The power of prayer is something we recognize and when many pray for someone in need, our Father takes note.  Thus, we find appeals like Colossians 4:21 Thessalonians 5:25 and 2 Thessalonians 3:1 where the community of brothers and sisters is asked to pray.

There is an older couple in our online community who are going through a difficult time.  The sister has posted as Orchid61 in the past.  Her husband has resigned his position in the congregation out of conscience, declining to inform the elders—despite their insistence and probing questions—as to the reasons.  Nevertheless, the elders are pushing and want to meet with them, even though the brother has told them it is not necessary.  This is extremely trying emotionally for these dear ones.  So as Paul asked for himself, I now ask of you to “carry on prayer” for them.  (2Th 3:1)  For the prayer of the righteous has much force. (Ja 5:16)

May the spirit of the Christ dwell in us all.

Your brother,

Meleti Vivlon

Meleti Vivlon

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