[From ws11/16 p. 13 December 5-11]

“In my heart I treasure up your saying.”—Ps. 119:11 (NWT)

A Cause for Concern

The whole purpose of this study is to address the potential problem—from the viewpoint of jw.org—of witnesses losing their zeal while serving in a foreign-language assignment.

Some Christian parents serving in a foreign-language field have come to realize that their children’s interest in the truth has waned. Because of not fully understanding what was said at the meetings, the children were not really touched by the spiritual program that was being presented at the Kingdom Hall. – par. 5

The phrase, “the truth”, in this paragraph is synonymous with “the Organization”.  If someone “leaves the truth”, it is understood that they have left the Organization.  Leaving the Organization is synonymous with leaving Jehovah in the mind of a Jehovah’s Witness.

There isn’t much that can be said in this review other than to warn parents not to confuse the emotional involvement that comes from understanding all that is said at the meetings and all that is written in the publications with what is actually taught in the word of God.  If you are truly interested in building up your child’s spirituality, then do not believe that you need the meetings nor the publications for this purpose.  What you need is the Word of God.

The Study gives examples from ancient Israel that unwittingly prove this very point.

Although Daniel was offered food to eat from the king’s delicacies, he “resolved in his heart” that he would not “defile himself.” (Dan. 1:8) Because he kept studying “the sacred books” in his mother tongue, he maintained his spiritual health while living in a foreign land. – par. 8

Daniel and his companions became outstanding examples of faith.  Yet they had no weekly meetings to go to, nor did they get regular issues of Jewish publications to study.  What they did have was all they really needed. They had the “sacred books”.  They also had prayer and meditation.  They also associated with those of like mind.

So, study the 66 sacred books which comprise the Bible with your children in their mother tongue and pray with them and exchange meaningful discussions on Bible topics with them whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Question all things that men write or teach to ensure that you are not being persuaded to another ‘truth’, for there is only one. (1Th 5:21)

As Forrest Gump said, “That’s all I have to say about that.”

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