In 2008, Jehovah’s Witnesses were introduced to what was then thought of as new light.  The understanding that the generation Jesus spoke of at Matthew 24:34 was changed from referring to the wicked people of his day to anointed Christians in our day.  As it turns out, this wasn’t new light at all, but a return to an 80-year-old understanding put forward by J.F. Rutherford in the Feb 15, 1927 Watchtower.  Two years later, further changes to the doctrine resulted in what has been called the Overlapping Generations doctrine of Jehovah’s Witnesses in which two distinct generations could be counted as a single generation based on the overlapping of their lifetimes.  Four years passed when, in 2014, a further “refinement” to the doctrine was introduced in which it was not the lifetimes that overlapped, but the periods of their anointing.

The question is: Is this doctrine based in Scripture, or is it the fabrication of men trying to engender a false sense of urgency in the faithful?  We will attempt to answer that question in this video.

Meleti Vivlon

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