The purpose of this recurring post is to provide a brief summary of each issue of The Watchtower studied throughout 2014. It is our hope to thus provide some insight into the true nature of the “food at the proper time” provided to Jehovah’s Witnesses


w13 11/15 (December 30 – February 2)

THEME: Be obedient to our leadership because Armageddon is close.

Article 1: Advice on Prayer.  The end is near.

Article 2: Don’t doubt.  Be patient. The end is near.

Article 3: Obedience.  Salvation depends on staying in the Organization.

Article 4: Obedience. Salvation depends on obeying the elders.

Article 5: Counsel to elders.

w13 12/15 (February 3 – March 2)

THEMES: Don’t doubt us.  Avoid apostates.  Make sacrifices.  You are not to partake.

Article 1: Beware apostates.

Article 2: Donate to and serve the Organization.

Article 3: We have the right date.  You shouldn’t partake.

Article 4: As in article 3, right date, don’t partake.

w14 1/14 (March 3 – April 6)

THEMES: We’re in the last days.  The end is near.  Make sacrifices.

Article 1: 1914 is true, Jehovah is king since then. (Christ too.)

Article 2: Authority of Governing Body reaffirmed.  Don’t doubt.

Article 3: Make sacrifices.

Article 4: Make sacrifices because the end is near.

Article 5: New proof that the end is near (“this generation’ – Take 7).

w14 2/14 (April 7 – May 4)

THEMES: We are special.  It’s good to be one of the other sheep.  Stick to the Organization.

Article 1: Partial prophetic misapplication of Ps. 45 to reinforce role of anointed.

Article 2: Partial prophetic misapplication of Ps. 45 to reinforce role of other sheep.

Article 3: Stick with the Organization to get God’s protection.

Article 4: Reinforce teaching that other sheep are not God’s children.

w14 3/14 (May 5 – June 1)

THEMES: Make sacrifices. Don’t get discouraged.  Provide for the Elderly and full-timers.

Article 1: Be self-sacrificing.

Article 2: Don’t be discouraged by failed expectations.

Article 3: Provide for elderly, but help full-timers avoid this duty.

Article 4: More instruction on helping the elderly.


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