Doubting the Bible: Does the Age of the Pyramids Disprove the Flood?

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Hello, everyone.  Eric Wilson here.  This is going to be a brief video because I’m still getting my new place set up.  It was an exhausting move.  (May I never have to do another one.) But soon the video studio is fully configured, I hope to be able to use it to produce videos more quickly.

As we have observed on previous occasions, more and more Jehovah’s Witnesses are waking up to the reality of the organization. News coverage of the child sexual abuse scandal is not going away and is becoming harder and harder for sincere Witnesses to ignore. Then, there’s the alarming reality of the widespread sale of Kingdom halls and the subsequent shrinkage in the number of congregations.  Five have just been put up for sale in my area alone, and that's just the beginning.  Many longstanding congregations have simply disappeared, being subsumed to make one from two or from three.  Increase and expansion have always been what Jehovah's Witnesses point to when they claim God’s blessing, but that no longer fits the reality.

When the day finally comes for some who awaken, the majority sadly abandon all hope.  So fearful are they of being deceived ever again that they actually fall prey to further deception, believing that there is no God, or if there is, he doesn’t really care about us.  They go on the internet and swallow down all manner of silly conspiracy theories and anyone who wants to trash the Bible becomes their guru.

Having seen the organization for what it is, they now question everything.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s important to question everything, but if you’re going to do it, then do it.  Critical thinking doesn’t question some things and then stop.  The critical thinker doesn’t find an answer he or she likes and then turns off the mind. The real critical thinker questions everything!

Let me illustrate.  Let’s say that you question whether the flood really occurred. That’s a really big question, because both Jesus and Peter referred to the Flood of Noah’s Day, so if it never occurred, it really means we can’t trust any of the Bible as God’s word.  It’s just another book from men. (Mt 24:36-39; 1 Pe 3:19, 20) Fine, so you want to know if there is anything that would either prove or disprove that the Flood described in Genesis really happened.

You go on the internet and you find some who claim that it could not have happened because the age of the pyramids is known and according to Bible chronology, they were already built when the Flood happened, so there should be water damage showing, yet there is none.  Therefore, the conclusion is that the Flood is a Bible myth.

The reasoning sounds logical.  You accept as fact the date of the Flood as expressed in Scripture and the age of the pyramids as established by archeology and science.  So,  the conclusion seem inescapable.

But are you truly thinking critically?  Are you really questioning everything?

If you have listened to my videos you will know that I am a strong proponent of critical thought. That doesn’t just apply to the teachings of religious leaders, but must apply to everyone who presumes to teach us, instruct us, or just share their opinions with us. It certainly applies to me. I would not want anyone to accept anything I say at face value. A proverb says, “thinking ability will keep watch over you, and discernment will safeguard you…” (Pr 2:11)

Our ability to think, to discern, to critically analyse is what safeguards us from the deception which is all around us.  But thinking ability or critical thinking is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets.  Use it only a little, and it gets weaker.

So,   what are we missing if we accept the reasoning of those who claim the age of the pyramids prove there was no Flood?

The Bible tells us:

“The first to state his case seems right, Until the other party comes and cross-examines him.” (Pr 18:17)

If we listen only to videos that try to prove there was no Flood, we are only hearing one side of the argument.  Yet, we might say, how could anyone argue against this. It’s just math.  True, but this math is based on two premises which we have accepted unquestioningly.  A critical thinker questions everything—everything.  If you do not question the premise upon which an argument is based, how do you know your argument has a rock-solid foundation? For all you know, you might actually be building on sand.

The argument against the Flood being true is that ‘the age of the pyramids is known and it predates the date the Bible sets for the Flood, yet there is no evidence of water damage on any of the pyramids.’

I am a Bible student, so I have a natural bias causing me to believe the Bible is always right. Therefore, the one element of this argument that I would be disinclined to question is that the Bible is wrong about the date of the Flood.  And it is for this reason, this personal bias, that the one premise I should question above all others is whether the Bible chronology is accurate.

