“Those who listen to You” will be Saved

– posted by Tadua

“Pay constant attention to yourself and to your teaching. Persevere in these things, for by doing this you will save both yourself and those who listen to you.”—1 Timothy 4:16.

[From ws 8/19 p.14 Study Article 33: Oct 14 - Oct 20, 2019]

“We cannot force our relatives to accept the good news, but we can encourage them to open their minds and hearts to the Bible’s message. (2 Timothy 3:14, 15)” (par.2). This is a true statement, and it is also relevant for all of us who have awakened from the lies the Organization teaches. While we can try to help relatives and other Witnesses to awaken, by the same token, we should not attempt to force them.

Awakening varies in its effects per individual but awakening to the truth about the truth can be devastating for many. Most, if not all of us, go through stages such as anger at being taken in and duped, and anger and frustration when we begin to realise the level of psychological manipulation we have been under. It can then lead to severe disillusionment with God and the Bible, yet the situation we are in is not the fault of God or the Bible.

You may also begin to realize why perhaps there are so many ones you thought were “weak ones” who still stayed in the Organization, attending some meetings, rarely going in field service. Perhaps because they are awake, but have so much to lose, they find it is difficult to break away.

I can remember saying to members of the public when going from door to door, that if “the truth” was a lie, then it was the biggest deception and fraud in history. It would also be the best kept secret by those in the Organization who know it is fraudulent. Yet, now to my own personal cost I know all of this to be true. Nonetheless, it is because I discovered the deception for myself, not because others told me. The way I personally came to this discovery and awakened was by studying the Bible for myself on key subjects, without reading any Organization literature and without reading any so-called apostate literature. I had to convince myself from the Bible that many of the teachings (though not all) were wrong.

The most important teachings that were wrong being:

  1. Jesus invisible return in 1914.

  2. Little flock to Heaven and Great Crowd on earth.

For others it was the books by Ray Franz, “Crisis of Conscience” and “In Search of Christian Freedom”. To those who are still Witnesses who may think these books tell far-fetched stories, if you are able to, ask an awakened elder how they found serving as an elder. Most will confirm that things such as:

  • having no prayer before an important elders meeting,

  • campaigning by the strongest minded elder,

  • the favouritism for appointments and assignments,

are all typical common events in bodies of elders. I certainly had experienced all of these on a regular basis while an elder. Many parts of Ray Franz’s books could have just changed the names of the Governing body members for the names of elders I served with and still be completely accurate. In fact, at times when reading these books it brought back many bad memories I wanted to forget.

Paragraph 3 says, “Soon, Jehovah will bring this system to an end. Only those who are “rightly disposed for everlasting life” will survive. (Acts 13:48)”

Yes, “Jehovah will bring this system to an end”, but only he or Jesus have the right to say when, and how soon. To state “soon” is presumptuousness. To use one of the Organization’s favourite scriptures against them, Jehovah’s view of presumptuousness is recorded in 1 Samuel 15:23 which says “ for rebelliousness is the same as the sin of divination, and pushing ahead presumptuously the same as [using] uncanny power and teraphim. Since you have rejected the word of Jehovah, he accordingly rejects you from being king”.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God warned us clearly in Matthew 24:23-27, saying, “Then if anyone says to YOU, ‘Look! Here is the Christ,’ or, ‘There!’ do not believe it. For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will give great signs and wonders so as to mislead, if possible, even the chosen ones.  25 Look! I have forewarned YOU.  26 Therefore, if people say to YOU, ‘Look! He is in the wilderness,’ do not go out; ‘Look! He is in the inner chambers,’ do not believe it.  27 For just as the lightning comes out of eastern parts and shines over to western parts, so the presence of the Son of man will be”.

Yes, Jesus warned us that false anointed ones [or christ’s] would come, saying “You cannot see Jesus, but he has come and is in the inner chambers, he has come invisibly”. [i]

Yet Jesus warned, “do not believe it”. Why? Because just as lightning illuminates the whole sky and everyone sees it and so is undeniable, “so the presence of the Son of man will be”.

