Treasures from God’s Word and Digging for Spiritual Gems – “The Passover and the Memorial – Similarities and Differences” (Matthew 26)

Bible Study

Note the dumbed down endnote in the simplified ‘Bible Teach’ book known as ‘Teach us’. Just as Bible has been removed from the short name, so has the Bible from the explanation. There is no attempt to support the teaching of separate classes scripturally. All it says is “Those who will rule with Jesus in heaven eat the bread and drink the wine. Those who have the hope of living forever on earth respectfully attend the Memorial but do not eat the bread or drink the wine.”  No attempt is made to provide scriptural support for this teaching. The conductors of Bible studies will have fun with getting that past any new Bible studies.

Otherwise, little to comment on this week.

Jesus, The Way (jy Chapter 15) –Performing his first Miracle

Nothing for comment.


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