Congregation Book Study:

Chapter 3, par. 1-10
The theme this week is the holiness of Jehovah.  God is not insecure nor does he need the celestial equivalent of Yes Men chanting up his holiness.  Like the parallel vision in Revelation 4:8, this vision is for human consumption, making a point to which humans of the time could relate.

Theocratic Ministry School

Bible Reading: Genesis 29-31  
At first reading, one gets the impression that women were little more than chattel in those days.  Clearly their sense of security came in good part from their ability to bear children.  However, a deeper examination reveals that they had considerable power within the patriarchal community.  I got a kick out of what we would nowadays refer to as Rachel’s pimping out Jacob to Leah for the mandrakes.
No. 1: Genesis 29:21-35
No. 2: What the Resurrection Will Mean for Mankind in General – rs p. 337 par. 3
No. 3: Abiathar—An Act of Disloyalty Can Nullify Years of Faithful Service—it-1 p. 18-19

Service Meeting

10 min: Preach with Warmth
SSDD: There was a 10-minute part in the Kingdom Ministry of January 2011 titled: “Express Warmth as You Preach.”  It appears we have an orbit with a three-year frequency.  Please forgive the flippancy, but I despair what so much valuable time is being wasted with such repetitive superficiality.
5 min: Are You Using in Your Ministry?
I must answer “No”.  I do use the Bible however.
15 min: “Make This Memorial Season a Joyful One!”
Jehovah is referenced four times in this short article, but Jesus—for whom we are holding the memorial—is not mentioned at all.  If you handed this to a non-JW, it is questionable whether he would have any idea whatsoever that we were commemorating the sacrificial death of our redeemer.
This is the annual push for more auxiliary pioneers.  Sadly, the main focus of our memorial commemoration these days seems to be as a recruitment and reenlistment tool.  Perhaps there is joy to be found in the blissful state of ignorance most JWs have been kept in all these years.  For those of us who are only now realizing what we have missed out on our whole lives, there is bound to be some level of resentment, even anger.  The great “if-only” is on our mind.   Still, there is nothing much to be gained by dwelling in the past.  Let us press ahead to better things and with our newfound awareness of our rightful role as Christians, let us enjoy this memorial as we were meant to.

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