Do I have God's Holy Spirit Guiding Me, or Am I Just Fooling Myself? How Can I Be Sure?

– posted by meleti

Jesus said that “the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth, for the Father is seeking such as these to worship Him.” (John 4:23 BSB) Are you one of the people that God is seeking to worship Him? Maybe you’re thinking, “I sure want to be. I love truth, and I love God. But how can I know if I’ve really found the truth?”

I get calls and emails from Jehovah’s Witnesses principally, though not exclusively, who’ve come to realize that the Organization they’ve always called “the truth” is, in fact, a total lie.

So, while still desiring to worship in spirit and in truth, they don’t know how to do that. They realize, as I did 14 years ago, that there is no religion out there that has the truth, even though every Christian denomination from the largest to the smallest claims to have the holy spirit. But that can’t be, can it? Remember, it’s worship “in spirit and in truth.” You can’t have one without the other. So, if they all claim to be guided by God’s holy spirit while at the same time teaching things contrary to one another, well…you get the picture.

Jesus told his disciples—not a church, mind you, his disciples—that:

“I still have much to tell you, but you cannot yet bear to hear it. However, when the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth…He will glorify Me by taking from what is Mine and disclosing it to you. Everything that belongs to the Father is Mine. That is why I said that the Spirit will take from what is Mine and disclose it to you.” (John 16:12-15 BSB)

As this Scripture shows, the holy spirit does not get poured out on organizations, institutions, or corporate churches. To the contrary, it is poured out on individuals, and it is to individuals that God’s truth is revealed. It has always been this way! The prophets of old were individuals, and without exception, they were persecuted by organizations in the form of the established religions and nations of their day.

Now, we’re not suggesting that true worshippers, the children of God, can’t get together. That’s how it was in the first century. But if all the Christians in the world today were true worshippers, then there would be no divisions among them, right?

It is as the apostle Paul wrote: “Now I plead with you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.” (1 Corinthians 1:10 NKJV)

I mean, it doesn’t take the brain of a genius to see that something is very wrong in Christendom today. In fact, the lies, deception and hypocrisy that typify the leadership of Christian religions have destroyed the faith and salvation hope of countless millions. Imagine the bloodguilt these religious leaders carry.

But for some of us, our leaving organized religion has not resulted in a loss of faith in God and his Son. We’ve embraced the anointing God has offered to all putting faith in the name of his Son, our savior, and so we can rightly call God our Father as Paul explains to the holy ones in Rome.

“So you have not received a spirit that makes you fearful slaves. Instead, you received God’s Spirit when he adopted you as his own children. Now we call him, “Abba, Father.”” (Romans 8:15 NLT)

But because we are now self-aware, because we now strive to be critical thinkers, because we no longer put blind trust in men, we ask ourselves: “How can I know that I am truly being guided by holy spirit? How can I be sure I’m not deceiving myself?”

Every Christian religion uses the same book, doesn’t it? The truth is all there in the Bible and has been for centuries. So how is it possible that, while all Christian religions are using the same book, their teachings are so diverse and contradictory? The answer is that all these religions don’t have the holy spirit, even though they claim to have it.

So what, you might reason, they still have the Bible in plain English or whatever other language they speak. They can read, can’t they? Yes, but you see, they’re reading an encrypted book, and they don’t have the decryption key. God hasn’t given them the passcode, his holy spirit. So they read the Bible, but they misunderstand its message.

People have been using codes to hide secret messages in letters and documents since before the time of Christ, but eventually men have broken those codes. Not so with the Bible. You cannot fabricate the holy spirit and without it, you cannot truly understand God’s word. It’s meaning will be forever hidden from you. Jesus told us this:

“I praise You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because You have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Yes, Father, for this was well-pleasing in Your sight. All things have been entrusted to Me by My Father. No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal Him.” (Matthew 11:25, 26 BSB)

Jesus is not talking literally. He doesn’t mean that you have to be a very young child to understand the Bible, nor is he saying that wise, well-educated people are unable to understand God’s word. The context of chapter 11 of Matthew shows that Jesus is referring to the characteristic attributes of those who don’t understand the God’s message of Good News of his coming kingdom, which is essentially the message of the Bible.

