Here’s an interesting quote from the book Unbroken Will, page 63:

The judge, Dr. Langer, noted this statement [made by brothers Engleitner and Franzmeier] and asked the two Witnesses to answer the following question: “Is the president of the Watchtower Society, Rutherford, inspired by God?”Franzmeier said yes, he was.  The judge then turned to Engleitner and asked for his opinion.
“By no means!” replied Engleitner without a second’s hesitation.
“Why not?” the judge wanted to know.
The explanation Engleitner then gave proved his thorough knowledge of the Bible and ability to draw logical conclusions.  He said: “According to the Holy Scriptures, the inspired writings end with the book of Revelation.  For that reason, Rutherford cannot be inspired by God.  But God most certainly gave him a measure of his holy spirit to help him understand and interpret his Word by means of thorough study!”  The judge was obviously impressed by such a thoughtful answer from this uneducated man.  He realized that he was not just repeating something mechanically that he had heard, but had a firm personal conviction based on the Bible.

A wonderfully insightful piece of wisdom, isn’t it?  Yet Rutherford claimed to be the faithful and discreet slave, and by virtue of that, claimed to be God’s appointed channel of communication.  How can God be speaking through a man or group of men, if the words, thoughts and teachings he relays through them are not considered as inspired.  Conversely, if their words, thoughts and teachings are not inspired, then how can they claim God is communicating through them.
If we argue that it is the Bible which is inspired, and when we teach the Bible to another, we become the means by which God communicates with that person or group of people.  Fair enough, but wouldn’t that make all of us God’s appointed channel of communication and not just a select few?

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