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Image from a Watchtower publication depicting the future for non-believers at Armageddon.

The March 15, 2015 article “What ISIS Really Wants” by The Atlantic is a brilliant piece of journalism offering real insight into what drives this religious movement.  I highly recommend it.
What scared me reading this article is how well my Jehovah’s Witness mind could understand ISIS psychology. If the Bible was the book for ISIS and not the Quran – they might be indistinguishable from Jehovah’s Witnesses or another fundamentalist Christian group, and we might be praising them for their Godly devotion. In fact, reading this article I was thinking to myself that if I was a devout Muslim, I would have only two choices: Decisively denounce ISIS and possibly my entire faith, or join them.
To my mind, you cannot serve God halfhearted. If you know his will, you serve him in truth to your best knowledge.
ISIS represents a literal interpretation of the Quran. In that sense, they seek to follow their book to the best of their ability. Part of me can admire that, is even sympathetic toward them – except for the fact that it goes against everything that makes us human. Evil things cannot come from God, unless our God is Satan.
Likewise, it serves no purpose to repeat the virtues of Jehovah’s Witnesses, while at the same time sugar-coating the hateful propaganda that comes out of the pages of the Watchtower. Hateful practices are not Christian. Using the caliphate as a comparison to the Jehovah's Witnesses theocracy is perhaps a bit shocking, but certain practices of the JW organization are so loathsome that they need to be exposed in the clearest light possible.

Imitate The Zeal - Slaughtering Apostates

Perhaps you think comparing these two religious organizations is ludicrous. After all, Jehovah’s Witnesses are widely considered politically neutral, and are known for their non-violence. But Jesus taught us to look beyond the outward appearance and into the heart:

"Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean.” (Matthew 23:27)

“Like a coating of silver dross on earthenware are fervent lips with an evil heart.” (Proverbs 23:28)

I recently started an Instagram account @beroeanpickets. Within days, someone had taken it upon themselves to ‘warn’ everyone about me, and I received threats of physical violence against me and my family, involving the word hospital.
Granted, this is anecdotal evidence of just a single individual – and in all fairness, physical violence is not encouraged. Most Witnesses are ‘peace loving’. But as this article will demonstrate, the members of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses are cultivating feelings of hate in their followers by what they write about apostates.
The November 15, 2011 Study Edition of The Watchtower had a study article which contained the following in its opening paragraph:

"Jehu was a champion of pure worship. In carrying out this role he was energetic, prompt, relentless, zealous and courageous. Jehu manifested qualities that we would do well to imitate."

And later the study explains:

“The prophet Elisha sent one of the sons of the prophets to anoint Jehu as King and to instruct him to kill every male of the apostate house of Ahab.”

 “Jehu announced that he intended to hold ‘a great sacrifice’ for Baal. (2 Ki. 10:18, 19) ‘This is a clever play on words on the part of Jehu,’ says one scholar. While the term employed here "generally means ‘sacrifice,’ it is also used of the ‘slaughter’ of apostates.”

“It is true that Jehu spilled much blood. Yet, the Scriptures present him as a courageous man...”

Though the thought of violence is unpleasant, we should realize that in those days, Jehovah used his servants to carry out his judgments.”

While violence is not permitted now – it would be under a theocratic government. That is exactly what the caliphate proclaims to be: a Theocracy. And under theocratic rule, certain laws apply that don’t normally apply. The Atlantic article states:

Before the caliphate, ‘maybe 85 percent of the Sharia was absent from our lives,’ Choudary told me. ‘These laws are in abeyance until we have khilafa’ —a caliphate—‘and now we have one.’ Without a caliphate, for example, individual vigilantes are not obliged to amputate the hands of thieves they catch in the act. But create a caliphate, and this law, along with a huge body of other jurisprudence, suddenly awakens.

