Treasures from God’s Word and Digging for Spiritual Gems – “Resist Temptations as Jesus did?” (Luke 4-5)

Bible Study (jl lesson 28)

Right at the end of this lesson is a paragraph headed “A Note of Caution:”

It states “Some Internet sites have been set up by opposers to spread false information about our organization. Their intent is to draw people away from serving Jehovah. We should avoid those sites. (Psalm 1:1, Psalm 26:4, Romans 16:17)”

Of course that caution may be true about some sites, but it is not the case for the sites I have seen. It definitely is not the case for this site. To back up their claim they should give the names of some of these sites along with quotes of the so-called “false information” and provide verifiable facts that those quotations are indeed false. In the absence of such proof, all these statements are just unverified assertions.

The sites they are really worried about are sites that spread true information about the Organization, since their only defense against the truth is to attack those who spread the truth about the organization with lies and slander.

In fact, sites like this one enable commenting, so that if someone cares to offer a different point of view, or point out an error, they can do so.  Why does not permit such a commenting feature?

We do not wish “to draw people away from serving Jehovah”, rather we wish to help those disillusioned by the teachings of the Organization or by the treatment received from it, to avoid losing their faith in God altogether. We want to help them find peace and continue serving God and Jesus Christ and benefit from the good news found in God’s word.

The authors of articles on this site want you, dear reader, to be Beroean-like and check for yourself that what is written is true. You should not take our word as truth.  We do not want you to replace the organization with us.  Using the Scriptures as your guide, you will find out who the “deceitful men” really are, so that you can “avoid those who hide what they are” (Psalm 26:4).

Social Networking – Avoid the pitfalls (video)

This is actually very good, both the message it carries and the presentation. It was also rather surprising in that the entire voiceover commentary was by a sister, rather the the usual ubiquitous brother. There were also two brief mentions of scripture. It you have family members particularly younger ones, this is actually well worth watching together.




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