[Watchtower Summary for w14 01/15 p. 7]

Par. 8 – “God…commissioned Noah to be “a preacher of righteousness.”  There is no evidence that Noah was commissioned by God for this role.  All we can state with any assurance was that Noah preached righteousness.  We make this into a special commission from God, implying that the world of that time had due warning of what was to come.  Given that the world of that time likely numbered into the hundreds of millions, it is well nigh impossible to come up with a scenario whereby Noah could have effectively preached to them all, even if he didn’t have the added task of building the ark. 
We like to make more of this scripture than is there as a way to give creds to our preaching work.  The logic goes that like Noah, we too are commissioned to preach a warning to the world before Jehovah destroys it.
Par. 16 – “He thereby gave some of his faithful disciples the prospect of joining him as kings in God’s Kingdom.”  If you remove the words “some of” you would have a scripturally accurate statement, for we are not talking here about the final reward but only the prospect of it which is open to all of Jesus’ disciples.  However, that does not coincide with our stated policy, so we have to introduce a little leaven to corrupt the plain teaching of scripture.
Par. 17 – “Still, Jesus would have to wait to take up full kingly power over the earth as the promised “offspring.”  Jehovah told his Son: “Sit at my right hand until I place your enemies as a stool for your feet.””
This paragraph sets up the topic for next week which reaffirms our teaching that 1914 is the start of Christ’s full kingly power.  Let us do a little set up of our own.  Ask yourself now if there is any evidence over the past 100 years that Jesus’ enemies have been placed as a stool for his feet?  We would like the world to believe that since 1914 there has been a “new kid in town.”  Where’s the proof?

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