[Watchtower study for the week of May 26, 2014 – w14 3/15 p. 26]

The purpose of this site is principally to deepen our study and understanding of the Bible. With that in mind, this week’s study article in The Watchtower doesn’t offer much in the way of greater scriptural insight. It is more of a How-To article relating helpful suggestions, particularly for those facing the often daunting task of properly caring for parents with illness and/or declining abilities. Having been there myself, such ones have my deepest sympathies. The task, although rewarding and praiseworthy, can also be onerous and burdensome, particularly when there is little assistance from other family members. More often than not, only one or two shoulder the responsibility while others keep their distance. It is a sorry state of affairs when that happens. Nevertheless, this is a means of exhibiting our true level of godly devotion. The real heart condition of all involved becomes manifest—not to Jehovah, for he can read hearts, but to the rest.
In any case, given that the nature of the study is not really scriptural, but practical, there is little for us to comment on with the exception perhaps of this quote in paragraph 5:

“This ‘is almost invariably the worst possible time to make such a decision,’ observes one expert.”

We have a penchant for quoting experts without naming them, nor providing references to verify the validity and context of the quotation. I don’t know why we do this, but personally I find it annoying and unprofessional. In any case, we acknowledge that there are experts, so if you are in the situation of needing to decide how best to care for aging parents, there is a plethora of information available to you. I just went on Amazon and searched on “caring for aging parents” and got pages of self-help guides. I am in no position to endorse any of them. Nor, as we tend to do in the Organization for all “worldly sources”, will I dismiss any of them. I merely mention that there is a great deal of information out there and that if we use the principles in the Bible to guide us as mature Christians we can determine what is worthwhile and what to discard. This we can do for ourselves without the overweening patriarchal influence which has long constrained us.

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