of the spirit to influence our minds.

      Coming out from the miasmic cloud of JW indoctrination, I'm still grappling with what the holy spirit is and how it not only affects us, but is "in" us. (James 4:5; 1 Corinthians 6:19) But I'm starting to see how the spirit works through all of us. We can see it evident in the many encouraging and insightful comments made on these sites. To say the spirit speaks through us may seem boastful, but is not the alternative truly boastful--that our thoughts originate only from us? If what I speak and write originates from me, then all glory to me. But if I, like the rest of us, am a tool in the hands of the potter, then the glory goes to the Lord.

      “To the extent that each one has received a gift, use it in ministering to one another as fine stewards of God’s undeserved kindness that is expressed in various ways.” (1Pe 4:10)

      By the time I reached the end of my edit of the final draft of this review I remembered that when I started it some time back, I had no idea where I was going with it. I figured it would be a brief review because there wasn't much to find fault with, and the first paragraph bears that out. But then the theme just seemed to develop itself. One idea flowed into another. I was writing encouragement to myself as much as to anyone else. It's an odd sensation. You feel like an observer, watching detached, anxious to see what you're going to type next. I'm not claiming inspiration. No, no, no! But I do believe that sometimes the spirit just takes over, uses what we have in our mind and heart and runs with is and we can only marvel at the power of God.

      Your enlightenment in the sea that day is, I believe, a manifestation of that power, a calling. It's only with that in mind that much of what Paul writes about the power of the spirit makes sense. For instance:

      “. . .And I came to YOU in weakness and in fear and with much trembling; 4 and my speech and what I preached were not with persuasive words of wisdom but with a demonstration of spirit and power, 5 that YOUR faith might be, not in men’s wisdom, but in God’s power.” (1Co 2:3-5)


      “. . .However, we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the power beyond what is normal may be God’s and not that out of ourselves.” (2Co 4:7)

      and also...

      “. . .yet he really said to me: “My undeserved kindness is sufficient for you; for [my] power is being made perfect in weakness.” Most gladly, therefore, will I rather boast as respects my weaknesses, that the power of the Christ may like a tent remain over me. 10 Therefore I take pleasure in weaknesses, in insults, in cases of need, in persecutions and difficulties, for Christ. For when I am weak, then I am powerful.” (2Co 12:9, 10)

      • Reply by wild olive on 2017-10-05 20:07:43

        Wonderful, it's actually a relief to know that under the influence of Holy Spirit there is no place for ego , those scriptures you quoted are almost a study in themselves in understanding the operation of Holy Spirit. That the spirit is "in " a person, not just turning up when you need it, as is taught by the org, the scriptures above and others like Joh6:63 14:22&23 1 Joh 2:26&27 . All the above empowers the individual with spiritual authority , it's noticeable that a lot of those verses don't get much discussion in watchtower articles, couldn't have the plebeians understanding things that the FDS doesn't ??

    • Reply by Joseph Anton on 2017-10-07 11:26:23

      I am an increasingly skeptical person Wild Olive. For the past few weeks I've been formulating a way to tell my wife about the fines and restitutions the courts of the nations have been imposing on our religion over sexual abuse cases, and that this is where a large chunk of our donations are going unacknowledged by the organization, and that the drive for more funding routinely appears now in nearly every study and meeting. I started writing her an email while we were both in bed - it was 430 in the morning. I opened my heart to her about my desire for us to have a leg to stand on with our friends and family not in the organization when these sex abuse cases start making national headlines - which means we would no longer be donating our money to the organization because we wholeheartedly do not agree with the church's policies concerning this disgusting crisis. Instead we would from here on be donating our money to actual charities who help children in need. By 530, when I leave for work I had most of it written, including scriptures that I felt applied, but I hadn't sent it yet. I opened the door to leave for work and in that same instant a shooting star went from over my house out beyond the horizon. I believe it was a coincidence, but still, it was an amazing coincidence and it was an incredible sight so early in the morning. Nonetheless it confirmed to me to send my wife this email. Which a I did. And when she read it and got back to me later that afternoon she agreed with everything I said. A small step in the right direction.

