Hi Everyone,

After discussing the pros and cons with a number of you, I’ve removed the comment voting feature.  The reasons are various.  For me, the key reason Tthat came back to me in responses was that it amounted to a popularity contest.  There was also the issue of down-voting someone’s comment without giving a reason for doing so.  This doesn’t benefit anyone.

Overall, the benefits seemed to be outweighed by the disadvantages.  Of course, if the overwhelming desire of everyone is to have them restored, I can do that.  Let’s try it this way for a while and see how it works.

The idea is that if you really like someone’s comment, it is better to express why in a comment of your own.  And if you disagree with what is written or the tone with which it is written, again, better to express why you feel that way so that the person can learn from the experience.

I do hope this change is acceptable to all.

Meleti Vivlon

Meleti Vivlon

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