The Pharisees were the most learned of men in Jewish society. They were revered as the wisest of men. Today, each organization has its own version of such religious leaders, like the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses who back in 2012 declared themselves to be the “wise and faithful servant.”

But we’re not concerned with such men now. What we want to understand is how do we not fall into that same trap of imagining we have the holy spirit of God when in fact, we do not.

Each of these religious leaders in the world of Christendom believes they have the truth and are guided by holy spirit. They say that they are the ones worshipping in spirit and truth. Do they know they are lying? I think not. I think it’s safer to say they are self-deluding. That fits with what Jesus foretold would happen when he returns:

“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you workers of lawlessness!’” (Matthew 7:21-23 BSB)

Jesus doesn’t deny their claims. He just says that he doesn’t know them. That will come as quite a shock to them, wouldn’t you agree? I sure don’t want to be one of them, do you? But how can we be sure we are not? After all, everybody claims to have the holy spirit, even though the majority do not. It’s not like there’s a tongue of fire floating above your head or some other visible sign. Or is there?

According to the apostle Paul, there is:

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” (Galatians 5:22, 23 BSB)

These are nine qualities that are manifest in the true disciple of Christ. Taken together, these show the presence of God’s holy spirit.

Jehovah’s Witnesses will point to any church whose members are willing to go to war and kill other members of their faith who happen to be on the other side of the border in some battle, brother killing brother. Aha! You see, they can’t have the truth because they don’t love their brother. But Jehovah’s Witnesses claim they’re better than those religions, because they do not engage in war and preach that they remain neutral in all worldly and political affairs. But when we look a little closer, we see that love is not actually what is motivating them. 

For instance, it has been revealed that the Organization violated his own rule on neutrality during its 10-year affiliation with the United Nations Organization. That fact is little known among the JW community. There have been many occasions where honest-hearted JWs have pointed out this hypocrisy to their friends and family members.  They were speaking truth to power. Did the local elders treat these truth tellers with love and appreciation? No, they were persecuted and disfellowshipped. Their family and friends obeyed the unloving and evil command of the Governing Body to hatefully shun them.

But we must focus on the question: How can shunning someone for speaking the truth be loving? Would God approve?

But whether we are speaking about the Christian who goes to war or the Christian who shuns his brother for speaking truth, they both are practicing wickedness in the belief they are serving God.

How is that possible? Because they do not have the holy spirit. Now, I’m not saying that they don’t have the spirit, just that they don’t have the one we call holy. We all have a spirit that guides us, either the spirit of the world or the spirit of God.

The word in Greek for “spirit” is pneuma, meaning breath or wind.

In a physical sense, we live in a sea of air, the atmosphere, but in a spiritual sense the air surrounding us, the pneuma or breath is that of the world. To keep that air out, we need to be filled with the breath of God, the spirit of God. Take that out, and the spirit or breath of the world forces its way in.

The rulers of Israel, the chief priests, scribes and Pharisees believed they had God’s spirit, but in fact they were ruled by the spirit of the world which lies in the power of Satan. So, they did not perceive the truth. It was hidden from them, as Paul tells the Corinthians:

“Yet among the mature we do impart wisdom, although it is not a wisdom of this age or of the rulers of this age, who are doomed to pass away. But we impart a secret and hidden wisdom of God, which God decreed before the ages for our glory. None of the rulers of this age understood this, for if they had, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory. But, as it is written, “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him”—” (1 Corinthians 2:6-9 ESV)

If we have God’s breath in us, his holy spirit, then we will understand the secret and hidden wisdom of God. But if we are empty of that spirit, then we will be filled with the spirit of the world, the spirit that guides this system of things, and we will be fooled into thinking we understand the Bible but we will only be deluding ourselves. We would never want to be like the rulers that Paul speaks of who are doomed to pass away.