Yes, in their current state, Jehovah’s Witnesses describe themselves as “limited by the laws of the worldly nation in which we live and also by the laws of God through Jesus Christ”, according to the following Questions from Readers:
forbidden to kill apostates by the laws of the land

The Watchtower 11/15/1952 pg. 703

So being “limited” in the sense we cannot use physical violence – even against our own flesh-and-blood – how is a Witness to follow the direction of the Governing Body to show “courage” like Jehu against apostates? Just how are we told to “imitate” him?

Loathe, Hate and Abhor!

On the godly quality of hate, the Quran teaches:

Allah abhors disbelievers – Surah 35:26

Yet in contrast, our King Jesus Christ said:
Love your enemies

“If you love those who love you, what reward will you get?” [Are not even ISIS members doing that?] (Matthew 5:46)

Jesus said we will recognize his true disciples by their fruit, their love. True Christian love is not just the smiling and hugging at assemblies – greeting those who agree with you. It includes loving those who hate you.
Yet, as Jehovah’s Channel of Communication, his very spokesperson on earth, the Governing Body knows better than Jesus.  In fact, they outright contradict him! The Watchtower of October 1st 1993 states:

A Christian must hate (in the Biblical sense of the word) those who have inseparably attached themselves to badness … they are not curious about apostate ideas. On the contrary, they feel ‘a loathing’ toward those who have made themselves God’s enemies, but they leave it to Jehovah to execute vengeance.”

Yes, The Watchtower tells it's adherents to HATE apostates. Consider just how consistent this hate speech has been over the last 60 years:

The Watchtower 7/15/1961


The Watchtower 7/15/1974 pg. 442


The Watchtower 10/1/1952 pg. 599

The Prophet Said, ‘War is Deceit’

In the Paris attacks of November 2015, at least one of the terrorists had previously posed as a refugee in Greece. The subtitle comes from the Hadith – Bukhari 52:269.

There are two forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, taqiyya and kitman.  These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause [of] Islam - in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.  (Source)

Jehovah’s Witnesses are also at war. The Watchtower, January 15, 1983, p. 22: “This fact cannot be overemphasized: We are in a war with superhuman foes, and we constantly need to be aware of this.”

“So in time of spiritual warfare it is proper to misdirect the enemy by hiding the truth. It is done unselfishly; it does not harm anyone; on the contrary, it does much good. Today God’s servants are engaged in a warfare, a spiritual, theocratic warfare, a warfare ordered by God against wicked spirit forces and against false teachings… At all times they must be very careful not to divulge any information to the enemy that he could use to hamper the preaching work.” (Watchtower 5/1/1957 pp. 285-286)

Such misdirection and hiding information recently is making headlines in relation to the Organization covering up Child Abuse. If the Australia Branch kept over 1000 cases of pedophilia hidden from the authorities, how many cases are on the list in the United States, or even world-wide?

Bringing reproach upon Jehovah's Name - deceptive practices coming to light.

Anyone who watched the videos of the court would feel a disgust in their stomach for the way in which several people made misleading claims. I highly recommend you review some of the outrageous misleading statements made in the Royal Commission of Australia’s probe into child molestation. Take for example the false statements of Terrence O’Brien (Head of Australia’s Branch), and how the lawyer tries to save face.
Not only do they hide the despicable truth, destroying evidence – they do everything possible to silence whistle blowers. (Source, Source)

Diseased Minds

Allah, as a spiritual anti-doctor, causes increased disease in the heart of disbelievers:

“Allah increases their disease.” (Source)

When, in the summer of 2011, Jehovah’s Witnesses started calling apostates “diseased” (see the image above), The Independent wrote an article wherein the spokesperson for the Watchtower Society blatantly lied:

“Rick Fenton, a spokesperson for the Watchtower Society, insisted last night that ostracisation was "a personal matter for each individual to decide for himself".  "Any one of Jehovah's Witnesses is free to express their feelings and to ask questions," he said. "If a person changes their mind about Bible-based teachings they once held dear, we recognize their right to leave."

