It was just brought to my attention that there is a site out there which looks somewhat like ours.  I won’t post the link as it is not the type of site I wish to promote.  The similarity comes down to the fact that it uses the same header photo as you see above.  However, it is in no way affiliated with us.
The only site affiliated with Beroean Pickets is WordPress offers many layout themes and stock pictures for blogs.  I chose the one above because it fits with our theme in a number of ways.  For many of us, our journey is a solitary one like the man strolling down the lane.  We have been freed, yet we walk beside a flock of our brothers still penned in by religious dogma and obedience to the traditions of men.
There is also a picket fence in the picture and picket has the connotation of a lone soldier taking point or standing watch at a station marked by, well, a picket.
“Pickets” is also an anagram for “skeptics”, and while a good Beroean should not be a doubting Thomas, neither should he be a blind believer, so a reasonable degree of skepticism is healthy.
To all who regularly read the articles and to the many who contribute their thoughts and research, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks.  I know I speak for Apollos as well.
Meleti Vivlon

Meleti Vivlon

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