The purpose of this regular feature of our site is to provide forum members with the opportunity to share deeper insights into the Bible based on whatever is being featured as the meetings for the week, specifically the Bible Study, Theocratic Ministry School, and Service Meeting.  We will also release a weekly Saturday post on the current Watchtower study which will also be open for comments.
We deplore the lack of spiritual depth in our meetings, so let us use this as an opportunity to share valuable scriptural insights with one another.  Let it be encouraging and upbuilding, though we need not shy away from unmasking any false teaching that may show up in the week’s material.  Still, we will do so without being disparaging, letting the scriptures speak for themselves, for God’s word is a powerful weapon for “overturning strongly entrenched things”. (2 Cor. 10:4)
I will try to keep my comments brief as I principally wish to provide a discussion area for each week’s meetings so that others can contribute.

Bible Study

The second paragraph under study 24 states that “Over a century ago, the second issue of the Watchtower magazine stated that we believe we have Jehovah as our backer and that we “will never beg nor petition men for support”—and we never have!”
This may be true, but since our finances are not open to public scrutiny, how can we be sure?  It’s true that the contribution plate is not passed around, but are we using subtler ways of “petitioning men for support”?  I ask, because I don’t know for sure either way.
Under study 25 we make the point that Kingdom Halls are built because donations are made which are then loaned interest-free to the local congregation building a hall.  (The “interest-free” aspect is a relatively recent feature.)  Nevertheless, what is the reality?  Let’s say that a congregation receives one million dollars to build a new hall.  Headquarters is down one million in donated funds.  Years go by and the one million is repaid, but the congregation now has a new hall.  Then let’s say the congregation is dissolved for whatever reason.  The hall is sold.  It is now worth two million because property values have risen and the hall was built with volunteer labor, so it was worth more from the get-go than was actually invested in it.  Where does the two million go?   Who actually owns the hall?  Is any money returned to the donators?  Do they get a say in the disposition of the funds?
Headquarters has its donated one million dollars back, but what happens to the additional two million from the sale of the hall?

Theocratic Ministry School and Service Meeting

As I said in the introduction, these posts are really intended to be placeholders for the comments from our membership.  I won’t make any comment on this week’s TMS or SM, but there is much there to comment on.
So feel free to share any scriptural insights on the subjects covered in our meetings for this week.  We ask however that you try to keep it topical so that we don’t range too far afield week by week.
Many of us would love to meet together physically, but we cannot.  So for the time being, we can meet and fellowship in cyberspace.
May the Lord be with us as we gather together.

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