That may sound like an astonishing statement to make, but I want to think about it this way: What I am holding in my hand is a bible, but really it is not a bible.  We call it a bible, but when we read the title, it says, “The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures”.  It’s a  translation.  This is also a translation: The Jerusalem Bible.  It’s called a bible, but it’s a translation; this one by the Catholic Church.  And over here, we have the Holy Bible—simply called the Holy Bible…King James.  The full name is the King James Version. It's called a version. A version of what?  Again, all of these are versions, or translations, or renderings of…original manuscripts?  No.  Of copies.  No one has the original manuscripts; the actual parchments, or tablets, or whatever it may be that were penned by the original Bible writers. All we have are copies. That’s not a bad thing. Actually, it’s quite a good thing, as we’ll see later on.  But the important thing to remember is that we’re dealing with translations; so therefore, we have to question: What are they translated from?  Are there multiple sources and do they agree?

I should add a little note in here for those who think the King James is the only true Bible.  It is a good Bible, yes, but it was done by a committee appointed by King James and as any other committee that works on any Bible translation, they were guided by their own understanding and their own biases.  So really, we cannot except any particular translation or version as the one Bible.  But rather we should use all of them and then go deeper into interlinears until we find the truth.

The points I’m trying to make are these: If you’re going to question anything in Scripture make sure you listen to both sides of the argument. And if you’re going to question anything, make sure you question everything, even things you hold to be fundamentally and unalterably true.

I have come to believe that the age of the pyramids actually contributes to proving there was a flood. But instead of explaining that, I’m going to let someone else do it. After all, why reinvent the wheel when someone has already done it and done it better than I would have.

At the end of this video I will put up a video link for you to follow to get the answers to the questions we have just raised. The author of the video is a Christian like myself. I don’t know him personally and so cannot say that I would agree with all his scriptural understandings, but I will not allow differences of opinion to separate me from anyone who believes sincerely   in the Christ. That is the mindset of Jehovah’s Witnesses and I no longer accept that as valid. But what is important here is not the messenger, but the message. You must make your own evaluation based on the evidence. Just make sure always that you look at all the evidence before arriving at a conclusion. I hope to be back in the swing of things next week but until then, may our Lord continue to bless your work.


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  • Comment by Leonardo Josephus on 2019-08-08 16:10:16

    Great video and item , Eric. That will get the old grey cells working overtime.

  • Comment by Chet on 2019-08-08 20:50:21

    Thanks for posting the link to this video.

    The Flood has been a subject of interest to me, and it seems that as the years go by, my degree of interest has significantly increased. I have watched numerous videos made by Christian Geologists and I am familiar with their theories, many of which strike me as highly credible. The explanation of how the Flood shaped the earth make a great deal of sense. It has always fascinated me that some parts on the North American Continent are very smooth, while others are quite rugged. The transition between these areas can be quite abrupt. A global flood followed by an Ice Age explains it well. Areas never covered with ice, to this day, bear the marks of having been flooded, while glaciated areas tell the tale of the Ice Age.

    If there are, indeed, 650 more years between The Flood and the Babel event, this explains a great deal. The 100-120 year timespan seems a bit short, but restoring the genealogies to their pre-Masoretic values makes a great deal of sense.

    The film Patterns of Evidence is an excellent research project, brought to light in a fascinating manner. It also is a reminder that there are many sincere people out there, seeking Christian truth. Recent archaeological discoveries and diligent research of the scriptures have yielded some very useful information, of late, and helped to bring the Bible to life to a greater degree than ever before.

  • Comment by jamesbrown on 2019-08-08 22:24:18

    Hi Eric

    I just like the way you and others on this site present the truth, the facts and the way to reason from the bible.

    I don’t know if you have been reading my experience with 3 elders regarding Rev 4:11, it was “hell” on earth, anyway, I had a visit from 2 elders to try to set my mind straight last night, and meanwhile my wife was in tears and begging me to listen to the elders and the GB directions.

    I am almost 70 years old; I have been made fun off for my critical thinking, and I have been accused to know more than the GB.

    Before they came, I went in my room and prayed for wisdom and keeping my mouth shut, and some how “PRAISE” GB for all they do.

    Eric in reading your words latter on: “The points I’m trying to make are these: If you’re going to question anything in Scripture make sure you listen to both sides of the argument. And if you’re going to question anything, make sure you question everything, even things you hold to be fundamentally and unalterably true.”

    I was asked again, if I believed the GB “is” Gods ONLY channel on earth that gets us close to Jehovah, and that we are the ONLY ones to teach the truth, and also if we are follow their directions, everlasting life awaits us.