Notice what Paul says about the marvellous hidden things that God has prepared for those who love him.

“But God has revealed it to us by the Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. For whom among men knows the thoughts of man except his own spirit within him? So too, no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God. We have not received the spirit of the world, but the Spirit…from God, that we may understand what God has freely given us. And this is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom, but in words taught by the Spirit, expressing spiritual truths in spiritual words.” (1 Corinthians 2:10-13 BSB)

All these things cannot be understood by the people sitting in high places in the world’s Christian religions. But they fool themselves into believing they can understand the deep things of God, that God’s spirit has revealed these things to them. They delude themselves because the spirit within them is not from God.

If you think yourself wise and learned, your pride will block God’s spirit. But if you are humble and thirsting for knowledge like little children, you open yourself up to God’s spirit and leave no room for the spirit of Satan’s world. What Paul next reveals to the Corinthians helps us to understand why it is so difficult for our former friends in the Organization to see and rejoice over the truths we’ve uncovered in God’s word.

“But a physical man does not receive the things of the spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot get to know [them], because they are examined spiritually. However, the spiritual man examines indeed all things, but he himself is not examined by any man. For “who has come to know the mind of Jehovah, that he may instruct him?” But we do have the mind of Christ.” (1 Corinthians 2:14-16 NWT 1984)

What Paul calls the “physical man” refers to the class of people that Jesus describes as “wise and learned” ones. The Greek word rendered in the NWT as “physical” is used, according to Strong’s Concordance, to mean “animal, natural, and sensuous”. Such a person is driven by ego. That ego does not allow them to understand the spiritual person. They will misjudge spiritual people, thinking they are foolish. Our former friends will assign all manner of reasons to explain away why we have left the Organization, what they think of as “the truth”. They call us proud, or vengeful, or resentful, or gullible, or something nasty like apostate. Anything to avoid the fact that the reason we left was because we were seeking to worship our heavenly Father in spirit and in truth, and like the first-century Jews, we had to abandon our former religion and face hateful persecution so that we’d have the freedom to worship the Father as he wants.

It is important to understand that there are only two classes of Christians. There are those led by the spirit of the world which produces wisdom that is “earthly, animal, demonic. For where jealousy and contentiousness are, there disorder and every vile thing are” (James 3:15b, 16 NWT).

For instance, such ones will read Jesus’ counsel about dealing with sinners in the congregation recorded at Matthew 18:15-17 and come up with the Satanic shunning policy that has brought reproach on Jehovah’s name and inflicted enormous psychological damage on people often to the point of suicide. They are the physical people that Paul speaks of who cannot examine the spiritual ones. They misjudge them. But the person led by God’s holy spirit examines all things. He or she knows why the physical people act as they do. Their fleshly and selfish motives are an open book to the spiritual person.

What we have learned in this analysis is that it is only by holy spirit that the deep things of God can be revealed to his children. Without it, those claiming to have it will arrive at wrong conclusions that will only cause harm to those who listen to and follow them.

In our next video, our final video in our series on shunning, we’ll see how the apostles were able to understand the meaning of Jesus’ words which have been hidden from the churches of Christendom. The holy spirit allowed them to see the true nature of what Jesus was proposing when he spoke of the process to keep the congregation clean from sin that is recorded in Matthew 18.

I look forward to delving into that topic in our next video. Until then, allow me, on behalf of the many helping us to provide these videos to  you, to express gratitude for your support.

