If you would like to see a practical example of an “informal false analogy fallacy”, please refer to this week’s Watchtower study.

(w13 8/15 p. 13 par. 15) “When the Israelites questioned Aaron’s appointment and position, Jehovah viewed that action as murmuring against Him. (Num. 17:10) Similarly, if we were to start grumbling and murmuring about those whom Jehovah is using to direct the early part of this organization, we could by inference be complaining about Jehovah.”

We are using the historical account involving Aaron’s appointment by Jehovah as an analogy to show that murmuring against the appointed elders, traveling overseers, branch committee members and even the Governing Body would be murmuring against Jehovah.
Why would this be a false analogy?  Because the comparison between Aaron’s appointment and that of any elder all the way up to the Governing Body has no true correlation.  Aaron was appointed by Jehovah. The Israelites could have no doubt about that because they had supernatural manifestations showing Jehovah’s presence.  What proof do we have that the elders are appointed by Jehovah—or for that matter, that the Governing Body is?
The argument in paragraph 15 depends on our acceptance of that premise as fact.  But if a Catholic were to say that he cannot murmur against the Pope because God has appointed him just like he did Aaron,  and so to do so would be to murmur against God, how would we explain to him that he is using a false analogy, that even though Aaron was appointed by God, the Pope is not?  Would you say that the fact the Pope teaches things that are contrary to the Bible proves he has not been appointed by God?  If so, does not the same apply to us?  We teach some things that are not Scriptural?  Really, what is the basis that can be used to prove that Jehovah is using these men to direct his organization?  Where is the proof that Jehovah even has an organization?
This is a serious question and I would welcome input.  What proof is there that the Governing Body is God’s appointed channel of communication?  You see, if we cannot prove that Jehovah has appointed them, then the whole argument falls flat on its face.
If you disagree with me, please comment.  I really would love to have someone offer Scriptural proof that Jehovah is using the Governing Body as his channel of communication.

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