In the April Broadcast on, there is a video given by Governing Body member Mark Sanderson at about the 34-minute mark, wherein he relates some encouraging experiences of brothers under persecution in Russia back in the 1950s, showing how Jehovah provided the support they needed to endure.

When we become disillusioned with the organization, it is very easy for us to see everything that comes forth from it in a negative light. This can be caused by our own disillusionment, by the sense of betrayal we feel by men in whom we invested the utmost trust. Anger may cause us to lose sight of the many good things that we gained from our association with Jehovah’s Witnesses. On the other hand, when we hear about such positive experiences, we may become confused. We may question our own decision, thinking that there is in fact evidence that Jehovah has blessed the organization.

What we have here are two extremes. On the one hand we dismiss all that is good, utterly rejecting the Organization; while on the other hand, we might see these things as proof of God’s blessing and be drawn back into the Organization.

When a brother like Mark Sanderson uses examples of Christian faith under persecution (the organization often uses the faithful example of the Earnest Bible students in Nazi Germany who did not call themselves Jehovah’s Witnesses, but were affiliated with the Watchtower Bible and Tract society in New York) he does not do so to build our faith in Jehovah God as the rewarder of individuals who love him (Heb 11:6), but rather to build our faith in the Organization as the one place where such rewards from God are dispensed.  We are not expected to watch this video and conclude that this is yet another example of Jehovah helping Christians in any and every denomination who are undergoing persecution for the name of the Christ.  Witnesses will be inclined to believe that this type of thing happens only to them.

Yet, there are many cases of Christians undergoing persecution around the world, many far worse off than what JWs are experiencing.  A simple google search will reveal this.  Here is a link to one such video.

We can be seduced by such stories and read into them far more than is intended.  I think Peter expressed it best when he said about the Gentile Cornelius:

“Now I truly understand that God is not partial, 35 but in every nation the man who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him. (Acts 10:34, 35)

It is not our religious affiliation that counts in the end, but whether or not we fear God and do what is acceptable to him.  Sooner or later, that fear (reverent submission) will lead to obedience when those in our church, synagogue, temple, or Kingdom hall ask us to do something that conflicts with what our Father tells us to do.





Meleti Vivlon

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