    “Light bulb” came on in my head and please don’t ask me what I had 2 days ago for lunch, but I quoted John 14: 6 Jesus said to him: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

    I said please listen to what I have to say then you can make up your minds, I explained, that I have “come to believe” GB is Jesus Christ on earth.

    Let me explain, I quoted their words “GB is Gods ONLY channel on earth and that we are the ONLY ones to teach the truth, also if we listen to and follow directions, everlasting life awaits us.”

    So, I said compare the 2 statements, you said “GB is Gods ONLY channel on earth” isn’t that the WAY Jesus said about himself? “we are the ONLY ones to teach the truth” Isn’t this what Jesus said about HIS teaching? And if we listen to him, we will get life? So, I asked isn’t GB wanting us to get close to Jehovah? So, I believe GB is Jesus Christ on earth.

    There was one incredible silence, even my wife was shocked at what I came up with.

    I asked the elders can you disprove my statement about GB being Jesus on earth in the light of what we are being taught at meetings and publications?

    They said GB is NOT Jesus Christ on earth and that I was stupid to think that way.

    I asked, are saying they are NOT the way, the truth, the life, in getting us close to Jehovah in the light of the scripture I read about Jesus?

    The younger elder said NO, the older one said YES. A debate ensued between them in front of our eyes, my wife was disappointed at their disagreements and I kept my mouth shut.

    After the prayer, they left and they were sitting in the car for a long time outside our house, and I could hear them arguing and then they left.

    Eric, I like to thank you for such a wonderful article that you wrote and encouraging critical thinking in all matters.

    Love to all

    • Reply by messenger on 2019-08-09 00:55:22

      Hi James,

      I think you temporarily stumped them with your question, because rationally it exposed their false belief in Matthew 24:45. It's likely they will be back at some time. Years ago I saw some videos of ex-JWs, and in the videos I reference, elders had asked publishers those type of questions, according to the publishers in them. The publishers said when they didn't answer the WT way they got disfellowshipped. So, it looks like they are definitely looking for a reason to disfellowship you at this point. By now your whole elder body knows about your situation, or they soon will. So it's not likely they will drop the point. You might be able to find some of those videos I saw online, though I saw them more than 5 years ago. One had members of a family on some television show. An older woman who claimed to be an anointed JW said she was asked by her elders which would she put more faith in, what she believed the Bible taught, or what the WT magazine taught. When she answered the Bible they disfellowshipped her.

      If it happens I hope it doesn't cause too much harm for you. As always, best wishes!!! That question, do you believe WT, its GB, or Jehovah's Witnesses are the only way to God is a question elders use to determine if they will bring a charge of apostasy against you. If you agree with them they don't, if you don't agree they do. I am sure they never got, or even thought of getting, your response; so they got stumped, and then left without resolving that matter. They will likely be back or want to talk to you in private at the hall, maybe after a meeting. No matter what happens remember there are more of us than there are of them, and even if you just have Jehovah on your side, at that time, you still have a majority. Jehovah + 1= a majority.

      I watched more than half the video here. Not seeing the whole thing I don't know if its creator brought this point out. In the Hebrew language in biblical days there was no word that distinguished between a father, a great grandfather, a great great grandfather, or a great great great great grandfather, etc. There was one and the same word for all those designations. Therefore, I wouldn't hang my hopes on believing any quoted elapsed amount of time that is based on biblical genealogy. While those scriptures speaking of genealogy say someone begot another someone, how can we be sure he didn't in fact beget someone, who begot someone else, and after a string of these begets the actual person named in scripture pops out way down the line? Because the Hebrew word for that first person would be father to the whole string of his descendants.

    • Reply by Meleti Vivlon on 2019-08-09 08:50:30

      They have such blind faith in the men of the Governing Body. They assume they are these brilliant spirit-directed Bible scholars as revealed by the oft-repeated dismissive, "So, you think you know more than the Governing Body?"

      Well, we know enough to listen to the Christ. We know enough to be loyal to our master rather than men. We know enough to acknowledge when we've made a mistake and not blame others for it.

      Does that count?

      The spirit gives us knowledge, not the Governing Body and your brilliant spirit-inspired answer truly demonstrates that. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. I wish more people read these comments, but with your permission, I'm going to use that experience on an upcoming video.

      • Reply by jamesbrown on 2019-08-11 20:35:55

        Good morning Eric

        I cannot wait for your next video and it will be my pleasure to have you use what I said to the elders.

