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Daniel 11:2 – Four Kings arose for the Persian Empire (dp 212-213 para 5-6)

The reference states that Cyrus the Great, Cambyses II and Darius I were the three kings and Xerxes was the fourth.  The suggestion is that Bardiya who ruled 7 months or so and may have been a pretender was ignored by the prophecy. While Xerxes fulfilled the prophecy assigned to the fourth king, was Cyrus the Great the first King as claimed?

What does history, and more important, Daniel 11:1 indicate? This prophecy was given in the first year of Darius the Mede. While many historians dispute the existence of Darius the Mede, or some equate him with Cyrus himself, there is evidence that supports the conclusion that it may have been a throne name for either the General, Ugbaru, or a Median uncle of Cyrus. Whatever the case, while Darius the Mede was King of Babylon, Cyrus was already King of Persia[1], and had been for the previous 20 years. Therefore, when Daniel 11:2 states: “Look! There will yet be three kings standing up for Persia”, this is referring to the future. Cyrus had already stood up for Persia, before the fall of Babylon to the Persians. Therefore, it makes logical sense that the three Kings before Xerxes, who would “rouse up everything against the kingdom of Greece”, would start with Cambyses II, and include Bardiya, as well as Darius.

Daniel 12:3 – Who are “those having insight” and when do they “shine as brightly as the expanse of heaven”? (w13 7/15 13 para 16, endnote)

The claim is made that “the ones having insight” are the “anointed Christians”, and they “shine as brightly as the stars in heaven”“by sharing in the preaching work”.

In Daniel 10:14 the angel says “And I have come to cause you to discern what will befall your people in the final part of the days”.  The phrase, “your people”, refers to Daniel’s people, the Jewish nation, living after Daniel. Therefore, could “your people” refer to anointed Christians of the 19th to 21st century? No, the so-called anointed Christians in the late 1800″s and early 1900″s and onwards through to the present were almost exclusively non-Jewish. Therefore they could not be Daniel’s “your people. Also what was the final part of the days referring to? Logically they were referring to the last days of Daniel’s people, i.e. the first Century Jews, as they ceased to exist as a nation in 70CE.

Having established that “your people were the Jews, and their “final part of the days” were the first century culminating in 70CE with the destruction of Jerusalem and Judea, and the enslavement of any survivors, who would be those having insight? Luke 10:16-22 would indicate that “those having insight would be the ones to whom Jehovah revealed that Jesus was his appointed Messiah.

The meaning of the Hebrew words translated the ones having insight [Hebrew Strongs 7919] come from roots indicating ones that are prudent, give insight to others, and teach. Shall shine [Hebrew Strongs 2094]  means to admonish, warn, enlighten, instruct. Brightness [Hebrew Strongs 2096] is light or brightness, and the expanse [Hebrew Strongs 7549] is the backdrop of the heavens. It is therefore a play on words in Hebrew/Aramaic, conveying the meaning that the prudent ones would enlighten and instruct and warn others, and in doing so would stand out in the same way as the stars do on the backdrop of the heavens at night. Those prudent enough to heed Jesus’ words and believe in him as the promised Messiah were indeed prudent and did indeed warn others about Jerusalem”s impending destruction, and by their Christ-like actions, stood out as righteous individuals amongst the backdrop of wicked 1st century Jews. Even as Paul wrote in Philippians 2:15 –you are shining as illuminators in the world (of a crooked and twisted generation)” by being “blameless and innocent.

Daniel 12:13 – In what way will Daniel stand up? (dp 315 para 18)

As the reference says, Daniel would stand up by being resurrected back to the earth. The Hebrew word translated “stand up” [Hebrew Strongs 5975] means to stand up, as the opposite to lying prostrate (as in one’s grave). Daniel’s “lot” was a division of land, a physical inheritance, the same sense as found in Psalm 37:11, so he would need to be resurrected to receive his “lot”.

