This is the third video I’ve published on this series.  I’ve learned that the automated Closed Captioning available through YouTube can be customized. It’s a wonderful feature, but not infallible.  For instance, I’ve seen it translate “Jehovah” as “over” and “Jehovah’s” as “Jo’s”.  However…and here’s the thing…We can edit it manually to correct these mistakes.

Unfortunately, I’m running out of available time, so I could use a little help. If anyone would like to perform the editing function, please email me at and I will show you how it’s done. It’s really quite easy, but you have to have an hour or two available for each video.  You don’t have to do them all. Even one or two would help.


We can also make use of this feature to provide Closed Captioned translations into any language.  If you would like to help out by translating the spoken word into text in your native language, please email me at the above email address and I’ll set you up.

I do plan to do Spanish videos, but beyond that, I cannot go—unless the Lord gives me the Gift of Tongues. 🙂