        Thanks again Eric

  • Comment by Christian on 2019-08-08 23:40:09

    Both videos are very good and thought provoking. Thanks Eric for the hard work you are putting in in order to assist us in arriving at well formed understandings of Scriptual matters. I started attending meetings of JWs over 70 years ago, when I was 4 and grew up to value spiritual matters, but for many years I believed Noah's flood to have been a worldwide event rather than an earth-wide one. One of the reasons has now been eased given that there is a strong argument in favor of there being many more years than just the 100 between the devastation of the flood in order to build the great city of Babylon along with it's Tower etc. I'm still perplexed with the fauna distribution, apparently, after The Flood. Living, as I now do, on an Island Continent that holds creatures found nowhere else on the planet of course beggars belief that they arrived here on the other side of the planet with no traces of them anywhere else. The Ice samples from both the Arctic and Antarctic, and in the case of a core sample recently released being 2.7 million years old and others less ancient, none of them give any indication of an interruption of the annual snowfall melt-freeze activity which would surely have occurred if mountains in Antarctica had been covered in water. Thankfully none of these observations disrupt my faith and belief in Yahweh and the coming re-set of human government under the perfect domain of Yeshuah our mediator. Thank you once again for all your loving hard work.

    • Reply by messenger on 2019-08-09 01:54:07

      I don't know if you are still attending meetings, but years ago WT gave up the idea that the planet here is new. Flash of light reasoning helped them realize that the creative days in Genesis could have been any length of time. One day could have been a billion years for all we know, and WT agrees to that now, and has for some time. The analogy WT used was a sentence claiming your grandfather's day only represents a general time period he lived in, and not a specific time, like a day. So, WT stopped trying to link those scriptures in 2 Peter chapter 3, which say a day to Jehovah is a thousand years, to the scriptures on the first Bible page, and the account of creation. Now WT accepts the creative days are undetermined intervals of time.

      I know most Christians strongly believe the earth was totally covered with water. Peter, in 2nd Peter chapter 3 wrote the world at that time suffered destruction. "World" could denote where the human population was, not everywhere. Also see Matthew 24:37-39. I know the scriptures in Genesis speak of all flesh being swept away on earth. But God sometimes relates to people according to what they understand at that time. I doubt if those people who wrote those early documents, in the part of the world Moses came from, knew of the place we now call Antarctica. I have never seen any record of them knowing that. All I have heard is that those places were not discovered yet. Their word for "earth," in their writings, might not have included that, because they didn't know about it.

  • Comment by Silas on 2019-08-09 05:51:02

    Wow, thank you for sharing that video! That’s an isssue I had many discussions with my darling about after seeing a meme that claimed exactly what the atheists say about the pyramids and the water damage. I will show it to them and hopefully it will make the way to Jesus a bit easier to go. Also, that story about the masoretic texts certainly shows us how important it is to compare many sources instead of just relying on a single committee of self proclaimed prophets.

    Greetings, Silas

  • Comment by Leonardo Josephus on 2019-08-09 15:59:52

    Eric, if that article and video had been produced by JW.Org, we would be thinking - "Wow, someone has done some really good research and has not been afraid of examining a tricky subject ".
    What would it have opened up ? The need to examine all sources of information.
    What of JW teachings would have been affected ? Just the given date of creation. In other words nothing that would have affected the rest of their teachings.
    Unfortunately for them, it would have indicated that the NWT is probably not so accurate, But they would have been able to claim that the light is getting brighter.
    They, of course, have not openly examined the Septuagint translation. The "All Scripture Inspired" book mainly refers to concerns over the divine name. Despite the obvious differences in chronology, I was not able to find any really useful comments by them on this subject (apologies if I am wrong),
    Nevertheless, someone presents a video which answers a useful question, which any JW would have been unable to deal with.

    Proper spiritual food, duly devoured, with thanks.

