[Total Count in References: Jehovah – 26, Jesus – 3, Organization – 3, Governing Body – 5]

Treasures from Gods Word – Blessings that restored Israel would enjoy

[Count: Jehovah – 5]

Ezekiel 47:13,14

The reference given is for the same Watchtower paragraph as last week and includes Ezekiel 45:16 which was discussed in our CLAM review for last week.


[Count: Jehovah – 2]

Part of the experience related includes the following:

‘He went on to say that the morning he met this brother, he had prayed, “If the religion of my youth is correct, please show me a sign today.” He felt that his prayer had been answered.’

That was what the person who is now a brother felt, but feelings are quite different to facts. Interpreting a chance meeting as the answer to a non-specific sign is a leap of faith. I guess we will never know how many prayed the same way and did not meet a brother and did not become witnesses. Even if the organization had such information it’s very unlikely it would ever be published.

Organizational Accomplishments – Video – Remote Volunteers being used by Jehovah

[Count: Jehovah – 8, Governing Body – 1]

This video is a recruiting tool to encourage the volunteering at one’s own expense of jobs and assignments previously done within Bethel. Sadly, Jesus as head of the Christian Congregation, doesn’t even get one single mention.  However, of course there is the obligatory mention of the Governing body and numerous citations of the headquarters.

Congregation Book Study (kr chap. 17 para 19-2020)

[Count: Jehovah – 11, Jesus – 3, Organization – 3, Governing Body – 4]

The soundbites here are good to the ears “The Bible-based courses encourage the brothers to maintain their own spirituality and to apply Scriptural principles in their dealings with the precious sheep that Jehovah has entrusted to their care.” The only problem is that there is no proof that Jehovah has entrusted the sheep to their care and more often than not they learn to apply organizational rules rather than scriptural principles on these ‘Bible-based courses’.

The real issue with the training provided is found in the final sentence of paragraph 20 where it says: “And let us remember that the main purpose of all this training is to help us keep spiritually strong so that we may fully accomplish our ministry.”  [bold ours].

Therefore, as is plainly stated, the main purpose is not to develop the Christian qualities that are needed to deal with and assist others, and which would then serve as a witness to others, but to push the agenda of door-to-door preaching (which is the main interpretation of ‘ministry’ when used by the organization.)

A review of the purpose of each of the schools mentioned in the box “Schools that train Kingdom Ministers” confirms this conclusion as even indicated in the heading itself.

  • CLAM – Training for preachering (note: not Christian qualities)
  • Elders School – Training for organizational responsibilities.
  • Pioneer School – Training for preachers.
  • Bethel School – Training to serve organizational needs in Bethel.
  • Kingdom Evangelisers School – Training for preaching and for organizational responsibilities.
  • Gilead – Training for preaching and for organizational responsibilities (travelling overseers, Bethelites).
  • Kingdom Ministry School – Training for organization responsibilities.

Not one of these schools focuses on cultivating Christian qualities. The result is that the attendees are trained in preaching and organizational requirements, but not how to live in peace and harmony with fellow attendees and their brothers. This can lead to problems in fulfilling the roles for which they have been trained.


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