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It will occur​—if you do not fail to listen to the voice of Jehovah your God.”​—Zec 6:15

The first thing you should do before studying this article is read the entirety of chapter 6 of Zechariah. As you read it, look carefully to see if there is any application, any application whatsoever, beyond Zechariah’s day?

Now consider these words by Governing Body member, David Splane, delivered at the 2:13 mark of video of the 2014 Annual Meeting Program:

“Who is to decide if a person or an event is a type if the word of God doesn’t say anything about it? Who is qualified to do that? Our answer? We can do no better than to quote our beloved brother Albert Schroeder who said, “We need to exercise great care when applying accounts in the Hebrew Scriptures as prophetic patterns or types if these accounts are not applied in the Scriptures themselves.” Wasn’t that a beautiful statement? We agree with it.”

Then, around the 2:18 mark, Splane gives the example of one brother Arch W. Smith who loved the belief we once held in the significance of pyramids. However, then the 1928 Watchtower nullified that doctrine, he accepted the change because, to quote Splane, “he let reason win out over emotion.”  Splane then continues to say, “In recent times, the trend in our publications has been to look for the practical application of events and not for types where the Scriptures themselves do not clearly identify them as such. We simply cannot go beyond what is written.”

You might also want to consider the follow-up to that talk published in the March 15, 2015 Watchtower, “Questions from Readers” on page 17.

So we are no longer going to teach antitypes unless they are explicitly declared in the Bible.  That is the official position of the Governing Body and yet this article commissioned by the Governing Body violates it.

How can they expect us to be obedient to everything they teach us if they won’t obey their own direction?

One of the reasons they dropped antitypical applications is that they often came across as silly.  For instance, in this article, the two mountains Zechariah speaks of are interpreted by the Governing Body to represent “Jehovah’s universal and eternal rulership” and “the Messianic Kingdom in the hands of Jesus”.  However, the application was to Zechariah’s day, a time before the Messianic Kingdom in any form came into existence.

We could go on, but it seems fruitless to do so.  After all, most of the antitypes apply to 1914 and 1919, and we’ve spent considerable effort demonstrating from Scripture that all the JW teachings concerning those years are false.[i]

Take Part in the Building Work

What is the writer of this article really after?  First, the non-scriptural antitypes are intended to shore up the belief of Jehovah’s Witnesses that God is backing the Organization. What more is expected from the rank and file?

Today, millions join in true worship, and they are moved from the heart to contribute their “valuable things,” which include their time, energy, and resources in support of Jehovah’s great spiritual temple. (Prov. 3:9) How can we be certain that Jehovah values our loyal support? Remember that Heldai, Tobijah, and Jedaiah brought the materials for the crown that Zechariah made. The crown then served “as a memorial,” or “reminder,” of their contribution toward true worship. (Zech. 6:14; ftn.) Likewise, the work and the love we show for Jehovah will never be forgotten. (Heb. 6:10) They will remain forever, cherished in Jehovah’s memory. – par. 18

In short, give your time and money to the Organization and Jehovah will remember you and bless you, because you have helped build His modern-day temple.  And what is His modern-day temple?  According to the Bible, the temple represents the anointed Christians that make up the bride of Christ, not some human-run Organization with real estate holdings all over the world. (2 Co 6:16) In fact, the Bible doesn’t ever use the word “organization”.  So equating the temple of God to such things cannot be based in Scripture.

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[i] See the two categories “1914” and “1919” on the home pages of Beroean Pickets Archive.

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