I watched a documentary by Ben Stein titled Expelled  which exposed what happens to sincere, open-minded scientists who dared to challenge any aspect of the doctrine of Evolution.  I say doctrine, because the actions of the authority structure within the scientific community was equivalent to that of an ecclesiastical hierarchy protecting its domain.  Censure, expulsion, discreditation.  Does it not sound familiar?
Socrates was one of the great philosophers of history.  However, when his ideas threatened the rulers of Athens, he was sentenced to die, though they allowed him the dignity of dying by his own hand.  He was allowed to drink poison rather than suffer the ignominy of public execution.  It seems that anytime a human authority structure comes into existence, it follows a precise pattern identifying it with Satan’s rulership, not God’s.  Ecclesiastical authority is the most flagrant example of this abuse of power, since it lays claim to divine appointment and thus has committed in God’s name some of the worst human rights atrocities of history.
The latest entry in the arena of secular authorities that mimic religious orthodoxies can be found at this link:
I’m not prompting a pro or con position on Global Warming, so please, no comments on the subject. I put this link here simply by way of example.  As you read the two lists it is not hard to see a frightening similarity with another authority structure we are all too familiar with.  What we say is one thing, but Jesus said that we can identify men of a certain type by their works.

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