When reminded about how hard we tried to obligate others to accept the teachings of the Organization when we first learned them and believed they were “truth”, the paragraph reminds us  “The apostle Paul counseled Christians: “Let your words always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you will know how you should answer each person.” (Colossians 4:5-6)”.  It is good to keep this scripture in mind when we, as awakened Witnesses, attempt to help Witnesses we personally know and perhaps care deeply about, to wake up.

Paragraph 6 discusses empathy. When trying to awaken a loved one, the principles in this paragraph can be applied. It says:

At first, I wanted to talk to my husband only about spiritual things. We had no ‘normal’ conversation.” However, Pauline’s husband, Wayne, had little Bible knowledge and did not understand what Pauline was talking about. To him, it seemed that all she thought about was her religion. He worried that she was joining a dangerous sect and was being deceived.”

Some keys to a smooth transition of an awakened Witness are contained there. Much as we desire to awaken our loved one or friends, trying to convince them that something they believe passionately to be truth and passed on to them by a so-called God-directed Governing body, is actually a lie or false teaching, is a steep mountain to climb. Why? As the paragraph suggests most often our loved one may not have the scriptural knowledge. They may believe they do and hence struggle to see the importance of the error or cannot see it at all. Added to that, maybe they think or are worried that we will join some part of Christendom and start believing in the Trinity and celebrate Christmas and so forth, is too much for them to contemplate. [Important Note: On Beroean Pickets we do not recommend any of these]. Yet sadly, as we know the reality is that they are the ones being deceived.

If we continue to treat our loved ones still as our loved ones, and we do not join another church of Christendom, but rather life only changes slightly in things, such as perhaps no longer joining in field service, and perhaps no longer attending many or all meetings, perhaps doing these things on a gradual basis, then our loved ones have time to adjust and accept the new circumstances we and they are in.

In paragraph 10, we are reminded that “Jehovah has not given us the job of judging​—he has assigned that task to Jesus. (John 5:22)”. This is a useful scripture to share with our loved ones who will be most concerned that because of our rejection of the Organization in their view we will not survive Armageddon (if indeed it comes in our lifetime). We can gently remind them it is up to Jesus not the Organization, and we can also use Acts 24:15 in a light-hearted way, as the promise there is a “resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous”.

In an attempt to promote the copying of the example of Alice by the brothers and sisters, paragraph 14 claims “but if you are kind yet firm with your family, some of them may listen to you. That is what happened in Alice’s case. Both of her parents are now pioneers, and her father is an elder”. 

That may be the case, but if they are not kind-hearted, people, and endeavouring to act in a Christ-like way every day then it is all for nothing. Likewise, if they are teaching falsehood, it is all for nothing. What is a pioneer or an elder that one should reach out for such a title or status? Nothing but constructs of a man-made Organization. As Jesus said in Matthew 6:1-4, “when you go making gifts of mercy, do not blow a trumpet ahead of you, just as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may be glorified by men. Truly I say to you, They are having their reward in full”.


A slight rewrite of paragraph 17 makes for much better reading, “We hope that all our relatives will join us in serving Jehovah,” outside the corrupt Organization which claims to be his, but is false to his requirements for us. “However, despite all our efforts to help our relatives to wake up, they may not come into the” state of learning the truth about “the truth. If that is not the case, we should not blame ourselves for their decision. After all, we cannot force anyone to accept” their “beliefs” are wrong.  … “Pray for them. Tactfully speak to them....Be confident that Jehovah” and Jesus “will” appreciate “your efforts. And if your relatives choose to listen to you, they will be saved!”

Yes, saved out of a corrupt and dying man-made high-control religion to the real freedom. As Romans 8:21 says in part, they “will be set free from enslavement to corruption and have the glorious freedom of the children of God.”


