“So the king said to me: “Why do you look so gloomy when you are not sick? This can be nothing but gloominess of heart.” At this I became very frightened.” (Nehemiah 2:2 NWT)

Today’s JW message is not to be afraid to preach publicly about the truth.  The examples used are from the Old Testament where Nehemiah was asked by King Artaxerxes when serving him his cup of wine why he looked gloomy.

Nehemiah explained, after praying, that his city, Jerusalem, its walls had been broken down and its gates set on fire.  He asked for permission to go and fix them etc. and the king obliged. (Nehemiah 1:1-4; 2:1-8 NWT)

The other example the Organization uses is Jonah who was asked to go and curse Nineveh and how he ran away as he didn’t want to do it.  However, he finally did after being punished by God, and saved Nineveh as they repented. (Jonah 1:1-3; 3:5-10 NWT)

The publications preach the importance of praying for help before answering, like Nehemiah did, and from Jonah that no matter our fears, God will help us to serve Him.

 What I find remarkable about this is that the best example JW could have used was Jesus Himself and His Apostles.  Of course, by not using Jesus as an example, the Apostles are also left out.  

One might ask oneself why it is that the organization goes so often to the times of Israel for its examples when better and more relevant examples are to be found in the Christian Scriptures in Jesus and the Apostles?  Should they not be trying to help Christians to focus on our Lord?


I am not a Jehovah's Witness, but I studied and have attended the Wednesday and Sunday's meetings and the Memorials since about 2008. I wanted to understand the Bible better after reading it many times from cover to cover. However, like the Beroeans, I check my facts and the more I understood, the more I realized that not only did I not feel comfortable at the meetings but some things just didn't make sense to me. I used to raise my hand to comment until one Sunday, the Elder corrected me publicly that I should not be using my own words but those written in the article. I couldn't do it as I don't think like the Witnesses. I don't accept things as fact without checking them out. What really bothered me were the Memorials as I believe that, according to Jesus, we should partake anytime we want to, not just once a year; otherwise, he would have been specific and said on the anniversary of my death, etc. I find Jesus spoke personally and passionately to people of all races and colour, whether they were educated or not. Once I saw the changes made to God's and Jesus' words, it really upset me as God told us not to add or alter His Word. To correct God, and to correct Jesus, the Anointed, is devastating to me. God's Word should only be translated, not interpreted.
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