Video – Fortified by “the Prophetic Word”

Most of this was a refreshing change, providing indisputable evidence for the accuracy of Bible prophecy. That lasted until the 12:45 minute mark in the video, when they claimed Bible prophecies are currently being fulfilled, but did not say which ones. They also gave no support for this claim. However, it is very likely they were referring to the signs contained in Matthew 24 and Luke 21. This subject has been discussed many times on this site. Suffice to say that Matthew 24:23 warns us, “Then if anyone says to you, “Look, here is the Christ” or “There!” do not believe it”.  Why? Jesus answered his own question a few verses later in Matthew 24:27: “For just as the lightning comes out of eastern parts and shines over to western parts, so the presence of the Son of man will be.”  Why would Jesus give this warning? Because Jesus knew many false prophets would say “There! Jesus has come invisibly. Believe us! You will see his invisible presence with the eye of faith if you join us!” Jesus made it clear that when he came and was present, his presence would be clearly seen by everyone. There would be no need for someone to say “Look”, they would not be able to deny or ignore his presence, the same way that even when we are asleep or look away, we still know there is lightning when it flashes across the heavens and lights up the entire sky.

Congregation Book Study (kr chap. 19 para 8-18)

Why did it take the organization that claims to be God’s organization over 100 years to start to improve and build better Kingdom Halls in many lands? The only equalizing that has taken place is the quality of the Kingdom Halls not the welfare of the brothers and sisters, who are still poor in many parts of the world.

Paragraph 10 indicates there was a need for 6,500 Kingdom halls worldwide in 2013, we wonder what the current need is, as they are selling Kingdom Halls in the USA, UK and other Western lands.

Paragraph 11 mentions that one man was impressed because all the workers building the Kingdom Hall were volunteers. It is unlikely this would be the case in western lands. Almost without exception projects in Western lands now have a reasonable amount of paid labour. This is due in great part to the fact that increasing regulation of the building industry requires certain skills to be performed by workers or firms with qualifications in these areas. As witnesses have been discouraged from obtaining qualifications by having further education, they are unable to fill the needs of the organization and instead money has been and continues to be spent on hiring expensive professionally qualified workers for various trades or parts thereof.[2]

Paragraph 14 states that the building of Kingdom Halls and so forth “add to the praise of Jehovah”s name“, while the increasing scandal from the extremely poor handling of all cases of child sexual abuse is undermining completely any praise that may have gone to Jehovah and Jesus Christ.

We have to ask the following question on paragraph 18. How does the burgeoning property portfolio prove that God’s Kingdom is real and ruling?  All it proves is that the governing body are good at getting poor brothers and sisters to freely give of their time and resources to build a Kingdom Hall for the benefit of their own congregation, only for it to be given away to the organization and then sold from under their feet without them having any say in the matter. What a contrast in attitude between the organization and the King Jesus Christ they claim to serve. Luke 9:58 and Matthew 8:20 show that Jesus had nowhere to lay down his head, nor meet, compared with an organization holding billions of dollars in real estate.


[1] According to the Nabonidus Chronicle, Ugbaru (Gobryas) was the governor of Gutium, the Darius the Mede of Daniel, who actually led Cyrus the Great’s army that captured Babylon on 17/VII/17 of Nabonidus (October 539 BCE), then Cyrus entered Babylon on 3/VIII/17. Ugbaru, his co-ruler, installed governors in Babylon. According to the timeline of the Nabonidus Chronicle the [actual] king of Babylon was Ugbaru (even if he was not formally enthroned) during the period from 3/VIII/00 to 11/VIII/01 of Cyrus. [This would have given Ugbaru an accession year and a first regnal year, which does not contradict Daniel 11:1] Cyrus received the title of “King of Babylon” only after month X of the 1st year of his reign over Babylon.

[2] In the UK, these trades would include large site management, roadworks, electrical and plumbing installations, civil engineering (for geological and structural calculations), amongst others.


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