[i] Comments such as That same group of Bible students associated with Charles Russell and the magazine Zion’s Watch Tower also helped sincere Christians to understand that Christ’s “presence” should be understood to be invisible, and that he would not return to earth to reign as a fleshly king. They continually drew the attention of the Master’s “domestics” to world events in connection with “the sign” of Christ’s presence and “the time of the end.”can be found littered throughout Watchtower Publications. *** w84 12/1 p. 17 par. 10 Keep Ready! ***

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  • Comment by Torso Boy on 2019-10-22 20:39:59

    Thank you Tadua for your hard work, your insights, and your skilful use of the scriptures.

    Unfortunately for me, I am still in the “anger and frustration” stage of my awakening. I have been PIMO for a couple of years now (since first becoming aware of the child abuse scandal through the ARC) and am married to a wonderful woman who is a born-in, 3rd generation, dyed-in-the-wool JW. Sadly, my attempts to open her eyes to the many lies and scandals the Org has been involved in have been met with a resounding, “You’ll never convince me this isn’t Jehovah’s earthly organisation!”
    Admittedly, my efforts at times have not been very tactful (anger and frustration will do that to you), and I deeply regret the way I have approached some of the topics I have tried to discuss with her.

    Because of this I now have a reputation at home and in the congregation of being a negative, fault-finding brother because I question the reasoning and motives behind certain rules and procedures. For example, What is the scriptural reason for a field service report? If we need them simply for a global tally of hours and literature placements, why must we put our names on them? Why can’t a brother with a beard be used as an attendant at the international convention? (The reason given for that was a doozy!) I also don’t wear a tie when in field service in summer which causes quite a stir. While I try to remain humble and peaceable, I know that my resentment comes across as arrogance at times.

    This WT article might have helped me do things differently if it was printed last year (ah, the benefits of hindsight), although it has shown me that I should continue to just keep my thoughts to myself unless asked specifically for them. I guess I am a work in progress and can relate to the ones who wish to leave but presently can’t due to family reasons. My wife has said that if I’m not happy I should just leave and let her and our children get on with “serving Jehovah”. She refuses to believe that serving Jehovah can be done outside of the Org. As you mention in your review, she has also asked if I want to start celebrating Christmas and birthdays and if I now believe in the trinity. The number of cliched responses I hear from her and others (and that I myself have used in the past) is staggering. Is there another manual similar to the Elders handbook that I am not aware of?

    Apologies for the rambling, my post has gone on longer than I intended. I don’t have anyone locally that I can share my thoughts and feelings with, and so I am on this site daily to read the articles and comments as a way of “gathering together with like minded ones”. I thank everyone involved with Beroeans for their contributions, and pray that Jehovah continues to bless the efforts of everyone worldwide who is striving to serve him and his son Jesus in truth.

    • Reply by if ever on 2019-10-22 21:40:45

      Hello Torso Boy,
      My situation is diffrent from yours, yet I am POMO (pomo since February 2019 PIMI since Oct 2017) and my wife is PIMO. We woke up together pretty much the same time.

      A scripture came to mind thinking about your situation.

    • 1 Corinthians 7:14 speaks about an unbelieving husband being sanctified in relation to the believing wife. Verse 15 is the clincher, if the unbeleiving one chooses to depart. The believing one should not depart. And Verse 16 a rehtorical question, For wife how to you know whether you will save your husband. Context is clear that Paul was directing the congreations not to depart from their current situation.

      Yes there is a phase of anger.

      • Reply by Torso Boy on 2019-10-22 22:17:53

        Hi if ever.

        Thanks for sharing the scripture from Corinthians. I probably wasn’t clear when I said my wife suggested I just leave. She meant leave the congregation, not the family home. I am constantly trying to focus on, and apply, 1Corinthians 13:4-8.

        How did you manage to leave - was it a fade or a sudden stop? And how did that work out for you? It must be good to be able to openly discuss your thoughts with your wife without fear of being judged or labelled.

        • Reply by if ever on 2019-10-22 23:32:38

          Hi Torso Boy,
          For me it was a slow burn. The overlapping generations teaching while making no sense, did not cause that moment where your inner self realises the truth is not an organisation, it is following the Christ.
          Involvement with the UN was not it for me either. For me, two things happened. A crisis in our family caused me and my wife to read and study the Bible for the first time really taking in the context and beautiful sections of scripture made sense in their proper setting.