  • Comment by Phelps on 2017-10-01 23:04:55

    Traducción de Google :
    Hello dear brother and brothers of this community ... thank you very much for this very encouraging article. I believe that all of us here have had to go through these pains in the soul to think that we have lost valuable time of service to Christ and our father. but I am sure that this is necessary for a few since it is part of the blessing of Christ for us. What you say is very true: the garbage is not strange so let's go ahead to the maturity and help while we can. ..that Christ our Lord and our heavenly Father bless you all

  • Comment by Leonardo Josephus on 2017-10-02 04:41:19

    What wonderful thoughts, Meliti, and what wonderful comments already made, all of which I have "thumbed up". I have to remind myself regularly, that if it had not been for the Organisation I would not have started down this road of getting to know God's word and built up a basis knowledge of many things. However, if I had not come across you and the BP site, I do not think I would ever have known the Bible properly. Certainly I have never studied it in such depth, and while I guess I would still call myself one of Jehovah's Witnesses, still attending meetings etc, there is no fear anymore. You have helped us to "know the truth and set us free", wherever and at whatever stage we may be,
    Thanks and may Jehovah and Jesus continue to bless you

  • Comment by MarthaMartha on 2017-10-02 05:14:18

    Thank you Meleti, this was food for the soul. I really needed it.

    I've been called proud, wilful, disrespectful, and ( this one made me laugh)
    "Unwilling to be led"....
    At which my wilful brain silently added " yes, down the garden path!"
    This from loved ones who are JWs. I've had more empathy and real understanding from family members who are atheists. We agree to differ over faith but still can express our opinions freely. Makes me think....

    It's taken me many years to let go of the loads piled on me by men. When one is raised from a child as a JW you don't always realise what the burden actually is. We're told that the truth is light and pleasant and essentially if you don't enjoy it you're not a spiritual person.
    Wild Olive, you hit the nail on the head when you said " There's something wrong with what I call the truth"
    I had the same realisation... It's not something wrong with us! Jesus said his load was kindly and light.
    I've gradually withdrawn from meetings and any JW activities and I can honestly say the last year has been the most peaceful, contented, spiritually refreshing and rewarding in my life.
    The Fear, Obligation and Guilt (FOG) has lifted and I'm content to trust in my Lord Jesus and our Father to judge me , lead me, and protect me.

    Most of the time!

    As an imperfect and innately anxious person I sometimes slip back into the 'what if' mentality .... And yet...
    This site and all your comments help me so much. More than association in a congregation ever did.
    Thank you all,; I may hang around in the background a lot here but believe me that I appreciate you all immensely.

    Another cracking post Meleti! ??

    Proverbs 12:18

    • Reply by wild olive on 2017-10-05 00:06:12

      Yes Martha
      Nothing wrong with YOU, isn't it scary to realise that WT teaching slowly but surely devalues you as a person, while quoting scripture along the way, your only worthwhile if you follow blindly.
      I saw a YouTube clip of a sister who was 105 years old. She was saying how happy she was keeping up with "present truth". Now if she came into the truth as a twenty something, that would mean the "truth " that she first learnt and was touched by ,has mostly been discarded, what a terrible thing to do to an old person, oblige them to throw away their valuable youthful memory's of "truth" to have approval , this has created a very incongruous situation in all congregations where the senior members ,unless they have an appointment , are not sought after for counsel , as their past experience is redundant , most sad.

  • Comment by Leonardo Josephus on 2017-10-02 10:34:20

    Meliti, some off us would like to come over and give you a hug for all you have done here.

    • Reply by Meleti Vivlon on 2017-10-02 10:46:48


  • Comment by mailman on 2017-10-07 09:32:44

    Dear brothers, I am sincerely touched by the overwhelming positive thoughts and expression of Christian love in this post.

    Just like Paul of old, Meleti, you have done something similar to a loving apostle. :)

    This BP has served as source of encouragement and strength in the midst of spiritual mud the Organization is trying to spoon feed its unsuspecting members.

    Because of this site, my mindset and perspectives have really changed, discernment raised to a whole new level, freed from the bondage and chains of a biased Governing Body.

    I sincerely believe that Christ is guiding you and the brothers here in creating an atmosphere that opens us the channel for the Spirit to flow.

    But before I end, why is it that the more I become awakened, the more I spot what seemed to be wrong in our materials as discussed in our meetings, the more I am seeing through the propaganda and agenda behind the messages in our publications? This makes the meetings boring.