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  • Comment by Tomas on 2024-06-19 03:33:45

    My dear Eric Wilson (Meleti Vivion),
    Re: Donations / Financial reports.
    We notice that on all your videos and webpage you solicitate the public for monetary contributions.
    A perfectly legal request if followed according to the rules of the country in which you or your company operates. It is also perfectly legal for such an entity to publish annually, their financial statements showing the funds received and how they are used.
    Normally, such reports are published on the website of the recipient of the contributions, like for example, the Watchtower et al does (at least that is the case in the UK). But we see no such reports of your organisation on your website.
    We are now asking that you send us copies of your financial statements for the last three years. We would also recommend that you make the same reports available to all members of the public by publishing them on your website.
    Thanking you in advance,

    Tomas Bently

    • Reply by Leonardo Josephus on 2024-06-19 04:46:17

      It would be much more interesting if you could get the Watchtower annual accounts, which definitely should be available somewhere. You have clearly searched and found the UK accounts. . However, you must be aware that the information provided by small entities in the UK tells very little, if anything. May I wonder, with all due respect, if Eric would not like the wording of your request to him. It sounded very officious, using "We, and us", as if you are some legal body with a right to that information. You may not have intended it that way, but that is how it reads to me.

      • Reply by Tomas on 2024-06-19 05:03:21

        OK - thanks for your advice. If you are able to give me his email address I will amend the wording in my email to him. Also, I will give you a copy. You have my email address. I will also research the WT for a copy of their accounts and send across to you.

        • Reply by Leonardo Josephus on 2024-06-19 17:45:35

          I feel if you ask eric for his e mail address, you will find out if he is happy to give it to you. If he will not, then I do not think I should, but, if Eric reads this, he can let me know if I can pass it on.

  • Comment by Northernexposure on 2024-06-15 06:32:02

    Dear Meleti.... this is an intriguing subject, and It's a question we all need to consider. I've been involved with, and am familiar with several religions thru the years, and they all think they have "The Truth". All however have only a relative truth...or a ratio of truth/ error. Truth is found in the Gods Word, but there are many ways to interpret certain things. Try explaining this to a JW or for that part any "corporately blinded" religious zealot, and you're met with push back, and stupor. We should not rely too heavily on what we (think) we know, but we should put our faith in Christ....not organization, and let the door of understanding open. I'm So Glad you brought this up! Dittos!! ..... ..... .....

    • Reply by Northernexposure on 2024-06-17 01:27:16

      Dear Meleti...After further thought, I must question your application of holy spirit. If I understood you correctly, you said that any who err in Bible interpretation, or understanding, do not have the "holy spirit", because that spirit is the key to understanding the Bible correctly. With that in mind...My question is then...who really does have the holy spirit? Every one errs in certain ways.
      In my own mind, I have the best interpretation of scripture than anyone, but who's to say? I'm not so arrogant to believe that I have all the right answers? I always let the door of critique, and understanding open. I agree with the great majority of your teachings, tho not all, as I believe some are likely in error, but I also agree with many teaching s of various religions that are considered trinitarian, even tho the said doctrine may be flawed. Spirit is given to all those who acknowledge belief in God, and accept Christ as savior. It is up to us what we do with that spirit. Example: Tho I believe they are misdirected, I personally know Catholics that I'd consider more "spiritual" than myself, as well as certain of my JW , Baptist Catholic, Protestant, Amish, Mormon friends... ... etc... Question: What spirit is it that drives them? I cannot judge. What I do know is No one has 100% pure understanding of Bible truths, but all with holy spirit are on that elusive path of finding it. :)

      • Reply by Tomas on 2024-06-17 04:44:51


      • Reply by Tomas on 2024-06-18 08:25:26

        Following the logic of this post then we can all safely agree that Eric Wilson (Meleti Vivion), does not have the Holy Spirit because many things he preaches are wrong.

        But that statement is also wrong.

        What did our dear Lord Jesus say: "A new commandment I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you also must love one another. 35By this everyone will know that you are My disciples, if you love one another.”

        I rest my case....

        God Bless to all who seek the truth . . .