          I remember a video that Eric Wilson put out where he said (I am paraphrasing) he loved studying the Bible and thinking about what it taught on doctrinal issues. So, a moment that internally in his mind when the realization came that they do not have the truth (or this is not the truth I have to search for the video) was when a talk at a convention brought out that if we have doctrinal doubts that differ from the official doctrine of the society, then we are testing Jehovah in our hearts.

          For me it was something else that broke through and woke me up.
          My point at which the slow burn resulted in a moment of explosion (like someone throwing a spray paint can that had been in the fire for a while and had suddenly released its pressure in a loud bang) was my love for astronomy. I used computer programs to plan and track an asteroid that was predicted by NASA to appear at a certain time, location, and used experts calculations as to where you are on the Earth and the view of what background stars the asteroid would be passing in front of.

          I tracked the fast moving asteroid in my telescope for 12 seconds. But they were spot on for all their calculations. In the October and November 2011 WT articles trying to refute a ancient Babylonian tablet, VAT4956 and its astronomical observations. I had used the same computer program the society said they used to calculate the 587 and 607 differences.

          I know how to use that program. I ran the program and used a babylonian tablet translation.

          They were wrong, they do not have the truth, (I remember thinking this is not the truth) For me is when I started to cry as the realisation that from childhood I had been lied to, there is no way they are correct.

          I do not know what to say about your situation. I will write more later when I have given the situation the thought and prayer it deserves.

        • Reply by if ever on 2019-10-22 23:52:02

          To add to my comment and respond to your question about fading or a sudden stop. It was a stop.

          My moment of realization came in October 2017. What followed was a growing realization and knowledge about JW history. I found it more and more difficult to listen at meetings, so after one of my evening walks, and knowing the May 2019 Study article was a whitewash that for me is pure injustice and hypocrisy regarding the WT policies of sexual abuse of children, I told my wife I cannot go to meetings anymore. It was too much.

          But I had this freedom as she has woken up also.

          The elders came over I told them about being stumbled by the childhood abuse policy and in my conscience I could not go back to meetings.

          It was the ARC also that also resulted in my choice to no longer attend.

          I live in Victoria, Australia. I hope that is close to where you are.

    • Reply by lost in space on 2019-10-22 22:33:03

      Hi Torso Boy,
      Wlecome to this forum. My husband (If Ever) and myself have been on this forum a couple years now and we hope you will continue to find it beneficial. Think we are in good hands with Eric, Tadua and genuine commenters here. Speaking from observation, we seem to be at all sorts of stages in finding just where to land in our Witness/exwitness/physical in-mentally out etc journey. There is such a range of emotions and thought isn't there!
      Have recently started reading "exjw reddit" forum where people are also using as a safe place to share their Jehovah's witness/ leaving JW concerns, thoughts and experiences. There can be some swearing by some but thought, if it is ok to suggest other forums, that you may find such a community useful as well.
      Look forward to your future postings.

  • Comment by lost in space on 2019-10-22 22:16:41

    Was waiting for your commentary for this article and thanks for posting. Very insightful and helpful as always Tadua.

    I hoped you would apply it to helping ones to "awaken" from manmade doctrines and falsehoods. A good plot-twist! And good reminders to proceed with love and caution.
    Bit on a tangent here, but I always cringe with their "happily ever after" accounts either from on stage or in an article, where a once unbelieving family member is "now an elder/pioneer/in Bethel etc" " happy" ending as the couple stories in this article also end with. Like yourself, have thought, but what are they like as a person/are they displaying the Christian personality etc? That and qualities should be emphasised when writing/talking about Christians ,not titles/rank.

    We had the circuit overseer this last week which again brings out those wanting the 30 hour status of being titled "a pioneer" for the month. It is such a Rutherford and current governing body invention which can really only allow for "they have their reward in full" in front of people.
    What is the quality/motivation and genuine desire to help fellow neighbour when it seems to be about "but you get to hear the circuit overseers talk for pioneers if you pioneer this month"... and your name read from the platform with a clap. "Let your right hand not know what your left is doing..." comes to mind.

