Granted, this is a very minor point, but in the interests of accuracy, in next week’s Watchtower (w12 8/15) the following statement is made on page 14, par. 10: “Web sites that promote pornography pose an obvious threat to the spiritual health of Kingdom citizens.  For decades, the faithful slave class has warned us about such sites.”
Perhaps they meant to write ‘for years’, not decades.  After all, the functioning internet is less than 20 years old.  Web sites only started to appear by the mid-1990s.  The first warnings about internet-related pornography that I could find was from 1996. (w96 8/1 p. 13 par. 13; g96 7/22 p. 6)
While there are proof readers for the magazines, it seems that there are few, if any, technical proof readers.  If you have an old “Aid to Bible Understanding” book, look up the topic on “Miracles”.  In trying to explain who miracles may just be the application of scientific knowledge that is beyond our ken, it uses an illustration of what happens to some materials when supercooled.  Lead is used as an example of this.  The “Aid” book explains that while lead as normal temperatures is an “excellent insulator”, it becomes a superconductor when chilled to near absolute zero.  The latter half of that statement is accurate. It does become a superconductor when supercooled. However, it is far from an excellent insulator.  At best, it can be described as a poor conductor of electricity as anyone who has ever tried to cold-start an engine using jumper cables attached to the lead terminals of a car battery can attest.


I just learned that the Spanish edition of the Watchtower says ‘years’ and that the ePub English edition from also says ‘years’, so looks like they caught it but alas, not before the English version went to press.  Odd that the Spanish translators caught this but not in time to fix the printed English version.
Maybe they should run all WT and Awake articles by a target group of say 100 people before printing them.  I’m sure there would be no shortage of volunteers.  Wouldn’t that be something?

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