Congregation Book Study:

Draw Close to Jehovah, chapter 1, par. 10-17

Theocratic Ministry School

Bible Reading: Genesis 6-10
No. 1: Genesis 9:18–10:7
No. 2: If Someone Says, ‘As Long as You Believe in Jesus, It Really Does Not Matter What Church You Belong To’ (rs p. 332 ¶2)
No. 3: Aaron—Continue Faithful in Spite of Human Weaknesses (it-1 p. 10 ¶4–p. 11 ¶3)

Service Meeting

10 min: The Value of Repetition in the Ministry
10 min: Men Who Minister in a Fine Manner
10 min: “Take as a Pattern the Prophets—Micah


This week our Bible reading takes us to the flood.  Now think about the fact that 1,600 years of human history are covered in a mere ten chapters of Genesis.  Ten short chapters, one and half millennia.  We know far more about our so-called “dark ages” then we know about the pre-flood world.  Have you ever tried to do the population growth math?  Eve gave birth to Seth when she was 120 or more.  Noah’s had children in his 500th year.  Even if we allowed for lifespans of our day, 1,600 years is still enough to put people everywhere on earth.  We always imagine this tiny population in and around Mesopotamia, but if that’s all there were, why a global flood? Seems like colossal overkill.  Jehovah expressed compassion for the domestic animals of Ninevah.  (Johan 4:9-11)  So why destroy all animal life on earth just to extinguish a small Eastern European population?
Allowing for even 100 years of fertility such as Eve evinced; and given an average lifetime of 500 years (to be conservative) and allowing for one child every two years (remember, no birth control to speak of) we get to a population in the hundreds of millions or even billions in just the first 1,000 years.  Such is the power of exponential growth.  It is very likely that the human population had extended around the globe and that there were nations and empires.  Sure it’s all conjecture.  Maybe Jehovah limited the birth rate. Maybe there were vast wars and pestilences.  Who knows. Why is there so little information?  Questions with no answers. But again, why a global flood?
One final word.  You’ll notice the final Service Meeting part is on Micah, again emphasizing the waiting attitude of this past week’s Watchtower.  It is hard to imagine this as mere coincidence; especially as we embark on the second hundred years of Christ’s invisible presence with no end in sight.
I don’t need the end to come in five years or less.  Those who frequent this web site often make similar comments.  We serve at the pleasure of the king and when he sees fit to bring the end, so be it.  We don’t need any contrived time calculations to keep us going.  Let us hope that the brotherhood soon rejects these artificial ploys to keep us anxious and just gets down to the job of worshiping the Father in spirit and truth.

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