    As has likely being observed by many on this forum, a pioneer preoccupation with time becomes the focus and then the creative/shifty ways of counting time which then leads to less joy, less sincerity and less Christ-like qualities unfortunately. Even had a pioneer recently in front of our unbaptised 15 yr old daughter, addressing her say- "so Jenn, did you know Gods name is Jehovah" as we were walking to the territory and added "can start my time now". And meant it!!

  • Comment by Alithia on 2019-10-23 06:09:48

    A very good illustration that I came by, I think it may have been from the book "Captives of a concept", describing the strategy we should use to awaken people who are still in the organisation. The illustration was that of awakening someone who was physically asleep. No one wants to be violently or forcefully shaken into an awakened state. Rather we all would prefer to be gently nudged and awoken slowly!

    If we were physically asleep we would resent thoroughly being roughly and forcefully brought into an awake state. However if in a calm voice and in a gentle manner we were nudged towards an awakened state we would better appreciate that and respond more readily and be open and enquire as to the reason why someone is trying to awaken us.

    I am not sure if this is the most appropriate approach in every situation, but I see good sense in this.
    I do realise however how one may feel with strong emotions bottled up and wanting to burst forth that it would take great control to try and moderate our approach.

    And yes just as a personal expression, I did feel like I was kicked by a mule when I became awake. My emotions were wildly out of control and I was deeply depressed! It was very helpful when after posting my experience someone emailed me personally thanked me and did express himself that awakening in this situation is similar to experiencing a loss such as that of someone in death! I thoroughly concur.

    That realising the betrayal and deception and hurt caused by those presumably so close and so trusted could be likened to the effects that child abuse has on young ones, devastating! But I survived and I think I've come out the other side much stronger and much better, refined as by fire.

    However I must say sites like this one, especially this one have been a great source of encouragement and a stabilising influence. And I think I will be forever grateful for landing here and being amongst like-minded ones.

    Love to all from Alithia.

    PS. Yes may I thoroughly concur with your three points about many an elder meeting where there was no prayer before an important meeting, certainly campaigning by the strongest brother or with an elite group and especially point number three with regard to favouritism when it came to appointments.

    My involvement with quite a number of different bodies of elders help me reach the conclusion that really this was just the machinations of men and certainly not guided by Holy Spirit.

  • Comment by tito2019 on 2019-10-23 11:07:16

    Hi all. I'm new on the site. I've found it very helpful! I've been a witness for 13 years and I'm beginning to awaken. I resigned from ministerial servant recently because couldn't keep up with field service hours. It's so disappointing that so many things I really thought were true, are not! I gave so many public talks teaching falsehood! I can't believe it. I feel depressed right now. However, I have more faith in the Bible and Jesus because salvation doesn't depend on being part of an organization. Also, how come I never thought before that the other sheep in John 10:16 doesn't mean an earthly class? How come I didn't know that jw.org teaches Jesus is NOT my mediator? As discussed by Tadua in this article, the hardest part is helping my wife who's been a witness all her life to awaken as well. She is already mad at me for coming to these sites and wants me to stop reading any "apostate" things even tough I've been reasoning with her through the Scriptures and showing her Watchtower articles. I guess her biggest fear is being away or loosing friends and family. Also, she wants to be part of the "Great Crowd" on earth because she doesn't want to be in heaven even tough that's what the Bible really teaches for those who put faith in Jesus. Any comments or suggestions are welcome! thanks!

    • Reply by Tadua on 2019-10-23 12:55:59

      Hi tito2019
      First of all welcome to the site.
      One of the teaching tactics we are taught as Witnesses is to ask a question and do not give them the answer, get them to prove their answer.
      There are tips under https://beroeans.net/category/reasoning-with-jehovahs-witnesses/ which covers a variety of subjects and suggestions as to how to approach the subject with unawakened Witnesses.


