“’Not by a military force, nor by power, but by my spirit,’ says Jehovah of armies.” – Zechariah 4:6

 [Study 43 From ws 10/20 p.20 December 21 – December 27, 2020]

Noticing that “organization” is cited 16 times in this article (17 paragraphs & preview) and is not found once in the Bible should be no real surprise, and thus gives us the freedom to suggest an alternative title, like

Jehovah is Directing His People which can be found as “my people” in many scriptures.

 The Review format – false statements in (brackets) have been replaced by bold text, considering only key portions of some paragraphs.


 “Are you convinced that Jehovah is directing his (organization today) people? In this article, we will consider how Jehovah directed the early Christian congregation and how he continues to direct his people today.”

As we begin this review using a different format than usual, you will find that most of the paragraphs in this article contain scriptural discrepancies that have been discussed on this forum multiple times and hence there is no need to go into detail once again.

What if some of these discrepancies are removed from the paragraphs? Would most of us agree with the fact that the majority of Jehovah’s Witness publishers[i] apart from their leadership’s failures, are working hard to apply the cited scriptures, and could claim they are doing their best to follow Jesus and are being directed by Jehovah’s Spirit?

Paragraph 1: “ARE you baptized? If so, you have publicly expressed your faith in Jehovah (using his organization today) and your willingness to follow Jesus. Of course, your faith in Jehovah must continue to grow, and you need to keep building your confidence that Jehovah (is using his organization today) will use you today to accomplish his will.”

Fact – Most baptized JW’s absolutely believe this is what they are accomplishing, following Jesus, however, they have allowed the organization to have them perform the Governing Body’s (GB a.k.a. Faithful and Discreet Slave or FDS) form of ministry instead of “accomplishing your ministry” as Paul described at 2 Timothy 4:5.

Paragraph 2: “Today, Jehovah directs his people in a way that reflects his personality, purpose, and standards. Let us consider three of Jehovah’s attributes that are reflected (in his organization) in his word the Bible.”

 Paragraph 3: “First, “God is not partial.” (Acts 10:34) Love moved Jehovah to give his Son as a “ransom for all.” (1 Timothy 2:6, John 3:16) Jehovah uses his people to preach the good news to all who will listen, thereby helping as many as possible to benefit from the ransom. Jehovah is a God of order and peace. (1 Corinthians 14:33,40) Therefore, we should expect that his worshippers serve him as an orderly, peaceful group. Jehovah is the “Grand Instructor.” (Isaiah 30:20-21) Thus, his worshipers (organization) focus on teaching his inspired Word, both in the congregation and in the public ministry. How were those three aspects of Jehovah’s personality evident in the early Christian congregation? How are they manifest in modern times? And how can holy spirit help you as you serve with (with his organization) Jehovah’s Son, Jesus the head of the congregation today?

Fact – JW’s have a reputation worldwide for their impartiality when it comes to the preaching work to all, races, religious background, and economic status (including no race barriers in all aspects of life). They do generally serve in a very orderly manner worldwide as any ex-JW will attest too, especially if they have visited congregations in other countries. In fact, it takes an Organization to not only have the WW brotherhood on the same page doctrinally but is needed to control the minds, actions, and consciouses of the over eight million publishers. But is this what Jesus is expecting from the congregation today?

Paragraph 4: “In the first century, He commanded his followers to continue the work he started, to give a witness “to the most distant part of the earth.” (Read Acts 1:8.)  They would need holy spirit “the helper” that Jesus had promised them. John 14:26; Zechariah 4:6.

Fact – JW’s have attempted to fulfill this with the organized worldwide preaching work, but have they done this because of Holy Spirit or in part at least, because of fear of destruction in an imminent Armageddon?

Paragraph 5 “Jesus’ followers received the holy spirit at Pentecost 33 C.E. When opposition arose, the disciples did not give into fear but turned to God for help. They prayed: “Grant to your slaves to keep speaking your word with all boldness.” They were then filled with holy spirit and kept “speaking the word of God with boldness.” —Acts 4:18-20,29,31

Fact – In the face of current opposition and the historical record of opposition, JW’s have individually asked for the holy spirit and depended on a strong faith to continue preaching under severe persecution, but, sadly much of this persecution was needlessly promulgated by the FDS/GB with unscriptural teachings and not as a result of the preaching work itself.