It is not a personal matter to shun, when there are organizational punishments for those who continue to associate with organizationally shunned individuals. A Witness is not free to express their feelings of doubt in the Governing Body without consequences – as I have personally experienced. If we were free to do so, we would not be labeled as apostates for speaking truth to our readers. And we might have the right to leave – at the cost of having our family and friends loathe us, view us with disgust.


Jehovah’s Witnesses engage in organizational torture by their unloving practices of shunning, breaking up families and causing severe suffering and damage to the victims. This policy of hate needs to end. Those who dare to speak against the leadership face torture. Those who dare to leave face torture. Those who have left will continue to be tortured until they break down and return.

[Torture is] the deliberate, systematic, or wanton infliction of physical or mental suffering by one or more persons acting alone or on the orders of any authority, to force another person to yield information, to make a confession, or for any other reason (World Medical Association, 1975).

[Torture is] any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by, or at the instigation of, or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity (United Nations, 1987).

Psychological Torture is Torture (Source). Shunning is torture. It is called the Social Death Penalty (Source), hurting even more than bullying:

Because ostracism can be so deadly, researchers think we have developed acute sensitivity to it. It can freak us out even more than being hit, ridiculed or yelled at, causing our bodies and minds to suffer exquisitely. Our need to belong is so strong that we experience psychological and physical effects right away. Neuroscientists have found that social rejection is experienced much like physical pain — connected to the same neural circuitry.

That Jehovah’s Witnesses resort to forms of psychological torture poses ethical questions. Does the end justify the means? It is often asked – “Is torture bad when it seems to give results?” The organized psychological torture among Jehovah’s Witnesses results in a “clean congregation” and makes many who left, return to the congregation.
In the International Journal of Applied Philosophy, 2005, an article appeared titled “Is Torture Ever Morally Justifiable?” Seumas Millar tries to defend the position that in some extreme emergencies it is morally justified. Even so, he states that this should not be ‘institutionalized’.
From the outsider’s viewpoint this seems a ridiculous premise to even consider, but to the insider, the very matter of eternal life is at stake. There is no more important “result” for which to contemplate such measures than eternal salvation. Knowing that salvation is not tied to an organization but to faith alone, makes such torture especially hard to bear, because it serves no justifiable end.

Allegiance & Vehicle for Salvation

ISIS obeys the words of their book to the letter. Everything they say is backed by their scripture. But obedience to the edicts of the Caliph carries the authority of the will of God.  From The Atlantic article we first mentioned at the beginning of this article:

“The caliphate, Cerantonio told me, is not just a political entity but also a vehicle for salvation. Islamic State propaganda regularly reports the pledges of baya’a (allegiance) rolling in from jihadist groups across the Muslim world. Cerantonio quoted a Prophetic saying, that to die without pledging allegiance is to die jahil (ignorant) and therefore die a ‘death of disbelief.’”

The same can be said for JW.ORG as a vehicle for salvation, and obedience to the organization is a form of baya’a (allegiance). A review of the Watchtower studies of 2014 shows that the most important thing for a Jehovah’s Witness today is obedience and sacrifice to the Organization.
Enter the New World Society – the Theocracy. Its leader? Christ – ruling invisibly. Its representatives? The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. As recently as the annual meeting of 2015, the Governing Body confirmed that they are God’s spokespersons.  Speaking out against the Governing Body is a rebellion against God himself.
In the second baptism question of Jehovah’s Witness the candidates align themselves with this Salvation-Organization:

“Do you understand that your dedication and baptism identify you as one of Jehovah's Witnesses in association with God's spirit-directed organization? Having answered yes to these questions, candidates are in a right heart condition to undergo Christian baptism."

The underlined sentence indicates that someone who does not associate with this organization is not in a right heart condition to undergo Christian baptism. Therefore, other Christians who are not making recognition of this organization are false.
Just like it is a duty for every Muslim in the world to join the Caliphate – according to ISIS – it is the duty of every Christian in the world to “leave false religion” and join the Organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses – according to the Watchtower. Those who refuse to listen to the coming judgment warning, face ‘death’ at Armageddon.