      Also, she wants to be part of the “Great Crowd” on earth because she doesn’t want to be in heaven even tough that’s what the Bible really teaches for those who put faith in Jesus.

      The following articles will probably be of great interest and help to both you and your wife
      That could well put her mind at rest regarding her desire to be part of the Great Crowd on earth.

      We look forward to hearing further comments from you.

      We are sure you will find the comments below of help as well.

      Be assured we will do our best to assist wherever we can.

      • Reply by tito2019 on 2019-10-23 13:15:05

        Thank you very much Tadua for taking the time to reply and providing additional information. I will make sure to read these.

  • Comment by Frankie on 2019-10-23 19:09:40

    Thank you Tadua for very helpful review. I think that especially your comments
    on Paragraph 6, are very timely for many of us.

    I always keep in mind that me and my beloved ones are in Jesus' hands. He knows them and me better than I. He has individual plan for everyone, because we are individualities with different state of mind and in different circumstances.

    The Org uses sophisticated indoctrination methods for programming their members. This indoctrination is very resistant to breaking, where coercion is unsuccessful. The only weapon, based on my experiences, is love supported by patience. Love - this is our mission. Love is above all, even above faith and hope (1 Cor 13:13).

    Our relatives can be saved by God's effort, not by ours. There is nothing in our hands (John 15:5). Jesus can implant a virus that disrupts the malignant program in the human mind. And then He uses me, uses another one or special circumstances for awakening my beloved one (John 12:32). And if I am sometimes upset and feeling alone, then I remember that my Lord Jesus always walks beside me, He leads me (also to this site) and I am never alone.

    So the Tadua's " ... continue to treat our loved ones still as our loved ones ..." will work. And this loving treatment of our dear ones often means more than thousand words.

    Love to all. Frankie

  • Comment by safeguardyourheart on 2019-10-24 16:25:27

    Woke up March 2018. What lead to that? The "MONICKER" used by an individual on another popular PLATFORM that carries one of the names of Raymond Franz books. Still ACTIVELY involved in the ORGANIZATION then, I was mad at that individual citing and quoting those books on numerous occasion to make his point during our discussions. So I took the challenge upon myself to REFUTE CoC. I didn't know I was fighting a battle that has already been WON and LOST. Not only did I complete the reading less than 2-3 days. I was in haste to lay my hands on ISoCF. That book brought me to a NO WHERE TO HIDE moment in my quest to REFUTE RAY'S work.

    As long as they TAGGED bro RAY an apostate I believe they are still enjoying the WORKS of an apostate anytime I set my EYES on the INSIGHT book. After all its a book written by "APOSTATES"

    I had to throw in the Towel and intensify my research on all areas I had doubt and up till today I keep seeing VALID POINT that shows I got to be CAREFUL with what the ORGANIZATION COOK as SPIRITUAL FOOD. An example is "DELAYED EXPECTATIONS"......

    "At that time, many anointed Christians expected to receive their heavenly reward in 1914. When that did not happen, how did faithful ones deal with their delayed expectations?"

    One will readily ASK, Who delay the EXPECTATIONS? Where WAS it written that they will GET their HEAVENLY REWARD in 1914? I have asked these questions. It has been side stepped to those given.

    I got a recent visit anyway from the elders concerning the drop in my field service activities and do I see it as a SERIOUS CONCERN? I responded by saying NO? They said I should CLARIFY what I mean by that. I went further by stating all what was filled in week in week out in that slip HAS NO SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE.

    They went ahead to cite the 70 sent out by Jesus Christ and that they returned with REPORTS. I responded by saying once again were they to read that account times over, the REPORT given by the 70 were of SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE, non had to do with what is contained in that SLIP filled MONTHLY.

    They left by saying its my PERSONAL VIEWPOINT and since they were not ready to drag issues, I left it at that.

