[Watchtower study for the week of July 7, 2014 – w14 5/15 p. 6]

Paragraphs 1 and 2 demonstrate the need to ask questions before engaging in discussions of “challenging topics, such as the Trinity, Hellfire, or the existence of a Creator”. It then offers the reassurance: “If we rely on Jehovah and on the training he provides, we can often give a persuasive answer, one that may reach the heart of our listeners.” The paragraph reassures us that “we do not need to feel intimidated by challenging topics.”
Hmm…the question that may come to mind is why we don’t apply this same reasoning to other challenging topics, such as whether the other sheep really do have an earthly hope, or how we can prove that God’s Kingdom began to rule in 1914. If you were to broach these subjects with the brothers in your field service car group you would assuredly not find them ‘relying on Jehovah and their training to give a persuasive answer.’ What you would find is a carful of very uncomfortable people wondering if you’d gone off the deep end. It is sad that we don’t deal with these issues with the same courage and aplomb we demonstrate in the door-to-door work.
In paragraph 11 we are taught how to use Revelation 21:4 to “prove” that all good people do not go to heaven. Personally, I believe that the Bible holds out the hope of both an earthly and a heavenly resurrection. However, if we meet a Christian in the door-to-door work who believes all good people go to heaven and if we follow the counsel from the article’s opening paragraphs, we may learn that by “good” they mean all faithful Christians. Revelation 21:4 does not prove that faithful Christians are resurrected on earth.  There are many scriptures that prove the hope for faithful Christians is heavenly.  I do “rely on Jehovah and the training he provides” in the Bible in making that statement. I would very much like a fellow JW, a true believer in the teaching of the Governing Body, to engage in a discussion of this challenging topic with me.  Perhaps he or she could open up a topic in the Discuss The Truth forum.
As a whole, the article discusses effective use of illustrations and other time-honored teaching methods. For the old timers and even the medium timers, it will be fairly boring and repetitive.  Good reminders for the most part.  Newly converted ones will find it beneficial.

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