Treasures from God’s Word and Digging for Spiritual Gems – Whose Thoughts are You thinking? (Matthew 16-17)

Matthew 16:19 (will already be bound, will already be loosened) (nwtsty)

This reference is correct and the NWT (2013) edition actually makes clearer this important verse when the scripture reads “whatever you may bind on earth will already be bound in the heavens, and whatever you may loosen on earth will already be loosened in the heavens”.

However the reason for mentioning this verse is that this verse is often used verbally to support decisions of the elders and the Governing Body. However any such use is a misinterpretation and misuse of this verse.

The context is that Jesus was talking to Peter and Peter alone. It was also in relation to the giving of the keys of the Kingdom.

As the reference states “whatever decision Peter made would be made after (bold ours) the corresponding decision was made in heaven; it would not precede it.” In other words Peter would be following the directions given to him by Jesus from heaven. Indeed the accounts in Acts e.g. (Acts 11:4-16) show that Peter was given a vision before preaching to the Gentiles, and the Holy spirit being poured out on those Gentiles confirmed this decision to all onlookers. (See also Acts 8:14-17 for Samaritans being accepted and Acts 2:1-41 for Jews and Jewish proselytes). In other words, Peter followed the direction he received from heaven. Peter did not make a decision of his own origin that was then accepted by heaven.

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