We had a visiting speaker from an overseas branch office give our public talk this past weekend.  He made a point I’d never heard before regarding Jesus’ words, “Who really is the faithful and discreet slave…”  He asked the audience to consider whom Jesus was addressing.  His Jewish disciples would have understood that Jehovah’s slave or steward on earth would be the nation of Israel, and at that point in time, it was.  Of course, out of this slave would come another slave; one that would prove faithful in the end.
This got me to thinking.  If Israel—all of Israel—was God’s slave or steward, then the new steward, spiritual Israel, would be a corresponding anti-type. The Aaronic priesthood led the priestly tribe of Levi who themselves took the spiritual lead of the nation, but all of Israel was the slave.  Likewise, could not the entire modern-day Christian congregation correspond to Israel, all 7.5 million of us, rather than just the tiny group of ten thousand anointed ones?
Just wondering.

Meleti Vivlon

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