Paragraph 6: “Jesus’ disciples faced other challenges too. For example, copies of the Scriptures were few, (There were no study aids such as we have today) but they did have the gifts of the spirit, And the disciples had to preach to people who spoke many different languages and overcame this with the gift of tongues.

Fact – Today, the publishers have been provided by the organization, Bibles in over 180 languages, including literature in over one thousand languages. Many have invested time to learn a new language to be able to preach the Good News of God’s Kingdom in their local community or even move to another country. But that is little different to many other religious organizations, most of whom have concentrated on distributing the Bible rather than literature.

Paragraph 7: “In modern times. Jehovah continues to direct and empower his people no matter where they are found among the wheat and the weeds today. The direction, of course, comes from (largely through) God’s spirit-inspired Word. There we find a record of Jesus’ ministry and his command that his followers continue the work he started. Matthew 28:19,20. As far back as July 1881, this magazine could say: “We were not called, nor anointed to receive honor and amass wealth but to spend and be spent, and to preach the good news.” To Whom the Work Is Entrusted, a booklet published in 1919, stated: “The work appears stupendous, but it is the Lord’s, and in his strength, we will perform it.” (underline is bold in WT)

Fact – The brothers should have stayed with this mission statement from 1881/1919, but, unfortunately, they did not, creating their own unique false teachings much like early Christendom from the 3rd century on, as will be outlined later.

Paragraph 8 “The organization has used the best tools available to spread the good news. These tools have included printed publications, the “Photo-Drama of Creation,” phonographs, sound cars, radio broadcasts and, more recently, digital technology. The (God’s) organization is also engaged in a large (the greatest) translation effort (in history!) Why? So that all sorts of people can hear the good news in their own language. Jehovah is impartial; he foretold that the good news would be declared “to every nation and tribe and tongue and people.” (Revelation 14:6-7) He wants the Kingdom message to be available to all.

Fact – The Organization has been behind other faiths in the take up of technology with the exception of the Photo-Drama of Creation. Not so long ago the Watchtower encouraged the brothers to stay off the internet, before an about-turn and embracing it with the launch of the JW.Org site.

Paragraph 10: “What you can do. Take full advantage of the training Jehovah provides at Christian meetings. Work regularly with your field service group. There you can get personal help in areas where you may need it, as well as encouragement from the fine example of others. Endure in the ministry. As our theme text reminds us, we accomplish God’s will, not in our own power, but by holy spirit. (Zechariah 4:6) After all, we are doing God’s work.”

 Fact – JW’s used to be well trained in use of the Bible and public speaking through the use of the Theocratic Ministry School that has helped those with education, limited, or none too accomplish their ministry. But is it training from Jehovah that we receive at the meetings, or training from the Organization to serve its own ends?

Are not other religious groups also engaged in some parts of Jesus’ command and excel in many other Christian works that Jehovah’s Witnesses fail at miserably. The only works that JW’s are widely known for is public preaching. Even now in the pandemic, instead of focusing on helping and caring for others who may be self-isolating or ill during the Coronavirus 19 pandemic, they have mounted an unofficial campaign of phone preaching and letter writing. Depending on exactly how it is done, it may even be illegal in many countries due to data protection laws, and at the very least is expensive for the brothers in postage and stationery costs. It also ignores the slim but potential chance of passing on the Covid virus to the recipient and hence potentially leading to their death. Is that a Christian attitude?

“We are intitled to our own opinions, but not our own facts”

Whether we agree or disagree with the teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses, could we not agree that the average JW is doing their best in following Christ’s command found at Matthew 28:19-20 despite “JW truth” being mixed with falsehood just like every denomination on the planet.

More importantly, will Jesus have many issues with the way the average JW engages in the preaching work? Or, would he more likely have serious issues with the self-appointed FDS/GB and their cohorts?

Paragraph 17 concludes by discussing those who are truly doing their best to follow the Christ among Jehovah’s Witnesses.

