When we have doubts about some teaching in our publications, we have been encouraged to remember from whom we have learned all the wonderful truths from the Bible that have come to distinguish us.  For example, God’s name and purpose and the truth about death and the resurrection. We are encouraged to remember that we have been freed from Babylonish captivity by the revealing of the falsehood behind the teachings of the Trinity, the immortality of the human soul, and hellfire.  Since all this has come from our ‘mother’ Organization, from the faithful and discreet slave, we should be grateful and continue to respect and obey this divinely ordained channel of communication.
Okay.  Fair enough.
We are now taught that the faithful and discreet slave didn’t exist before 1919. We are taught that it began with the appointment of Judge Rutherford (and other prominent men at headquarters).  We are taught that Russell wasn’t part of the faithful and discreet slave.  He was not therefore God’s appointed channel of communication.
Okay.  Fair enough.
But wait! It wasn’t Rutherford who revealed the truth about God’s name and purpose.  It wasn’t Rutherford who taught us that there is no Trinity, no immortal soul, no Hellfire.  It wasn’t Rutherford who taught us the truth about death and the resurrection.  All this came from Russell.  So it wasn’t the faithful and discreet slave, God’s appointed channel of communication, that came to teach us all the wonderful truths that have freed us from Babylonish captivity.  It was Russell.  In fact, the ‘faithful and discreet slave’ has taught us that we don’t have the hope of the heavenly resurrection; something we’ve now learned is a falsehood[i] ranking up there with hellfire and the immortality of the soul, because all three rob us of the reality of the hope Christ revealed to his disciples.
So they are asking us to be grateful to them for a legacy of truth they are not only not responsible for, but which they have actually corrupted with false teachings.

Meleti Vivlon

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