        • Reply by Northernexposure on 2024-06-18 22:10:42

          Yes Tomas, Agreed....I think they call that "pretzel logic?" (:

  • Comment by Tomas on 2024-06-15 15:44:17

    Having viewed a couple of Eric Wilson (Meleti Vivion) video’s I now understand where he is coming from. He was a JW for over 40 years and a few years back he got thrown out of the He has developed a deep-seated sense of revenge and as you can see from listening carefully to this video, he totally misapplies scripture to suit his goal of discrediting all Jehovah’s witnesses. One scripture alone shows how wrong he is – Luke 6:27

    • Reply by Northernexposure on 2024-06-16 09:52:28

      Wow Tomas, I'm Impressed. You watched a only couple of vids, and you've already figured this all out. I'm sure everyone is indebted to you for your superfine appraisal. I'm curious exactly how Luke 6.27 factors in here? Which [other] scripts are misapplied? Apparently you've not bothered to research the JW history, nor reconcile many of the JWs mis application of script from the Bible...that is unless you are a full fledged indoctrinated clone, unwilling to consider truth, or reality?
      Meleti is merely very good at exposing , and correcting much of the Gov Body's grievous error using their own words, and actions in a very calm, and logical manner. I've viewed dozens of his vids, and never did I detect a hint of vengance? Maybe you have him mistaken with somebody else? Quite honestly the Governing Body talking heads do a more than adequate job of discrediting themselves.
      I also have a 40+ year affiliation with the JW sect tho never a member. I am a Bible student that has and has experienced over 4 decades of watching this corrupt organisation indoctrinate minds, ruin lives, shun, and wreak scriptural havoc upon friends, and family. Eric's site is a safe-house to these honest hearted souls who've been wronged by this evil organisation. Tomas, tis my hope that you'll eventually see the light, and go on to support, and contribute to this site..... Keep up the Good Work Eric!

      • Reply by Tomas on 2024-06-16 13:51:08

        Good evening Sir, my name is Tomas, and I'm located near Cambridge, England. Do you have a name?

        • Reply by Northernexposure on 2024-06-17 00:12:06

          Ah ... My English Friend Tomas... with all due respect Sir, Yes i have a name, but to you, and all others concerned, I shall remain an enigma. My name is Northernexposure. I am located a mere stones throw south of the 45th parallel ... from parts unknown. I will address some of your concerns later on as... or if time allows, so Please be patient... ... ...

          • Reply by Tomas on 2024-06-17 04:43:12

            My dear enigma, please do not misunderstand me. I will not allow myself to be drawn into an endless debate on pointless questions designed by people who's only objective is selfish "self promotion".

            Talk to me about the love of the Christ and the wonderful brotherhood of believers on earth today and you have my undivided attentiion - 1 John 2:27

            • Reply by Northernexposure on 2024-06-17 11:01:41

              Dear Tomas.

              Dear Tomas,
              I Agree not to continue a pointless debate. Thank you for the Bible scripts. I sense that you are a serious student of the Bible, and I commend you for that.
              Because of my time with Meleti, and the Beroean site, I'm certain that neither self promotion, nor financial gain is the driving force here.
              Many affiliated with the JW religion choose to remain anonymous for various reasons. My wife is a JW member who has drifted away, however, one can never leave that organisation without consequences. My entire family, and many friends are members, including several "elders", and "overseers" and at times they put pressure on my wife to return. I've confronted them many times over this, so they back off for a time, yet they pose an ongoing threat...a sort of cold war. The Governing Body reigns supreme, causing family members to turn on each other...or should I say turn in each other. It's a sort of self policing state. They view any one with a differing view, or anyone who leaves as an apostate. She's had her share of problems already, and is seriously depressed over it. The Beroean Pickets has provides a sort of half way house of like minded former members that she, and I can identify with. I owe the Beroean Pickets a debt of gratitude, and that is why I support them, and quicken to their defense.
              I'll reply to some of your comments below later as time allows. Meanwhile, to better understand the JW religion, and mindset, look up the characteristics of a "cult."
              Good Day!

              • Reply by Tomas on 2024-06-17 13:27:34

                "Cult" or no cult, that matters nothing to me.

