Treasures from God’s Word and Digging for Spiritual Gems – “Imitate Mary’s Humility” (Luke 1)

Luke 1:3

“I resolved also, because I have traced all things from the start with accuracy, to write them in logical order to you, most excellent The·ophʹi·lus,”(NWT)

Luke was an excellent writer. Undoubtedly, his thoroughness contributed to this as he traced all things with accuracy. From where? From the start. As the lyrics of a famous song from a famous musical film say, “Let’s start from the very beginning. A very good place to start.”[i]

In our own efforts to find out the truth from God’s word, this is the best principle to follow. When making research on any Bible topic or teaching, do not start with a premise or take any shortcuts, however tempting that may be. Most readers were or are Witnesses and in being such we built up a structure of scriptural knowledge. The problem is that, unknown to us at the time, some of the most important bricks had serious hidden flaws that are becoming evident to us. Nevertheless, many bricks are perfectly fine or need only a little refurbishment or repair. Still, we need to test each and every brick. That is a long process. We also need to get the foundations right this time round. Of most importance, we need God’s Holy Spirit to help us. To do this we need to “start at the very beginning”.

So, for example, while we may wonder whether the resurrection of the chosen ones started around or after 1914 or is yet to start, we first need an unbiased look at the Bible’s teaching on the resurrection alone. Then other more detailed questions we may have are often answered in the process. If we attempt to rebuild from halfway we could unwittingly leave flawed bricks in our building which will affect us later as other Bible teachings will not fit into the new framework we construct for ourselves. We also need to “carry our own load” and not blindly accept the views of others.  Instead, we need to be like the Beroeans who carefully checked everything Paul taught them. (Galatians 6:5, Acts 17:11)

Luke 1:46-55 (ia 150-151 para 15-16)

Clearly, Mary thought deeply about God’s Word. Still, she remained humble, preferring to let the Scriptures do the talking rather than speaking of her own originality.”

What I teach is not mine, but belongs to him that sent me.” (John 7:16) We do well to ask ourselves: ‘Do I show such respect and reverence for God’s Word? Or do I prefer my own ideas and teachings?’ Mary’s position is clear.”

Sadly the words “Healer, Heal thyself” comes to mind. If only the Organization showed such respect and reverence for God’s Word instead of their own understanding. While some may think it is God’s word surely a thinking person who truly loves God would not intentionally teach such a convoluted, strange and illogical teaching as that of the ‘overlapping generations’. It defies the context of the very verses they claim support their teaching. A generation has always been a group born in the same period of years or alive during a particular event. People either have to be alive during the event or born within 10-15 years either side of a particular person who is being talked about so they are contemporaneous, living at pretty much the identical time.

Demonstrations for presentations in the field ministry almost always feature pointing people to JW.Org, not the Bible. As has been said before, can we really expect that the two most powerful and intelligent beings in the universe, Jehovah and Jesus Christ were so unable to ensure a clear message was written to all mankind, such that we need interpreters in the form of the Governing Body?

Organizational Accomplishments June 2018 – Video

“So providing for places for worship is very important” says the speaker in his 3rd sentence.

Is the speaker familiar with John 4:21,24 or James 1:26,27? Jesus said “true worshipers will worship the Father with spirit and truth”, not in a temple or a Kingdom Hall.  Rather he said, “The hour is coming when neither in this mountain nor in Jerusalem [in the Temple] will you people worship the Father”.

The speaker then goes on to say “Jehovah’s refinements to the arrangements for providing Kingdom Halls have allowed him to express his love for dear brothers and sisters.” So when did Jehovah give inspiration to members of the Governing Body? Did Jehovah send an angel with a scroll containing new instructions for the revised arrangements for providing Kingdom Halls? Quite exactly how did this happen? This is not explained and in fact the mechanism is never explained.


[i] Do-Re-Mi from the ‘Sound of Music’


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