From time to time, debates begin in our commenting section on important Bible teachings.  Often, those commenting have a personal view that is valid and scripturally based.  Other times, the viewpoint turns out to originate from the thinking of men.  Sometimes, the discussion becomes heated.  This is in part due to the inadequacies of conducting such a discussion using the WordPress commenting feature which is not well suited for this, but rather for making a comment or two on the article in question.
Even if the discussion is conducted in a way that does not undermine the atmosphere readers have come to expect from Beroean Pickets, it is still hard to follow because it becomes mixed in with all the other comments and discussion threads.
Often, my efforts to try to maintain our spiritual environment are seen as heavy handed, and I get accused of curtailing freedom of expression and of reverting back to a Watchtower-style of control when I disallow some comments.
I certainly don’t want to stifle legitimate Bible research, even if the topic in question may be something I disagree with.  On the other hand, we did not set up Beroean Pickets to provide an unregulated soapbox for any person with a personal pet belief.
In an effort to avoid extremes and follow the Christian path of moderation in all things, Apollos and I have set up a new forum on Discuss the Truth.  This new BP Discussion Forum will provide a proper means to discuss Bible doctrines upon which there may not be a consensus.  Our purpose will be to arrive at such a consensus with a view to publishing this on Beroean Pickets, thus building a framework of Bible truth and understanding which all can agree with.
Of course, anyone is free to raise any topic on Discuss the Truth at any time, keeping within site guidelines of course.  This new forum will use a slightly different methodology and has a more specific goal in mind.  You can review the new forum guidelines here.
We will stick to only one topic at a time and not initiate a new one until the current one is resolved.  In this way, we will not detract from the activity on other forums.
If anyone wishes to discuss a topic, please email me the information so that I can compile a list.
I will alert all readers of Beroean Pickets each time a new topic is initiated on the new forum.
Your brother,
Meleti Vivlon

Meleti Vivlon

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