                I am but a repending sinner working my way along the 'narrow pathway' to God's Kingdom. If you feel the desire to contact me, my email address is

              • Reply by Leonardo Josephus on 2024-06-19 04:51:32

                Well stated Northern Exposure. Very similar to my position. Not the same, but very similar. Say hello to your wife from me. Like you, I owe much to this site, which continues to help me maintain my sanity, or at least the sanity I have.

                • Reply by Northernexposure on 2024-06-19 07:36:33

                  Thanks Leonardo J. Your posts here are always insightful, and I'd like to hear more of your story if you wish to share it..

                  • Reply by Leonardo Josephus on 2024-06-19 17:51:31

                    Hope we can exchange stories one day. To be borne in mind.

                    • Reply by Northernexposure on 2024-06-19 21:34:34

                      I Will hold you to friend!

        • Reply by Tomas on 2024-06-17 15:04:31

          This is really funny, I shared my name and location and got a minus 4.

          Now what does that tell you about the mind set of the people on this site.

      • Reply by Tomas on 2024-06-16 14:32:21

        I’m Impressed. You watched a only couple of vids, and you’ve already figured this all out.
        I’m sure everyone is indebted to you for your superfine appraisal – THAT IS JUST A SILLY REMARK AND REFLECTS YOUR OWN LACK OF SPIRITUAL INTELLECT.
        Which [other] scripts are misapplied? ON A SUPERFICIAL LEVEL, A GREAT MANY.
        Apparently you’ve not bothered to research the JW history, nor reconcile many of the JWs mis application of script from the Bible…that is unless you are a full fledged indoctrinated clone, unwilling to consider truth, or reality? – HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT RESEARCH I HAVE UNDERTAKEN? (ANOTHER SILLY AND POOR REMARK). NO, I AM NOT A MEMBER OF THE

        Meleti is merely very good at exposing , and correcting much of the Gov Body’s grievous error using their own words, I DO NOT THINK HE IS. HIS METHODS ARE FAR TOO PERSONAL FOR HIM TO BE OBJECTIVE.

        and actions in a very calm, and logical manner. CALM, YES. LOGICAL, CERTAINLY NOT.
        I’ve viewed dozens of his vids, and never did I detect a hint of vengance? REALLY? AND YOU STILL DON’T SEE THE TRUTH?
        Maybe you have him mistaken with somebody else? OH MY! ANOTHER EMPTY COMMENT.

        I also have a 40+ year affiliation with the JW sect tho never a member. I am a Bible studethat has and has experienced over 4 decades of watching this corrupt organisation indoctrinate minds, ruin lives, shun, and wreak scriptural havoc upon friends, and family. OH MY! HOW SAD I AM TO HEAR YOU SAY THAT. 40 YEARS OF POINTLESS WATCHING AND DEBATING EMPTY QUESTIONS. THAT IS DEEPLY SAD.

        Eric’s site is a safe-house to these honest hearted souls who’ve been wronged by this evil organisation.
        Tomas, tis my hope that you’ll eventually see the light, THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND WORDS. I HAVE BEEN BLESSED.


  • Comment by Leonardo Josephus on 2024-06-17 09:30:31

    Truth. Is there anything more valuable that we can search for ? Eric does no more than help us search for truth. We may not agree with everything he writes, but he makes us think. If we do not agree, here is the forum to say so, if we can direct others closer to the truth. Tomas, if you look back, you will find that Eric does not seek revenge for being thrown out, as you put it. As far as I can tell, he was exposing truth on this site before that happened. It is just that those higher up wanted to deal with him as an apostate. That allows them to claim this site to be an apostate site. But, as always, they do not answer the question, What question ? What is it the apostates are teaching ? Are they right, or are they simply disagreeing with what the Watchtower has taught ?
    Just as the Watchtower simple wants to be aware of apostates, They never tell you what it is that they teach on those sites, and they run away from those who question them.
    However, it would not surprise me if some wanted revenge, For the JW organisation has messed up their lives. I believed those lies, that they were God's channel, and that God was using them. We believed they wanted the truth. How much damage does 30, 40 or 50 years under that belief do, at least when we find out ?
    There are still many who believe the hype. I have nothing against them personally. Those who promote lies, however, that is another story.
    Is Eric right on everything ? Of course not. But he is fighting for the truth. If you understood the ties that being a JW bind you with, you would understand . And indeed similar things do go on in other Religious organisations, but that is not the purpose of this site.
    Jesus told Pilate that everyone on the side of truth listens to my voice.
    Judge for yourselves whether what Eric says is true, or which bits are true You have the Bible. If truth is important to you, then keep seeking the truth, but reject the lies.
    From less than 200 miles south of you, Tomas. welcome. And, NE, your responses were appreciated. Glad you have such a keen interest.