To Do the Impossible

Christ gave his life for his enemies. (Romans 5:10) He was ridiculed. He loved them. (Matthew 12:32) He was tortured. He still loved them. He was put to death.  He died for them.
By all means, condemn what is evil, expose falsehoods; but do not harbor hate for your fellow man in your heart. Turn the other cheek. Love your enemies – this is the clearest answer we can give to all the hate in this world. Forgiveness and love are central to Christianity.

Jesus answered, 'I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times'” (Matthew 18:21-22). “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you” (Ephesians 4:32). “For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you” (Matthew 6:14).

Although the Governing Body continues to persecute us, we should pray for them that they may one day repent. As for ISIS members - I believe they are genuinely deceived in their own twisted ideology. Who can tell us what is the solution for this current world crisis? As the article in The Atlantic pointed out, one way is to combat ideology with ideology.

We do our part on Beroean Pickets, fighting ideology with ideology. Man's word with God's Word. Hold your head up high as you walk out of your hall for the last time. Hold your head up high as your family bids you farewell, as you kiss your children goodnight for the last time. Whatever we are made to suffer, put it in God's hands.

Watchtower Article scans from

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  • Comment by Nemorino on 2015-11-19 09:16:25

    This excellent episode in the current series "The Brain" on PBS how crucial/indispensable to human interaction is for the well-being of our species; and by implication, how evil the practice of shunning:

  • Comment by The Real Anonymous on 2015-11-19 10:38:44

    Regarding "hateful propaganda": The June 22, 2000 issue of Awake contained the articles, "Propaganda Can Be Deadly", "The Manipulation of Information" and "Do Not Be a Victim of Propaganda!". The irony is that nearly everything in these Awake articles could be applied to the WT itself.
    If you do a word search for "propaganda" on the WT CD, you will find hundreds of instances of the term. WT almost seems obsessed by the concept that someone might say something to disagree with them, and as if in a 'preemptive strike', they will dismiss any and all criticisms as propaganda. (That way, the eliminate any need to actually listen to what these dissenters have to say.) Never mind that in the 65 years worth of publications in the WT CD, there is virtually no trace of even a single direct quote from any so-called source of propaganda or so-called "apostate" literature. How do we know it even is propaganda? We have to take their word for it.
    It turns out that falsely labeling others as a means of attack - itself a propaganda tactic that is well-covered in these Awake articles - is something WT has intimate, first-hand knowledge of. Consider the label "apostate". They have demonized this term, and either directly or indirectly associated apostates with mentally-diseased agents of Satan. That is exactly what the Awake article says that propagandists do: They reduce complex issues to simplistic, insulting labels, in order to stifle discourse.
    (Personally, I do not think I am an apostate - THEY are - but that is another matter.)
    Regarding being "politically neutral": That is a fine concept and a fine goal to pursue, except for one thing: WT is not politically neutral.
    WT articles in times past were filled with scathing criticisms of governments that they did not like. How many times did they come down on communism or fascism? How many attacks did they launch against Nazi Germany? Now, it may be argued that these governments were not nice, and I would not dispute that. But, that's not the point. WT claims they are "neutral". Even if these governments deserved criticism, issuing such criticism by its very nature is anything but neutral. It is the height of hypocrisy to brag about one's own neutrality and holding it out as an example for others to follow, yet violating that neutrality whenever one's personal interests are at stake. Jesus said he was no part of the world of his day. The difference between WT and Jesus is that Jesus didn't publicly condemn the Roman Empire for its violence and brutality, criticisms they surely deserved, but Jesus' neutral stance has not been followed by WT.
    WT's failure to be neutral has had terrible consequences, far worse than merely showing themselves to be hypocrites in this matter.
    For instance, in World War II, WT wrote that letter to Hitler trying to ingratiate themselves to the Nazis, using the most outrageous and inflammatory of anti-Semitic rhetoric imaginable (and kissing Hitler's behind in the process). When that didn't work, they went on the attack, both against Hitler and against the Catholic Church in Germany. In this, they showed themselves to be totally senseless. To be a Christian, it is not really necessary to attack others. All that is really required is to make a defense of our faith in a mild and respectful way. WT should have seen that a crazy person was running Germany and the Catholics were his ally, and exercising the better part of valor, they should have seized the opportunity to strategically shut up while they could. But no, that wasn't good enough for Rutherford.
    As a result, several hundred people died, as human sacrifices to Rutherford's ego. I have often wondered why he would do this. Then it hit me. What were JWs called in Germany? "Earnest Bible Students". BIBLE STUDENTS. Some 15 years or so after publically proclaiming their name to be "Jehovah's Witnesses" these people in Germany still called themselves Bible Students. My sense is that the German brothers still held feeling for Russell, and that put them on Rutherford's bad side. We know all too well from history what Rutherford thought of Bible Students: They were his political rivals standing in the way of his dictatorship of the WT corporation. So, what does Rutherford do when his political grandstanding with Hitler blew up in his face? He throws the German Bible Students under the bus, and sends them to their death. And, and the same time, from the safety and comfort of his U.S. headquarters, he can publicly wring his hands over the matter, declare these victims of his as innocent martyrs suffering for being "loyal to Jehovah", and gain publicity over them, to the WT corporation's advantage. Those poor German Christians were brave and faithful, but the tragedy and truth of the matter is, they died for nothing.
    This is certainly not an isolated incident. We need only look at what happened in Malawi or Russia. Meddling with the UN to get political advantages when dealing with certain countries' religious policies might benefit the WT corporation, but that's not neutral either. It is ironic that belonging to an organization that promotes policies contrary to biblical neutrality is grounds for disfellowshipping. That being so, why has the GB not disfellowshipped itself for their flagrant violation of this principle?
    As you noted, "violence is not permitted now" in the Christian arrangement. Yet, Jesus reminded us that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, and a person could commit adultery in their heart if they had made up their mind that it was something they really wanted to do. In that sense, it does seem that WT tends to foster a hateful attitude to those who disagree with them. Suppose that violence were in fact permitted. How many present day JWs would leap at the chance to injure or even kill persons they have labeled as "apostates", if they were suddenly permitted to?
    You noted how the Watchtower of October 1st 1993 stated, “A Christian must hate (in the Biblical sense of the word) those who have inseparably attached themselves to badness ... they are not curious about apostate ideas. On the contrary, they feel 'a loathing' toward those who have made themselves God's enemies, but they leave it to Jehovah to execute vengeance."
    In saying this, a number of unspoken assumptions are being made. For those labeled "apostate" to be "bad", those persons would have to be promoting falsehood. Yet, as many viewers of this site know, it is WT itself that has promoted many false doctrines and false prophecies over the years. WT will not let go of these falsehoods or even admit how wrong they were. Since falsehoods are bad in God's eyes, a strong case could be made that WT itself has "inseparably attached themselves to badness". So, by their own words, we ought to hate the WT, if we take their advice literally.
    It has been often noted that WT promulgated the concept of "Theocratic Warfare" in the 1957 article you mention. Since then, they have been relatively quiet about this - AS IF it's not an official position any more - yet they have not really renounced it either, at least not that I am aware of. Nor have they attempted to explain or qualify this policy.
    I find that a limited aspect of this policy is not unreasonable. For instance, if a robber breaks into my home and demands to know where my family is so he can do them harm, my conscience will not even be slightly bothered if I lie to them - because it's literally a matter of life and death, because a wrongdoer is threatening me and my family, and he really DOESN'T deserve the truth. It is a far, FAR different case if, in the name of promoting a religion and selfishly protecting the financial assets of a religious corporation, they choose to lie about matters that amount to wrongdoing on their own part. The child abuse issue comes to mind here, as you expressed so well in your article.
    Alex, my complements on an excellent article.

