As you can see, we’ve changed the look of the Beroean Pickets – Reviewer site.  The sister site, Beroean Pickets – Bible Study Forum, has experienced a similar facelift.

The idea was to make both sites easier to navigate across all devices, phones, tablets and computers.  We welcome constructive feedback from the readership should you feel there are ways to further improve the experience.

Spanish Site Launched!

We have had a Spanish language site,, in the works for a while, but time constraints have kept us from launching it until now.  It is our hope that translators will come forward to help us in getting the site populated with articles from our Archive Site that will assist our Spanish brothers and sisters who, like us, have begun to awaken to the situation in yet still have a genuine thirst for Bible truth. (Regrettably, so many who awaken allow disillusionment to take hold and abandon Christianity altogether.)

We are particularly interested in getting the articles pertaining to debunked JW doctrine translated as soon as possible.

Other Sites in the Offing

There are also plans to launch a German and a Dutch Beroeans Pickets site.  Again, much of the work has already been done and what we most need are capable translators who have the time to devote to this work.  This could be part of your ministry.

For many, we used to spend hours every week going from door-to-door in the service of the Organization.  While we may now be freed from that obligation, we nevertheless wish to obey Jesus’ command to preach the good news and make disciples, but this time by sharing the true message he imparted to us.  The internet provides us with an excellent tool in that regard.  For example, your continued comments on the articles are part of that work.  We get emails on a regular basis thanking us not just for the articles, but for the upbuilding comments shared among all.

To all the Children of God scattered about, we would like to thank you for your continued support for what has unexpectedly developed into a powerful means of spreading the good news of the Kingdom of the Christ.

Meleti Vivlon

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