    • Reply by Northernexposure on 2024-06-17 11:13:20

      So Very Well stated L J !

    • Reply by Tomas on 2024-06-17 13:21:55

      Dear Leonardo, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      I am not a JW nor do I support the teachings of the Their shortcomings are obvious for all to see. However, the brothers of Christ are to be found in many different churches. And this can mislead people who are blindsided by bitterness.

      "From less than 200 miles south of you" - let me guess, Brighton?

      btw - have you ever seen a report about the finances of this site?

      Can you help me understand the meaning of John 3:8?

      Love - Tomas.

      • Reply by Leonardo Josephus on 2024-06-18 09:46:19

        Hi Tomas
        First things first. You are not far off my location, but it might be unwise to reveal it as you never know who might be watching.
        John 3:8. Outside my remit to comment too much on this verse, but I think I agree with those whose comments suggest that holy spirit is seen by the works done. Its a bit of "God moving in mysterious ways", but I do not like that very much. I feel that God moves whom he wants, when he wants and how he wants.. If we allow the spirit of God's word to move us, then we are some way to being born of holy sprit.
        There may be a better explanation. Why did you ask and what do you think ?

        • Reply by Tomas on 2024-06-18 14:06:56

          Leonardo - thank you.

          The "fruitage of the Spirit" we all understand. But John 3:8 is I think talking about something different. Remember is was the Holy Spirit that created everything via our dear Lord Jesus.

          " 8The wind blows where it wishes. You hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” - BSB.

          Sometimes I feel a force deep within me, almost forcing me to go somewhere and do something.

          When I am out walking I invariable find people to help. It would be immodest of me to relate things in detail (even now i feel I'm acting out of place telling you this).

          I'm also very conscious of the presence of angels. I believe on 2 or 3 occasions I have spoken to angels. They always appear as older men, they are simply there asking me a question. No great question, but I get the feeling I'm being tested.

          On one occasion, I believe I ended up giving an angel a little bit of money so he could buy some bread.

          I know, I know, it's crazy, a bit like the wind blowing you somewhere . . .

          God bless and thank you for listening - Ps 139: 17

          • Reply by Northernexposure on 2024-06-18 22:27:21

            This is very interesting. and Not crazy at all...I believe God puts things in our way for a reason. We all have our stories. There are certainly otherworldly spiritual forces at work in our lives. We only need to determine their source, and motive ... using Bible knowledge.
            PS Tomas...I did shoot you an email ...hope it came thru... Thanks..

            • Reply by Tomas on 2024-06-19 07:54:36

              WOW! Yes, got your email. Many thanks. I will read and see where it takes me.

              I also got an email from somebody called "Truth Seeker" - who clams to live in Paradise. I wrote back asking him where Paradise is. He said to ask "WW" - more mystery. Who or what is WW?

              • Reply by Northernexposure on 2024-06-19 21:26:35

                It may be a mystery....I'm not sure who / what is WW??

            • Reply by Tomas on 2024-06-20 12:43:48

              A funny thing happened to me today. I always try to walk as much as possible and we have some lovely Parks in Cambrige but at lunch time they are busy.

              Hence I take a late lunch to find a quiet spot to sit and think . . .

              As I was walking, I notice a bench that is usually full of people but today, it was void and looked so inviting.