    I also noticed that the spiritual food being served mid-week is shallow, repetitious if not burdensome. Is this normal to experience?

    • Reply by Meleti Vivlon on 2017-10-07 10:05:30

      It is indeed normal to the awakening process, Mailman. The spirit opens up our minds progressively. It is as Jesus once told his disciples: 'I have truths to tell you, but you are not able to bear them as yet.' I'm learning slowly from those words of the Master to be more circumspect when revealing truths to my friends. They can only handle so much at one time.

      The next phase for many with regard to meeting attendance is a growing discomfort. It becomes like an anguish in one's chest. One begins to feel an oppressive air that seems to drive you out of the hall. I guess we can only listen to so many lies while unable to speak out before our mind rebels. I would walk outside mid-meeting and feel such relief. Eventually, I stopped going altogether. Everyone is different, of course and we cannot impose rules. Each one in his or her own time.

      • Reply by Warp Speed on 2017-10-07 12:56:04

        "It becomes like an anguish in one's chest". Wow, can I relate to that Meleti. Less than 6 months or so ago, my plan was to just try to stay under the radar so to speak and continue to attend most of the meetings- mostly because I have some family "still in".

        It is becoming increasingly difficult to stick to that plan. Just like Mailman said, the meetings become dull and boring real quick. Listening to the false teachings dispensed becomes burdensome.

        I can't bring myself to attend the "Annual Meeting" this year. The worship given to the Warwick Resort is too much for me to stomach. The GB now write songs to glorify themselves!

        Good to know others feel that way too.Thanks for sharing all of your comments. We all need the encouragement.?

    • Reply by MarthaMartha on 2017-10-07 18:18:19

      I agree, mailman. I had to give up midweek meetings a few months ago. The frustration at the mind numbing repetition and lack of substance drove me crazy and my poor husband got the brunt of my frustration when we got home. I decided it was not conducive to Christian peace or harmony. ?
      The tale of The Emperor's New Clothes comes to mind so often. We have had the scales removed from our eyes and see the reality. This is not spiritual food. It's more like a corporate team meeting.
      I endure the weekend meeting by taking notes.... Of what I agree with, or what I disagree with. I do research on my tablet during the meeting. I use Bible hub to study and research either my own personal questions or queries raised by the meeting.
      If I can use the time to study and meditate I feel I've salvaged some otherwise lost time.
      Sometimes though , the anguish Meleti describes so well is too much. I have walked out of the meeting and gone for a drive when I can't take it any more.
      I know what you mean.... It's shocking sometimes how obvious the agenda and propanda is to me now. It's good to read that so many of us are feeling the same way.

  • Comment by Joseph Anton on 2017-10-07 11:02:48

    For me the meetings have become a place where I ponder existing eternally with my brothers and sisters in their version of divine reward - which is very much akin to what we have now. I get the sneaking suspicion most of our elders and upper management types believe there will still be something of a road to perfection pecking order after Armageddon.

    I can't imagine a worse fate.

    My ideal 'New System of Things' involves real freedom, to be out from under the burdens imposed on me by sin and sinful men. The last few years of my life I've been learning more about my bible - I now fully believe our bibles are meant for us, and not for entire groups - from multiple sources just like this one, and the burden of being a Christian has lessened the more I research and understand. My vision has seemingly improved as I read and study my bible without the corrective lenses imposed upon me by the religion I was born into.

    • Reply by MarthaMartha on 2017-10-07 18:08:19

      Do you remember the WT study article that talked about life after Armageddon and informed us that we wouldn't be doing what we wanted but would have an assignment and we might not get to live where we want? I realised then that the GB are not willing to give up their authority over us even when they've gone off to be with their 'brothers' in heaven.
      I had a conversation with an elder after that WT and I said that I'd be going off somewhere quiet and peaceful and away from anything like organisation. He said I wouldn't have a chance because they'd come after me and give me my assignment. He was attempting to have a little joke, but I saw red and said " if that's the deal I don't want to be there! "
      By this time I was well into my waking up, but it really gave me a nudge further toward the freedom of Christ and out from under the burdens of men.
      So, Joseph, I understand what you're saying, ?

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