  • Comment by anonymous on 2019-08-14 03:13:54

    While I applaud the desire to tackle what appears to be a serious chronological problem, I have always trusted the Bibles chronology above secular chronology. It's what led me out of Jehovah's Witnesses. For example, the Babylonian era is the best example of a time period which has multiple lines of evidence to support the time period of 70 years, thus fully corroborating the Bible and what is says about this period. There is basically no doubt at all about this. But the Persian period and Egyptian period, as far as I am aware, are not as rock solid, so it does not surprise me that they do not match the Bible. The Jews kept meticulous records of their history, other nations not so much. So I am happy to rely on the Bible once again. But my issue with the video link that you posted was that in order to make his argument, that particular author needed to denigrate the validity of the Masoretic Text in favour of the Septuagint, which I believe to be highly flawed in both its origin and its chronology. In doing so, it also brings into question the very problem we are trying to eliminate, that is, the accuracy of what the Bible says. For example, I have read that it has Methusaleh surviving the flood by 14 years, which we know is impossible. I have fairly good reason to believe that the Hebrew text and the Greek text underpinning the KJV Bible are correct, although I consider the KJV to still have slight translation errors, which is a different thing entirely. In other words, I don't think God got it wrong with the King James. I would like to discuss this further with you Eric, or at least share a couple of books which really put a different perspective on this for me, and which I found quite compelling. The subject of chronology and which Bible to use for it are actually tightly linked.

    • Reply by Frankie on 2019-08-28 17:02:55

      Hello Anonymous.

      Please would you tell me, if there are other translations of Septuagint, where the chronology differs to that I was used to review that video? For example, the time at Terach in Septuagint published in

      is different to video. Terach begot Abram in 70th year of his life (Gen 11:26) and not in 130th year, as shown in the video (12'10"). Also many other dates differ as to birth of patriarchs.
      As to Methusaleh, he managed to hide in second deck :o).

  • Comment by ¿Es el Cuerpo Gobernante de los Testigos de Jehová un Falso Profeta? | Los Bereanos on 2019-08-30 10:48:52

    […] de JamesBrown como prometí hacer al comienzo de este video. Estoy leyendo extractos, pero pondré un enlace de su comentario en la descripción para aquellos que deseen leer toda la experiencia. (Si necesita leerlo en su […]

  • Comment by Is the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses a False Prophet? - Beroean Pickets - Reviewer on 2019-08-30 11:59:36

    […] JamesBrown as I promised to do at the start of this video.  I’m reading excerpts, but I’ll put a link to his comment in the description for those who wish to read the entire experience.  (If you need to read it in […]

  • Comment by philwillis on 2019-09-29 16:04:52

    As someone who had previously associated with the witnesses for many years though thankfully never getting baptised, and finally realising through research that far from having the 'truth' Jehovah’s Witnesses beliefs were no more inspired by God than any other religion, I took to examining the bible at great length and came to the conclusion that the bible was no more than an ancient book on the history of the Jews trying to find their way in the world as they knew it. I read with interest the article on Noah’s flood on your website and how there would appear to be a dichotomy between the bible's chronology of the flood and the age of the pyramids. The article admonished the reader to examine carefully biblical evidence in order to arrive at an accurate record of the flood. I know that your site expresses a firm belief in the bible as God's word and so naturally you would want to verify that somewhere in the bible the truth of the matter can be found.

    I find myself asking however, if your faith in the bible is not a major stumbling block to what was the most likely scenario, of which there is certainly plenty of evidence as pointed to in comments to the article by one of your readers who, amazingly, despite the scientific evidence that he said clearly showed a worldwide flood could not have happened, he still believed the bible's account, citing his faith for doing so which I find highly typical of the indoctrination that all JW'S, and indeed some ex JW'S manifest.

    There are many scientific and logistical reasons for disputing a worldwide flood though my main problem with ones retaining a belief in it comes not from that point of view but rather from a willingness on the part of JW'S AND some exJW's to continue to believe in this ridiculous AND God-insulting story merely because it is in the bible.
    Is it really possible that a loving, all knowing, all seeing omnipotent God would deliberately murder millions of men women and children, including babe's in arms by drowning (a horrible and painful way to die) because the world was filled with wickedness (and He must have known that that would continue on after the flood)? And what about the destruction of the remainder of his creation, animals, birds, fish etc, who indeed simply could not have 'sinned' any more than the babes in arms?

    What kind of God would do that? Only a hateful, nasty and vicious being without love could do so. Yet this God is portrayed as the essence of love especially in the Greek scriptures and indeed by all Christian denominations including the witnesses. There are however, tellingly, many references in the Hebrew scriptures to a jealous and vengeful god and these refer specifically to a being called Jehovah who does indeed well fit the description of a hateful god I just mentioned. Indeed, the Hebrew Scriptures are full of this hateful, vengeful and jealous god. Look at the story of the Tower of Babel as another example, what a truly ridiculous story; would God really destroy a tower because he thought humans would be able to see him? Or scatter them and ‘confuse their tongues’ so that their progress is curtailed? Of course, knocking down a tower for those reasons might make sense to a writer of the time who believed that God lived on top of a nearby mountain! And let's not forget that not so long ago the WT thought that God lived in a nebula not too far away from our solar system. We extend our horizons but don't really get away from our small mindedness!