              I sat down facing the sun and after a moment of reflection, notice there was a message sitting on the bench . . .

              A beautiful little stone, hand painted with a single word that said: "Hello" . . .

              Then the wind blew hard in my face and I almost dropped to my knees to pray.

              • Reply by Northernexposure on 2024-06-20 15:34:53

                That is Interesting Tomas... and surely something to reflect upon...You live in a wonderfully historic city, and country. (:

                • Reply by Tomas on 2024-06-20 17:01:54

                  Yes, Cambridge is special. In the middle of the City we have a "round church" - you can google it.

                  A short walk from the church we have a book shop called Heffers. One of the largest book shops in the world. My wife would not let me go into Heffers, 'cause, afterwards there would be no money left for lunch.

                • Reply by Tomas on 2024-06-21 07:07:03

                  I've an idea that keep wrilling around inside my thick Cranium; I should start a new group called: "stones" or perhaps "Beroean Stones" - Luke 19:40

                  Get people involved in painting little messages on stones and leaving them everywhere....

  • Comment by rudytokarz on 2024-06-18 16:50:50

    It seems to me, based on my reading of the Scriptures, that the Holy Spirit can affect different people in different ways depending on their personality and traits. Couldn't it use what we have and show itself through different works (fruitages) based on our background and what we are? As long as we are open to it (not to grieve it), examine all things through it (make sure it is the 'right' spirit) and then adjust our attitude (if needed) and act, then we are following the spirit not the flesh.
    Maybe for some of us engineer-types, it is more of a doctrinal/structural, 1+1=2 with seemingly only one answer way of seeing things but we certainly attempt to follow the spirit. For others it might be more of a emotional/mysterious, where-the-wind-blows type of feeling and those too lead to actions.
    Either way (or some other combination), we should be able to agree that we have not cornered the market on how it all works.

    • Reply by Tomas on 2024-06-18 17:01:57

      I love the expression: "where-the-wind-blows type of feelings" . . .

      Thank you.

    • Reply by Northernexposure on 2024-06-19 21:41:59

      Thank You for that....Very Well Said rudy...tokarz,,,Agreed, the spirit may affect each accordingly.
      How many cars do you really have? (:

  • Comment by Tomas on 2024-06-19 03:35:38

    I could not find an email for Eric Wilson (Meleti Vivion),

    If anybody can let me have his email address, I will send him an email asking for copies of the financial statements.

    Thank you.

  • Comment by James Mansoor on 2024-06-19 22:03:04

    G’day Tomas,

    I see that you have started asking a spiritual question about the Holy Spirit and you ended up asking for financial records from Eric.

    Is there any chance of you writing a spiritual article and posting it on this website? I am sure Eric will not mind as he has previously allowed others to write articles and others began to

    Just for your information, I don’t see anywhere in the Bible our Lord Jesus Christ asking for financial records from the high
    priest or the overseas of the temples, for that matter I don’t see any of the disciples or would be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ asking for financial records from the Lord Jesus Christ concerning his expenses.

    Looking forward hearing from you. Cheers mate.


    • Reply by Tomas on 2024-06-20 02:13:35

      James, thank you for your message.

      Did I start by asking a question about the Holy Spirit? I'm always asking questions and I invariably get myself into deep water.

      Your suggestion about me writing an article for this website. Oh my! You really do want me to get into trouble. But seriously, before evening considering such a task, I have a few questions that need an answer. Let me begin, by asking you a question; have you written an article that was published here?

      Regarding finance, I will email Eric Wilson seperately. I now have his email address. I would very happy to copy you into the email.

      Thank you,

      Tomas, a soulful but impassionate believer.

      • Reply by James Mansoor on 2024-06-20 07:35:54

        Good evening mate,
        I have never written an article and I always admire the ones who have, they have a way presenting thoughts across, a bit like Applos in the Bible.

        No need to copy me in the email.

        Looking forward to reading your article. I will be cheering for you.


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