 “Soon, only those saved by Grace and the blood of the lamb who will be (the only organization) left on earth will be the ones (one) led by God’s spirit whether they are inside or outside the organization. So zealously work with Jehovah and his Son (Jehovah’s organization). Reflect God’s impartial love for people by proclaiming the good news to all you meet. Imitate his love for order and peace by promoting unity of purpose amongst all Christians (in the congregation). And listen to your Grand Instructor by taking full advantage of the spiritual banquet he provides in his Word the Bible. Then as Satan’s world comes to its end, you will not be fearful. Instead, you will confidently stand among those who are loyally serving Jehovah under the direction of Jesus Christ (with Jehovah’s organization).”


If we personally have a long history as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, we may conclude that to some degree Jehovah had some connection to the early Bible Students. Whether that is true remains a point of conjecture. Much like many individuals and groups from the first century that endeavored to keep the main pure teachings of Christ alive, eventually spreading Christianity and the Bible throughout the world up to our modern-day.

Like those in the past, the early Bible students eventually became corrupt and evolved into an ever-growing financial corporation directed by attorneys and self-appointed leaders who have twisted the scriptures to their own cultish advantage.

The evidence found in the scriptures today and with the use of our God-given gift of reason makes it clear that Jehovah and Jesus the head of congregation could not be directing or for that matter approve of the most egregious organizational decisions and practices of the FDS/GB that we often discuss here.

Just as Jehovah abandoned the nation of apostate Israel that bore his name, if he was ever with the organization, he has long ago abandoned those today who presumptuously took his name upon themselves.

The list below has been counterproductive to the instructions from Jesus to preach and teach the good news of the kingdom and make disciples of all the nations and have continued to stumble thousands in and outside the congregation.

  • The FDS/GB becoming false prophets (while declaring they are a “prophet class”) going beyond what is written in the scriptures, even supplying the evidence of this by producing a list of “beliefs clarified” from 1930-2020 on JW.org or listed in the WT Library Index.[ii]


  • Although this article points out impartiality when it comes to preaching, they have formed class distinctions within the congregation. (Pioneers, Publishers, Slave class, Other sheep, etc.)
  • Promoting flimsily disguised idolatry of JW.org and the FDS/GB. Supplanting Christ’s Headship, and denying the majority of Witnesses the opportunity from partaking of the memorial emblems.
  • Selling thousands of Kingdom Halls[iii] which had been dedicated to Jehovah and built by volunteers. Yet they still continue to solicit donations for building new Halls.
  • Adultery with the UN for 10 yrs. including duping publishers unknowingly to aiding and abetting in promoting the UN agenda. [iv]
  • The ever-growing exposure concerning child abuse lawsuits. Check out this brief handbook for attorneys[v], for plaintiff attorneys to battle the wicked Organizational legal strategies to deny justice for victims.

These points alone are enough for the FDS/GB to need to sincerely consider Luke 12:42-48 and realize they can now identify what Jesus meant by the “Evil Slave” that they have thus far failed to make application of, when in fact it identifies them and people like them.


Malachi 2:8 sums up the current and future situation well when it says: “But you yourselves have turned aside from the way. You have made many stumble with regard to the law. You have ruined the covenant of Levi,” says Jehovah of armies. “So, I will make you despised and low before all the people, because you did not keep my ways but showed partiality in applying the law.”


 [i] This reviewer acknowledges many Christians other than JW’s are doing their best to follow the Christ.

Many Christian groups are well known for feeding the hungry, shelter the homeless, taking care of the sick, standing against abortion, help with orphans, etc. But Jehovah’s Witnesses are only known for preaching the Good News of The Kingdom worldwide and refusing blood transfusions.

[ii] https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/tl/r1/lp-e?q=beliefs%20clarified  See Beliefs Clarified in Index 1986-2021 in WT Library.

[iii] There are excel spreadsheets that can be easily found online that list these properties and the information easily verified.

[iv] Why not watch this video \ read the following article on this site https://beroeans.net/2018/06/01/identifying-true-worship-part-10-christian-neutrality/. To read one of the most comprehensive published evidenced-based articles on the UN/NGO JW fiasco see reference http://jehovah-is-king.com/strange-bedfellows/ by eWatchman, or alternatively email the author at beroeanscreed@gmail.com for a pdf copy.

[v] https://questionsforjehovahswitnesses.files.wordpress.com/2019/12/attorney-handbook-pdf.pdf


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