    I can't help but feel that many ex JW'S continue to display the mindset that was inculcated in them before 'exiting', holding on to their beliefs that were drummed into them whilst active members of this cult, instead of going right back to basics, concentrating as they do on the semantics.
    By this I mean asking question such as, is the bible REALLY the word of God, rather than just continuing to automatically accept that it must be? I would refer readers on this subject to an excellent book written by Jason Long called Biblical Nonsense who shows clearly the many inconsistencies, falsehoods and ignorant beliefs contained in the bible and the many acts of murder, barbarism and genocide committed by the people's of the time and falsely attributed to this vengeful and jealous god, a god that was obviously invented by them.

    And would a God who is capable of creating a universe, an act that by its very nature is far and away the most awe inspiring thing that we as humans know of, yet could not even begin to comprehend what that act entails, really favour one religion over another on a puny little planet at the edge of a galaxy in which he has possibly created many other solar systems with who knows how many other earth-like planets filled with other creatures of the most varied and awesome kind? That's not even to consider the possibility of life in the billions of the other galaxies scattered through the universe.

    It seems to me that those ones having left false religion behind still cling to the notion that there must be an afterlife of some kind, a place in heaven maybe, or a resurrection, just something – ANYTHING - to reassure us that when we die, that that is not the end of us, when logically, just like the animals; we are born, live for a while and then we die and that is the end of us. After all, we're made from the same stuff.
    Someone once said that man discovered religion when he realised that he would die. But is that so very hard to accept when everything else around us dies ultimately? Even our sun in a few billion years will die when it has used all its fuel, turning into a Red Giant swallowing the inner planets, including the Earth. It's hard to accept when we die that that really is the end of us but striving to help each other make a better world now rather than believing in a 'better life' in heaven or pinning our hopes on a resurrection that will never happen. Or belief in sky gods sending their sons down to earth to save us through ‘virgin’ births, of which of course the biblical version is not the first; or even fearing evil spiritual beings who are out to 'get us', simply makes us tribal and insular, a major failing of all religions and the cause of much bloodshed across the globe.

    There's an acrynom used for early computers which I think is relevant here - WYSIWYG- pronounced wisiwig, which some of your readers may be familiar with. This referred to what you see on your computer screen when the graphical user interface was first developed back in the 1980's. This GUI made navigating a computer extremely user friendly. Hence WYSIWYG, What You See Is What You Get.
    I would suggest that applies to the human condition, no ridiculous invisible fights in heaven over who knows best, no evil angelic hordes waiting to devour us or at the very least to tempt and corrupt us, or alternatively benign ones to protect us if we're 'good'. And no one to forgive our 'sins', just a nasty world full of hatred and divisive tribalism, with religion at the root of it all, or at the very least, a major contributor to mankind's woes. I remember some years back a JW brother telling me that when driving your car, if you go over the speed limit, your guardian angel will leave you, he really believed he had one and that his statement was therefore true! No doubt he read that in one of the Watchtower magazines at some point in his 'studies'. Did this guardian angel sit on the top of his car or just fly along beside it I wonder?! The power of brainwashing has its completion in those who forget to question what they are told. Why, even the bible tells us to, ‘Keep testing that what you are hearing is true’!

    Step back and look at the big picture, even now cosmologists are wondering if the big bang theory on the creation of the universe is maybe flawed after all and that the universe may well have ALWAYS existed, at least in some form or another. The ramifications that that brings about are truly mind blowing with worlds similar to ours perhaps being born and eventually dying at some time in the infinite past and others perhaps coming into existence somewhere else in this infinite expanse and future of our universe; an eternal circle of birth and rebirth of galaxies, stars and planets over eons.
    Perhaps a God did create the universe but what if it has always existed? No need for God then. God made man in His image?
    The other way around seems more likely.

  • Comment by louabbott on 2019-10-21 11:58:28

    Thanks for posting this, Eric. It looks like excellent research to me.

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