  • Comment by Susan on 2015-11-19 14:56:39

    I was also thinking of Scientology similarities from the recent 20/20 interview of Leah Remini and her new book.

  • Comment by AR on 2015-11-19 17:29:59

    Great article Alex
    It's sad, people who love God and Christ, yes even the (G B) will happily resort to hate speech ( against even their brothers, who love God and Christ, but may disagree with teachings or their predictions which failed) and find it necessary to use such language like - “poisonous” “mentally diseased” opponents and their “gangrenous” accusations, urging loyal Witnesses to “feel a loathing” against such ones. (w93 10/1 p. 19 par. 15) and label such ones who love God apostates. Unfortunately, many JW's and even myself bought into this hate speech of such propaganda , our loyalty is interwoven with God and JW.ORG=GB...
    The other day a brother asked about a prominent brother,and labeled him the apostate, i mentioned to him he didn't believe in 1914, and that the GB wasn't the F&D slave, but he loved God ..Does that make him an Apostate, not according to the actual meaning but it does according to the GB's interpretation of that word. Truth always wins out in the end.

    • Reply by AR on 2015-11-19 17:35:43

      Also good reminder how we can follow the Christ against such talk...good article Alex

  • Comment by PoetryofProvidence on 2015-11-19 18:04:56

    Beautifully written "Alex" one of my greatest "contentions" with some of the more "heinous" "perspectives" taught there ...One sometimes wonders how masterfully and surreptitiously the tentacles of power : and the imitation of hierarchy (such as predominately displayed for centuries in the Catholic organization) has superimposed itself upon the hapless followers of a "new and improved" priest class .catches those seeking for a guidance that excels what humanity could ever offer ...our desire for "kingship" falls as it did in "old Israel" ..but we have been shown what a true "king" of life is in Christ Jesus sitting an mahogany office with the "underlings" but walking in the "paths" of life and into every field to hold the "light" out in the open where all may come under the brilliance of that "Light" ...

  • Comment by 1984 on 2015-11-19 18:49:12

    Thanks Alex, you make some excellent points in this article.
    With the current atrocities in Paris, it's sad to think that many B&S, if not all, will first and foremost see this as further evidence that we are living in the last days and will be gleefully rubbing their hands together wondering if this will escalate into provoking the "UN to turn on false religion," and bring on Armageddon and their own salvation, rather than reflect on the real issues and human tragedy here. It's a good example of how good people can be corrupted by an ideology - much like many Germans in 1940. Good people can commit or approve of the most heinous behaviour if they become slave to a corrupt ideology and end up being the complete opposite of what they claim or set out to be.
    Every JW secretly craves Armageddon - usually to bring an end to their own suffering and so they can build their big house in Paradise - despite this requiring the eternal destruction of over 8,000,000,000 people worldwide (plus an extra 250,000 for every day of Jehovah's patience.) I personally want to see an end to all suffering and for God's kingdom to rule, but in his own due time and according to his loving, just, merciful ways, rather than the Watchtower's skewed interpretation which contradicts every loving principle in the bible, not to mention their own fabricated "universal issue." Of course, their fear-mongering is just a sinister controlling mechanism which effectively elevates them to being equal to Jehovah. In the end, they usurp his position by making claims that no human should make; claims which are the exclusive right of God alone. I seem to remember a certain angel in Genesis having similar ambitions, and of course, that's where it all started to go wrong.

