This week’s Watchtower study from the November 15, 2012 issue is “Forgive One Another Freely”.  The final sentence in paragraph 16 reads:  “Hence, what [the judicial committee] decide in such matters after seeking Jehovah’s help in prayer will reflect his point of view.”
This is a disquieting assertion to make in a publication.
Elders always pray for Jehovah’s guidance when serving in a judicial committee.  Jehovah’s point of view is infallible and unerring.  We are now being told that the committee’s decision will reflect that point of view.  This is implying that the judicial committee’s decision cannot be questioned because it reflects Jehovah’s viewpoint.  Why then do we have an appeal committee provision?  What value to appeal a decision that reflects the point of view of God.
Of course, there is ample evidence that elders sometimes disfellowship when they should merely reprove.  There are also times when someone is excused who should have been thrown out of the Christian Congregation.  In such instances, they did not decide in accordance with Jehovah’s point of view, despite their prayers.  So why are we making such an obviously fallacious statement?
The implication is that if we suggest that the decision of a judicial committee is wrong, we are not questioning men, but God.

Meleti Vivlon

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