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Congregation Book Study:

Chapter 1, par. 18-23
Par. 18 –  “Ezekiel was given a vision of Jehovah’s heavenly organization, which he saw was as a vast celestial chariot.”  We’ve already dealt with this topic extensively in this forum as the foregoing links will testify. However,  notice who subtly we have slipped in three erroneous teachings in a single sentence, providing not one iota of scriptural support for them.  1) Jehovah has a heavenly organization; 2) Ezekiel’s vision is of the organization; 3) the vision depicts Jehovah atop a celestial chariot.
The term “celestial chariot” does not occur anywhere in the Bible.  The word “chariot” does not occur anywhere in this vision.  In fact, Ezekiel doesn’t even use it for another 22 chapters, and then only in reference to those coming against Israel.  (Eze. 23:24)  As for the vision depicting Jehovah’s organization, which we view as the heavenly counterpart to his earthly organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses, this is just conjecture.  Fact is, the word “organization” doesn’t appear anywhere in the Bible.  Not once.  Odd, for such an important feature of JW theology, don’t you think?
This week, millions of Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world will believe that Ezekiel saw Jehovah atop a celestial chariot representing his heavenly organization because we have been taught to believe what our leaders without the need for scriptural support.  Sadly, in that, we have become like virtually every other sect in Christendom.
Par. 21 – “Have you ever seen a small child point out his father to his friends and then say…”That’s my daddy”?  God’s worshippers have every reason to feel similarly about Jehovah.”  The problem with this teaching is it contradicts what we have been recently re-taught—specifically, that we are not God’s children but his friends.   If we are not God’s children, then by what right to we call him “daddy”?

 Theocratic Ministry School

Bible Reading: Genesis 11—16
No. 1: Genesis 14:17—15:11
No. 2: If Someone Says, ‘What Makes You Think There Is Only One Religion That Is Right?’ – rs p. 332 par. 3
No. 3: Abaddon—The Angel of the Abyss—Who Is He?—it-1 p. 12

Service Meeting

10 min: What Do We Learn?
10 min: Show Respect for Those Who Are Working Hard Among You.
10 min: “Be More Than a Silent Partner.”

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