  • Comment by Wild Olive on 2015-11-19 22:44:23

    Thank Alex for a fine article,it actually put in perspective something I have been thinking for a long time,and that was how the mind set that has been created in the brothers and sisters,by slowly getting them to surrender their conscience,incrementally,sets them up to accept the propaganda against apostates.
    I faced this earlier in the week as I delivered a letter to my elder body outlining 10 things that I could no longer accept as Jehovah's truth,their response was I was fighting over words,yet as I mentioned to to them,many JW doctrines are reduced down to and presented as a single word that shuts down thinking, many of those words not even in the bible,that of course was rejected and now I will face the JW version of sharia law

    • Reply by Out of Africa on 2015-11-21 05:27:00

      Hi Wild Olive
      I hope you are ok. I always have a stress attack when I have to deal with the elders. This week I informed our group overseer of the scriptural reasons as to why I am no longer handing in a fs report. So I expect to be executed soon too and my husband is already in front of the firing squad, the elders are at present trying to pin him down to an investigative meeting.
      A thought that has strengthened me is that our own salvation is secondary to Jehovah's sovereignty and the sanctification of His name. And when we are determined to do what is right no matter what the personal cost to ourselves, even if it means our lives (and our eternal damnation at Armageddon according to the org), we are then able to break free from the control of men. And will no doubt experience Jehovah's protection and blessing.

      • Reply by Anonymous on 2016-12-22 07:30:06

        Whoever this don't do what I did and tell the the truth!!!!!
        They don't care !! And will kill you even after you leave!!!
        I'm telling you like I know!!
        Make them prove it!!! You got Jesus they don't . Let the Fathers will be done!!!!
        Whatever the outcome is we say amen !!!

        • Reply by Anonymous on 2016-12-23 07:11:31

          Hi Anonymous - more than a year after posting this comment I can add that I am very happy and enjoy deep inner peace and contentment as I am no longer part of the JW circuis. I wrote a letter resigning from the WT org. And was very happy yesterday to mail the local Regional Building Office, who invited me to volunteer at Bethel, that I have disfellowshipped the organization and any who support it for tolerating the gross wrongdoing of child abuse. So the elders tried to execute me, but it backfired and I enjoy the freedom of the Christ instead.

          • Reply by Anonymous on 2016-12-23 13:51:38

            I'm sadden.....
            This is what it's come to...
            Betray our brothers?
            You did the right thing....
            He will make this Right .He Promised.
            His blood is on their hands....
            Forgive them Father
            Adonai Echad

    • Reply by 1984 on 2015-11-21 07:35:04

      Stay strong Wild Olive. It's tough I know, but integrity is something to be proud of, as eloquently exemplified by our Lord Jesus, so you are good company indeed.

  • Comment by Richard on 2015-11-20 13:51:22

    Great article. It really articulates the dangers of the kind of fundamentalist doctrine both the Watchtower and ISIS promote.

  • Comment by Father jack on 2015-11-21 04:39:23

    Sorry to hear you have been threatened alex . We really do have to be careful. While all of us know the official message of the watchtower is one of a peaceful new world thier attitude toward those who speak out against thier authority is far from peaceable . The problem is in any organisation your always going to get those who go to extremes . Ive had some particulary unpleasant experiences with the witnesses over the years to say the least . Stay safe mate .

  • Comment by Anonymous on 2016-12-21 23:54:06

    Wow!!! Unbelievable!!

