Today we are introducing a new feature to our forum.
It is always best when topics can be debated so that all sides can have their say; so that opposing views can be aired and the reader can make his own decision based on all the available evidence.
Russell did this in his debate with Eaton on the doctrine of Hellfire.
We have written about and challenged many of the long-held beliefs of Jehovah’s people. However, we have heard little in defense of these beliefs.  While commenting does provide some give and take, a more structured format will be of greater benefit to the readership.  With this in mind, we are encouraging anyone who so desires to take up a position on the opposite side of an argument so that we can present a more balanced and comprehensive consideration of these important and delicate topics.
These discussions will be posted in the permanent pages of this forum. The first has already been published.  Notice the “Discussions” top;ic at the top of this page.  Click it and a subtopic appears: “1914”, and to the right, the first of the discussions under that topic, “Apollos and J. Watson”.  Click that to see the first discussion on 1914.
Unfortunately, that topic has not been as fully developed as we would like, so there is still much room for others to take up the position in defense of our official teaching.  If you would like to defend our official position on 1914, please email me your submission at in an MS Word or plain text format.  The purpose of the initial  submission will be to present the opposing view, not respond to the assertions made in Apollos’ initial submission.  That will be done in round two, when both sides respond to each other’s initial submission.  Depending on the level of discussion, we can then move to one more response before concluding with a rebuttal, or we can go right to the rebuttal as the third step.
For this topic, here are the points that need to be addressed in any submission defending our official position from Scripture and history:

1: Nebuchadnezzar’s dream from Daniel chapter 4 has a fulfilment beyond his day.
2: The seven times of the dream are meant to represent 360 years each.
3: This prophecy applies to the enthronement of Jesus Christ.
4: This prophecy was given to establish the chronological extent of the appointed times of the nations.
5: The appointed times of the nations began when Jerusalem was destroyed and all the Jews were taken into exile in Babylon.
6: The 70 years of servitude refers to 70 years in which all the Jews would be exile in Babylon.
7: 607 B.C.E. is the year in which the appointed times of the nations began.
8: 1914 marks the end of the trampling of Jerusalem and therefore the end of the appointed times of the nations.
9: Satan and his demons were cast down in 1914.
10: The presence of Jesus Christ is invisible and is separate from his coming at Armageddon.
11: The injunction against Jesus’ followers getting knowledge of his installation as king found at Acts 1:6, 7 was lifted for Christians in our day.

These discussions will follow our forum’s rules on commenting etiquette, so we will endeavor to be respectful, but truthful and above all, our arguments must be based in Scripture and/or historical facts.
The gauntlet has been thrown down; the invitation is open.

Meleti Vivlon

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