  • Comment by Gogetter on 2019-10-26 13:14:42

    Thanks Tadua,
    Spot on analysis as usual! I really respect the time an effort you put into all of your articles and know it’s a time consuming sacrifice of love you make for the rest of us.
    This topic is near and dear to me,as like many others I have been a PIMO since 2010 with very similar reasons and situations like most of the commenters here.
    I have a “still in” wife who I have been slowly working on with some limited success and many dear friends around the world from over 45 years in the organization.
    Needless to say I’m further along than some in my awakening and have already experienced the personal and spiritual trauma that many are currently in various stages of that come to this site for support.
    My advise is to hang in there remembering every storm eventually runs out of rain, the darkness and mental anguish will begin to clear (including yes...thoughts of suicide ) and as you try to rebuild your faith in Jehovah and his Son (working hard on that one) your purpose becomes clearer. You now no longer view yourself as a captive to the Organization,only staying in for fear of loss of family and friends but, the realization of being “in” is really the best opportunity to save them. Yes you may be out of the spiritual cell, but you are still in the prison and must obey the rules so make the best of it!
    To continue with the prison analogy, view yourself as a prison trustee, he has freedom to roam the prison,because he is a “model” prisoner the guards have some respect for him and generally leave him alone because he walks the line. The other prisoners may become curious because he is still in prison but
    He’s really not like the rest of us.....etc well you get the picture.
    If you decide to stay in until you can’t take it anymore or you are found out and are DF’d think how many you may start to wake up! Remember they are victims not enemies. We still love our family and friends, really the easiest thing to do is to just say I’m outta here and let them figure it out.

    There are many details that could be outlined about this, but the following has worked for me.

    With friends and family members follow in reverse this WT article when it comes to those we want to wake up.

    1-never refute any JW doctrines- that sends major red flags, and your listener will engage in cognitive dissonance and you’re now an Apostate to be reported!
    * TIP tactfully look for ways to inform individuals about the current child abuse issues, especially the ARC and Jackson testimony. This is the biggest eye opener you can use and will eventually lead others searching for “how could this be” answers and They may land here where they can safely examine the doctrinal delusions they have been under.
    2 prepare safe but thought provoking answers for the WT study. Hopefully the contributors here that review the study have it up before your meeting, this will help you immensely form these type comments that won’t end you in the back room.
    3 do not drastically change your appearance ( yes brothers unfortunately a beard is a major red flag)
    4 continue in meetings as much as possible
    there is still good information from the Bible and that is easy to know which is good and not WT Eisegesis now that you are awake.

    5 go out in field service (no service is a red flag)
    This is the best opportunity to discuss the Child Abuse Scandal with your partner if you see an opening, plus preaching the good news of the Kingdom
    Is what a follower of Christ would be doing no matter what religion he attends.

    I know some will scoff at this and that’s OK but, it is just the way I have chosen
    to spend the remaining time I have while still in the prison. It has worked for me and I have had some success with some who are now our fellow PIMO’s.

    Thank you for indulging me!

    • Reply by Leonardo Josephus on 2019-10-28 05:35:44

      Hi Gogetter, when I first visited this site, there were a lot of angry readers all encouraging everyone to get out as soon as possible. They seemed a little unsympathetic to the difficulty of doing so. Like you, I have been PIMO since about 2015/6, and have friends who have left and some who are still in, also after 45 years. There are also some family members still rather too well in, although like you my wife has woken up, indeed she may have started to wake up before me. Hanging in has involved far more examination of the Bible than I ever did before, but it has been my way to keep my sanity. It may not be everyone's. When you are "held captive", you have to agree with the party line. I feel quite free now to answer questions that get raised by witnesses, in my own way. I am careful, but not worried about Big Brother. I feel I am here to help those who wake up, to give them some support, to stop them jumping off the cliff, either literally or metaphorically, and already I have been alerted to those asking questions in the congregation. Those that have Internet access move very quickly. In many ways I feel the truth has set me free (John 8:32), but not in the way that WT would have us believe it does. It reminds me of the 7000 of Elijah's day, and people like Nicodemus, and others, who were captive but stood for what they could do. Clearly Jehovah recognised them. I hope he and his son recognise me.
      It is good to know others are going through much the same after so long.
      Keep up the good work Tadua.

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