  • Comment by Misleading Media on 2018-10-06 01:12:49

    I'm personally not a friend of religion, but this posting is so misleading and downright false on so many levels. Take for example the CNN broadcast:
    1.1000+ Identified since 1950? Who Identified them? Where is the data? sounds like Fake News to me. All religious organizations were allowed to handle any and all wrongdoing that occur within the Church, by the government, and still to this day. All except child abuse, which the church was allowed to handle at its own discretion up until around 1980 in the state of California and many other states ensue. In the state of California for example only Physicians were mandated to report child abuse or endangerment, which was enacted in 1963, the churches were not mandated to do so.
    2.The church never had the capacity to handle such matters, because the church relied on God eventually exposing the abuser, providing he or she denied the allegations. But still the Law allowed the Church to handle their own affairs.
    3.The difference between the JW's and the Catholics is that when the JW's found out that someone actually sexually abused a child, that person was most likely disfellowshipped and shunned by the church members even shunned by their own family, in most cases. And even if there was just an accusation, that person was put on watch patrol by the elders. That's the best a church can do, because they cannot put the offender in Jail.
    The Catholic Church shifted the abuser off to another perish without warning anyone, leaving the abuser free reign to abuse again.
    4."All cases went unreported"..... As already previously stated, the Church was not mandated by Law to report such cases prior to the mandate, now they are after the mandate. The so called 1000 cases unreported are more that likely after the mandate.
    5."Church practiced not to report"....... Again false and misleading. The churches did not have to report prior to the mandate, and the mandate law (whenever it started) is not retroactive. There is no evidence the JW's practice 'not reporting' after the mandate or law to report, this simple false and misleading reporting. However, victims can still sue in some cases.
    6.We all must be very careful not to blame a whole organization because of the actions of a few, the idea to blame all church members and the whole organization tends to be norm today. The JW organization does not condone child abuse. If anyone thinks so, then they are bent on destruction, like the destroyer Satan.
    We should be very careful while attempting to protect the children, we actually harm the live of many in return, by lying on the whole organization. This is what Satan did to God Almighty. Cool heads prevails.
    I quote your statement:
    "Diseased Minds"
    Allah, as a spiritual anti-doctor, causes increased disease in the heart of disbelievers:
    “Allah increases their disease.” (Source)
    Now what the JW's actually said in their article:
    "Well, apostates are mentally diseased and seek to infect others."
    I don't know how you got from 'Allah increases their disease, to 'apostates are mentally diseased'. That's two different statements and ideas. You seem to be seeing what you want to see and believe, and the fact you have some people believing the stuff you say, suggest they might need to have their heads examined also. I guess the JW's are right in this case, apostates are so bent on misleading and twisting anything someone says. Perhaps you have become mentally diseased of some sort you are making up all kinds of stuff that is truly far fetched. Every time some person leaves or gets thrown out of some particular organization, that person becomes angry and slander that organization, sounds familiar? it should, that's what Satan did, when he was cast out of heaven. Why not just leave, and move on........

    • Reply by Meleti Vivlon on 2018-12-16 10:04:12

      You say the law didn't require religious organizations to report. Actually, in the case of Australia, that is not true. There is a law requiring anyone aware of a crime to report it. However, there is a bigger issue. The law of God was not obeyed. Romans 13:1-7 indicates that it is the responsibility of the superior authorities, the governments, to deal with crimes. They are "God's minister". By not reporting, we were not being obedient to the command of God, and so violated a higher law.

      • Reply by Misleading Media on 2019-02-15 23:56:40

        Meleti Vivion, can you read? apparently not. The Law did not require religious organizations to report child abuse to authorities, until A law was passed requiring all child abuse claims be handed over to the authorities. Before that law was passed sometime around the mid nineteen eighties (Australia-about 1990), all religious organizations prior to that law (depending upon the country) were allowed to handle their own affairs within the church. Most countries allow freedom of religion, which allowed religious organizations to handle biblical crimes within the church (1 Corinthians 5:13). Child abuse falls under sexual immorality. Although church leaders may have the ability to handle fornication or adultery when it involves consenting adults, they never had the ability to handle child abuse claims, but they thought they could.

        • Reply by Adam on 2019-08-30 19:22:34

          Some people don't seem to understand that crimes like the rape of a child need to be reported to the authorities. But wait, JWs do report to the authorities, that is to the elders and their sharia law. Who then report it to the Legal Department of the JW branch. Who then decide on whether to report the crime of the rape of a child to the authorities, based on whether there is mandatory reporting laws in the applicable jurisdiction.
          Most people don't need to consult legislation to be able to work out whether to report such a crime, but apparently the JWs do.

  • Comment by Misleading Media on 2018-10-06 01:17:18

    Correction.... Before the Mandate, not after the mandate.

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